With summer rains now settling in, most rivers have burst their banks and have created most anglers dreams, €˜ginger beer€™ coloured water which puts most fish on the bite, especially summer flatfish. Sand sharks and skates are now coming out all along the coast with some bigger sand sharks being reported from the Zululand beaches.

Down south it is once again the Umkomaas and Mnini areas that are producing quite a variety of both edible and inedible fish. Closer to the mouth anglers are getting stuck into shoal size kob as well as numerous grunter. The Mnini stretch has produced good numbers of brown skates as well as the odd big sandie. Queen fish and yellowtail kingfish are also coming out. At night, anglers who persevere have had some good results with bigger kob. Anglers fishing along the Twini ledge and Isipingo also had some good fishing and a few nice brusher along with some stumpies were landed. Shad in this area are giving anglers a hard time and the authorities have had their hands full trying to stop the illegal catching of these fish. They are taking a hard line on anglers and it is just not worth taking a chance.

Terry Nel reports that, weather conditions have allowed a minimum time through the week for fishermen to have their lines in the water. However, the few that have tried have been rewarded with some nice fish. A few bronze bream and some sizeable black tail have been taken along the South Coast. The winds brought in wet, rainy conditions but the fish in the rocky areas were plentiful. Further north anglers fishing from the Durban beaches to the Tongaat Long beach area are now getting some good garrick during the day and those that fish at night have been getting the odd big Kob.

A bit of news from Jozini Dam:

Now that we€™ve been having a bit of rain the river has started pushing dirty water, but the positive thing is that the wind normally eases up after the first rains. The river section and some of the shallower parts of the dam are muddy. The recent drop in water level has created muddy shorelines around the entire dam, and when the wind blows the mud gets stirred up around the shores. Deeper water is still clean and still producing some good fishing. Good numbers of tigers are still coming out on bait; it€™s just the average sizes are down on last month. Sardine fillet, live bait and chicken filets are all working. Getting a good hook up is frustrating at times as the tigers are not always running well. When this happens try using smaller hooks and smaller baits, this way they seem to hold on a little longer. Spinning always gets you a lot of fish if you€™re at the right spots. As usual, spinning close to structure produces the best results. There are some decent fish along the weeds opposite the campsite and between the campsite and the pump station. The river section has very little structure at the moment due to the drop in level. Red & white and gold lures are working best. Similarly coloured spinners are getting results too. Fly fishing has also been quite productive, and usually gets one a lot of bites. The flies that create a bit of a disturbance in the water are working best at this time. Let the fly settle on the water and then use a fast strip retrieve. Once this fly dives it has a decent action under water. The usual clousers, copper tigers and deceivers are working, as they always have done.

Try trolling on your way to the fishing spots as well as when other methods are not working. Shallow running lures like the Strike Pro Hunchback Floating (dive depth less than 2m) are essential because of the lower water levels. Red & white, gold, and bright blue & yellow seem to be working best. Start off at a slow speed then move on to a faster troll if that does not work.

Ski Boat fishing is also very good when conditions allow. Most boats are targeting salmon but there is also a variety of nice red fish and rock cod around. Game fish like dorado can be caught further out to sea when the water gets warm and clear. Boats fishing from Shelly Beach are now catching a good variety of game fish. Reports coming from down there suggest that some nice size tunny, wahoo and even some good couta have come out at this venue recently.

Ski Boat and Jet Skis are finding that fishing in the vicinity of the Aliwal Shoal and Scottburgh has picked up dramatically. There are a lot of tunny around and wahoo have also made a welcome appearance.

The Xmas Classic is taking place next Sunday 4th December in the Durban Bay, a bit more info supplied by Brett Hibbert:

Registration takes place on Saturday 3rd December from 10h00 at Stella Canoe Club, next door to Fynnlands. You register, had your toy in and collect your goody bag and T-shirt. Skippers briefing is at 16h00, at the briefing you will be given the rules and contact numbers for the marshals. Our valued sponsors will be down on the day showing off their products and wanting to get to know you.

There is a flea market, Jumping Castle for kids, live music, DJ, food stalls, a great pub, Red Bull ladies Bar, and plenty of lucky draws taking place all day, bring your wives, kids, girlfriends and girlfriends kids. Just don€™t bring your wife and girlfriend at the same time!

On Sunday, lines in at 05h00 and lines up at 11h00. Marshals will be on the water way before the comp starts so don€™t take a chance. Prize giving is at 14h30 at Stella Canoe Club. Tight Lines and have fun.


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1) ASFN premiers on Mondays on Super Sport 6, channel 206,

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