Fishing over the past week has picked up nicely. Anglers fishing in the upper South Coast areas got stuck into some nice brusher, a few specimens in the 10 kg range were landed. Monster shad however are troubling anglers at most spots on our coast and the average size of these fish were in the 3 kg range. Although most were released a few anglers could not resist the temptation to keep some. The authorities however were ruthless so it is not worth the temptation rather release these fish.

The Umkomaas area was again very consistent. The main target specie here is kob which are feeding well during the day and at night. Flat fish started troubling anglers targeting edibles and big brown skates shattered many an anglers dream by mistaking them for big kob. There has been some good flat fish action in the middle South Coast where anglers were getting stuck into a few big sand sharks.

Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward (039 311 3013) reports that estuary fishing is bringing action as the warmer weather approaches and a number of different species are on the bite. Kingfish, sea pike, rock salmon and large perch are being caught on lures such as Strike Pro poppers and shallow divers. One large oxeye tarpon was also lost after breaking the water and shaking the lure free. Reports from divers are that large shoals of garrick have been spotted along our waterfront here in Port Edward and some have been taken on live bait. Hammerhead sharks are also on the scene and a number have been hooked here. Chokka slides seem to be the best bait at the moment.

The Durban area has also been producing a few nice edibles but grunter and garrick have been feeding well. There has been the odd garrick and kob caught along the Beechwood stretch over the past two weeks and some very big shad caught on plug, these fish were all released.

Some very big grunter are coming out in the Durban Bay, a few up to 4kg€™s. These fish are being caught mainly around the centre bank and the guys are using live cracker shrimp as bait. The ideal rod and reel for these good fighting and great eating fish is a Daiwa Megaforce 7€™ medium action, two piece spinning rod, a Daiwa Regal 5i, 2000 spinning reel filled with  4.7kg Kingfisher nylon, this outfit sells at most fishing tackle for around R650.00. You should use a very small sinker about 5.25 g and your hook size should be a number 2, the Mustad Bait Holder will do just fine.

Don€™t forget the Christmas Classic bay fishing competition that will be held in Durban bay on the 4th December 2011, entry forms are available at The Kingfisher.

It is the Zululand beaches that have really come to life with anglers here getting more than their fair share of Garrick and Kob. The main areas have been the Tugela mouth and Mtinzini.

Light Tackle Boat Angling held their final league at Albert Falls Dam this past weekend. Results were pleasing with 271 fish landed, weighing in at 655kgs. All the teams did well on Saturday however the cold front that came through on Saturday evening slowed the fish down on Sunday.

Noel Skinner (Leviathen AC) once again proved his skill by weighing in the heaviest bag at 130,80kgs.

Alexander Beck (Leviathen AC) who is only 8 years old weighed in a fantastic 67.21kgs for the weekend coming 5th overall. She also landed the biggest carp for the weekend weighing 5.86kgs. Guys watch out.

All fish were weighed and returned to the water immediately.

The Light Tackle Boat Angling guys are keen to grow their league so anyone interested can find out more about Light Tackle Boat Angling by going online to www.KZNLTBAA.co.za

Ski Boat fishing is also very good when conditions allow. Most boats are targeting geelbek and daga salmon but there is also a variety of nice red fish and rock cod around. Game fish in the form of dorado can be caught further out to sea when the water gets warm and clear. Boats fishing from Shelly Beach are now catching a good variety of game fish. Reports coming from down there suggest that some nice size tunny, wahoo and even some good couta have come out at this venue recently.

Basil Hill organised the 17th Driftwood Gamefish Extravaganza which, as in previous tears, was held at Malindi, Kenya from October 29th 2011 until 3rd November 2011. The keen anglers, 28 in all, were from Dubai, Zimbabwe and different provinces of South Africa.   All eight teams fished off a different boat each day for the four days of the competition – which were 31st October and 1/2/3 November.

Unfortunately, a few days prior to arrival Malindi experienced 300mm of rain – also the Sabaki River which is about 5 km north of Malindi as a result of the heavy downpour was in flood – and dirty water and lots of weed were very evident even a long way out to sea, this definitely had a detrimental effect on the fishing for the first two days. However, the water cleaned up for the last two days and all eight teams caught one or more billfish with plenty of game fish being caught. Over the last two days of the competition, between all eight teams, they had 22 sailfish and 2 marlin which were tagged and released, 68 game fish over 6 kgs minimum weight were boated and three wahoo of over 20 kgs were caught on one boat.  Rowan Enslin and Chris van der Vyver each tagged and released their first marlin – both using 15 kg line – each fish weighing in at about 110 kgs. 

The winning team was “Sharamuts” – Rowan Enslin, Sean Enslin and Andre Potgieter. Top Individual angler was Dean Auby with a 26kg wahoo.  The top boat skipper was Angus Paul on Neptune.

All in all it was another very successful Extravaganza, even though the fishing was not quite up to Malindi’s usual standard.  Over the last seventeen years, 875 billfish have been tagged and released during the Driftwood Gamefish Extravaganza, that is very good bill fishing.

Fresh water fishing has been a bit patchy lately. As far as trout goes most dams are clean and are fishing well. Rivers are low, so the fish are very skittish and spook easily light tippet is required for conditions like this. Yellow fish are on the feed and are very easy to temp; best flies seem to have been the D.D.D and Royal Wolf. Flying ants have been out in full swing this week so most carp are feeding on the surface making it easy to target on Fly and drift bread. Fishing for tiger fish has once again been difficult for most anglers at Jozini Dam. Anglers using Kopper or Bronza Tobby or F Zed spoons produced the goods.

There is some great new fishing TV shows that are being aired on     DSTV.

1) ASFN on Mondays on Super Sport 6, channel 206,

     19:30 to 20:00.

          2) Free Spool Angling on Thursdays on Super Sport 5,

               Channel 205, 19:00 to 19:30. 

          3) Hier Gaan Ons Alweer on Fridays on KykNet, channel                            

               111, 18:00 to 18:30.

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