Hot windless days like we have had for the last fortnight normally brings sand sharks and skates on the bite and sport fishermen should find their way to the beaches in the hopes of some good pulls from big fish. All the deep-water points should start working by the week-end as the weatherman predicts light easterly winds but with a big swell, this should provide some excellent flatfish angling if the swell is not too big.

Earlier this week, the weather patterns improved to a certain degree and anglers found some good edible fish in the form of shad, grunter, pompano and quite a few nice stumpies on the bite. The Umkomaas north bank section was once again very productive. There were some big shad, all in the 1 kg to 2 kg range being caught as well as some grunter. Anglers using red eye sardine fillets and heads were well rewarded with some big stumpies all in the 3kg to 4 kg range. A few anglers using this bait had some pick-ups from sand sharks and brown skates.

Some nice sandies all in the 30 kg range were caught in the middle South Coast. In the Port Edward area, unsettled dirty sea conditions have worked against rock and surf fishermen and few fish have been found with the exception of small shoal kob which have been on the bite more in the Leisure Bay area just north of Port Edward. At Splash Rock here some grey sharks have been found and shad are scarce at all the spots. News from the estuary there are of some perch and grunter coming out although the water has also been dirty. Boat fishermen have had it better and a number of bottom fish mostly slinger the order of the day. Over the weekend, suddenly many mussel cracker came on the bite and boats in the bay area took home some fine fish.

In Margate, some shad have been caught off the pier and some nice kingfish off the beaches on live baits. The Durban beaches have also produced some very good fish. Nice stumpies have been caught along the Durban North beaches and again here, some big sandies are giving anglers who are fishing for edibles a hard time. A few small pompano have been caught as well as some bone fish.

A beautiful 25kg kingfish (G.T.) was caught by a local Angler on a 1/0 Mustad Kendal Round hook. He was using a pink prawn as bait. Anglers that ventured up to the Zululand beaches also had some very good angling with a few raggies caught on both slide and swim-baits, as well as big honeycomb rays on throw baits. The warmer water up there should mean that bonefish, kingfish and other edibles would also be on the bite. Mapelane has produced a few raggie and some nice size stump nose and a few king fish.

The annual butterfly ray season looks to have started with anglers landing some very good specimens in the Port Durnford and Amatikulu areas. In the Tugela area, labotus or tripletail have been landed as well as a few of the larger zambezi sharks. The Durban Bay is still fishing a bit slow, with a few nice size grunter coming out. These fish are mainly caught around the centre bank with live cracker shrimp as bait. A few big brown skates have been hooked and these fish provide a great fight and will test your tackle. Sea pike are also in the Bay and are great fun on light tackle using drop shot, poppers or plugs.

With the festive season now over, many visitors are returning home with fishy stories to tell and although it has been hard work, their visit has been of great benefit to tourism on our coast.

Ski Boat fishing is also very good when conditions allow. Most boats are targeting game fish like dorado and couta. Boats fishing from Shelly Beach are now catching a good variety of fish. Reports coming from down there suggest that some nice size tunny, wahoo and even some good couta have come out at this venue recently. Ski Boat and Jet Skis are finding that fishing in the vicinity of the Aliwal Shoal and Scottburgh has picked up dramatically. There are a lot of tunny around and wahoo have also made a welcome appearance. All in all it looks as though Deep-Sea anglers are going to be in for a very good season.

Fishing Skis are catching fish all along the coast now. Couta and tunny have been caught in fair numbers on both South and North coasts. The Umdloti area in particular has produced numerous fish. The same can be said for the South Coast with the Scottburgh and Park Rynie areas producing couta and some good size tunny.

On the fresh water side, bass are mainly being caught in the early morning and late afternoon due to the cooler temperatures. Inanda and Albert Falls have been very productive on surface lures. Midmar Dam has also produced a few small carp. River waters are now cleaner and have a good flow rate, so fishing has improved for our yellowish and scalies, the beetle and ant patterns are still the most productive. Jozini Dam is 63% full and the water is warm, so fishing in the early morning and late afternoon is the most productive especially in the deeper water where it€™s cooler.

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have just updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

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There are some great new fishing TV shows that are now being aired on DSTV. Please check out your TV guide, sometimes Super Sport will change the channel that it is supposed to be aired.

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