Weather and sea conditions for the past week have not been kind to anglers as consistent rain and wind hammered our coastline. However a few hardened anglers who persisted were well rewarded. Brusher is the main target specie and is not put off by harsh conditions. Garrick like brusher also feed in almost any condition and some good fish have been landed. These fish are now being caught all along our coastline but the problem is that their favorite bait, namely shad is being protected but the two month ban. Some anglers take a chance by using shad as bait but will suffer the consequence if the authorities corner them. Mullet, although harder to come by is a good alternative.

Fishing along the Zululand coast should improve once the weather settles down; over the last week there have been sightings of raggies in the St Lucia / Vidal area. Spear fishermen diving Leven Point have speared wahoo, tuna and couta and reports that there are still lots of edible fish at Vidal. The far northern areas such as Black Rock and Rock Tail Bay should also come to life as the annual giant kingfish run normally starts in early November. Big honeycombe rays and giant sand sharks can also be expected. Any day now, fishermen can expect some good flatfish angling particularly along the Amatikulu and Port Durnford areas. Other than that he upper North Coast has been quiet with a few grey€™s been caught.

The Durban Harbor is starting to produce some nice grunter, we have heard of the odd 4kg fish coming out.

 The South Coast League was fished on Saturday in a howling North Easterly wind. Well done to Charlie Roseveare who came first with a diamond ray, a springer, two brown skates and two bonefish.
Terry Nel from Tachlenet in Port Edward reports that surf conditions have been favourable over the past week and fishermen have been at their spots looking to land a good fish. Although fish have been hard to find, a number of good sized bronze bream, a salmon and a garrick have been taken on the waterfront here in Port Edward.

Bronze bream are on the bite and it would now seem that we are entering the bronze bream season. The interesting fact here is that although ‘bronzies’ are around all year through, their season is now till the start of December and one can only reason that as shad season is now closed till then fishermen are targeting these tasty ‘table’ fish instead of shad. A large brusher was lost on the rocks by a fisherman called ‘Barney’ here and news of more will come in. Popular baits used for scratching are prawns, crayfish, crab, mussels, cracker shrimp and squid on a small hook around a size 2 Mustard 92247. Please make sure that you are in possession of the necessary permits.

 Estuary fishing in the lower south coast is also on the go and good sized rock salmon and perch are fish that are being caught. With regard to the ones lost, don’t hold your braid if lifting the fish out the water, it makes mean cuts especially when your hands are wet. If you are going down to the Port Edward area pop in a see Terry at Tacklenet or give him a call on 0393 113 013 if you need info in the area.

The Transkei coast is now fishing well with both garrick and kob biting at most of the popular spots. Fishing in the Port St Johns River is as good as it can get with grunter and kob feeding well. A few nice size garrick has also been taken in the river over the high tide. The grunter and kob feed particularly well at night. There have been reports of a few hammer head sharks landed.

Ski boats, when the weather allows are getting some fine catches daga and geelbek salmon and general reef fish angling has also picked up well.

Fishing Ski€™s will have to wait for the dorado to arrive in early December before they are likely to see any action or travel further up the coast to the Cape Vidal and Sodwana areas to see if there are any early couta around.

On the fresh water side The 12th Phobane Bonanza was held this weekend and the top bass was a magnificent fish of 5.05kgs. Top lady angler bagged a bass was just over 3kg. The Dam fished extremely well in the bad weather conditions. At Inanda Dam the carp are spawning making it difficult to catch.
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