After a few weeks of really bad sea and weather conditions things looks as though they are finally settling. This week saw a lot of north eastley winds which seemed to have turned the fish on.
Forecast for the week end looks favorable for angling and with the shad ban in place anglers are now targeting brusher, pompano and the odd bronze bream. Brusher have already made an appearance mainly along the Isipingo ledges and the rocky stretches of La Mercy. Pompano for what it is worth are still hard to find and no reports of any fish have come to light, but it should not take long before catches start filtering in. Locally, the Umgeni River area saw a few garrick landed by the shore anglers but the Durban Bay is quite again with very few fish been caught.

The only real results are coming from the Zululand beaches where some good specimens of both sand sharks and skates are being reported. The Zululand anglers also did extremely well with some good catches of edibles, with some nice king fish landed and released at Kozi Bay area.

News of the diamond skates in the upper north coast have not yet filtered in, but the Zinkwazi area fished extremely well with lots of grey sharks been landed. Angling up here now can be very rewarding as there are still some garrick around as well as quite a few kob. Snapper salmon have also been caught in good numbers along the Amatikulu stretch but the main area seems to be in front of the river mouth.

This hot weather is when we start to target flatties and keeping your bait frozen and fresh for hours on end is a must. Safari Chillers have been making boxes for fishermen for about twenty years now and quite frankly these are the best boxes by far, check the range out on
In the Port Edward area Terry Nel reports that bronze bream have been on the bite and fishermen in search of them have encountered other species and some bigger fish have been lost in the reefs. A fish like the brusher is a very powerful fighter and will use its full body weight and strength to pull you under rocky shelves before you can get the fish up, make sure that your tackle is strong; otherwise that fish will beat you time and again. Kingfisher Giant Abrasion line is the correct line, it has over the years, proved to be very good around rocks. One only grey shark has been reported and blue skates are still in the area. Time to try live mullet for kob and garrick.

The Transkei which is fishing very well now also starts producing some very big sharks off most of the deep water points. The main areas are the traditional Port St Johns and surrounding points and the Hole In The Wall areas, as well as Mezappa Bay. We have reports of hammer head shark been landed in the 10-20kg range with most fish been caught on chokka bait.

As far as ski boat fishing is concerned, there have been reports of tuna off Richard Bay and Tugela. A few garrick have been landed of Westbrook and Umgeni areas, but sharks are still wild of Durban, nailing the geelbek with anglers battling to get a fish to the boat. The Umgeni River did well with lots of snoek been landed by the Paddle Ski Angler.

On the fresh water side, Chris Rippin reports the tiger fishing has been good again and with very hot weather we had on the weekend, lots of big fish have been landed on flies and lures. Chris said the big tigers will start to spawn as soon as they have the first rains. Yellow fish have turned on in most of the rivers in Natal with good catches been made in the Umgeni and Umkomaas Rivers. Black flash back nymphs and flying ant patens doing the damage.

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