Wishing all of our readers a great 2012 with plenty pick-ups, screaming reels, and awesome fishing.

with the Easterly winds that we have been having, anglers targeting flatfish have started getting some very good results on both North and South Coasts. Sand sharks and skates are giving anglers some great fun as these fish can range from a few kgs right up to the 80 kg mark, especially the diamond rays. Big deep water points on the South Coast such as Green Point, Scottburgh and the Park Rynie area have recently yielded some very big sand sharks. On the North Coast the Tinley and Tongaat Long Beach area have also produced some very good results with these fish. Still on the North Coast, the Tugella area has recently fished very well on both edible and inedible fish. Those anglers targeting big fish have had good results with big diamond skates, Zambezi sharks and the odd big grey shark recently. The edible fish range has been just as good with anglers here catching some nice size lobotes, Grunter, and smaller kob. The same can be said for the St Lucia and Mapelane areas where anglers have also had some good results.

Terry reports that in the Port Edward area, as it would be, perfect weather conditions down there doesn€™t always bring perfect fishing and fishermen have been trying hard to be able to take home stories of the ‘big one’ but only a few fish have been taken. Kob have been undersize and shad have only come on the bite now and again with no set pattern of a normal run. A large amount of baitfish has been spotted from the shore and this could be one reason for the lack of activity with rock and surf angling. There has also been no news from the estuaries which is surprising as at this time of the year there are so many more lines in the water.

Mike Bellis, a friend of ours sent this email to us. €œYour Kingfisher weekly angling report in the Mercury (Friday 30 December 2011) makes mention of numerous yellow fin tuna being caught off Durban. Two weeks or so ago I caught a so called yellow fin tuna but when I checked the Smith€™s Sea Fishes, it proved to be a big eye tuna (thunus obesus). It has bright yellow fins but does not have the extended second dorsal and anal fins of the yellow fin which are the hallmark identifying features. Over the past two weeks I have checked a few boat hatches and again the anglers say they have caught yellow fin tuna but they were also big eye. I suspect that all the reported yellow fin are in fact big eye tuna. Smith€™s Sea Fishes comments that the big eye tuna is frequently confused with yellow fin tuna, and although distributed worldwide, is known primarily from long line catches off the Cape region€. It€™s amazing how we get our fish wrong. Out of interest I did check it out and it is absolutely correct, thanks Mike for info.

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have just updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

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There are some great new fishing TV shows that are now being aired on DSTV. Please check out your TV guide, sometimes Super Sport will change the channel that it is supposed to be aired.

1) ASFN premiers on Mondays on Super Sport 6, channel  

     206, 19:30 to 20:00.

         2) Free Spool Angling premiers on Thursdays on Super

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