Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that fishing the beaches south of the Mtamvuna River Estuary this weekend past, yielded shad although small in size. The estuary has been active and some kingfish, one over the 4kg mark have been landed there. Rock salmon are also on the bite and a number of good sized fish have taken on both bait and lures.

Once more, Splash Rock has featured and a kingfish of over 25kg’s was landed after a great fight by an experienced local angler. One wonders why Splash Rock always seems to be where the fish are and the fact of the matter is that although there are a number of very productive fishing points there, Splash Rock is fished one hundred to one because of its position and the small number of every day type fishermen in this area. This means that other spots are either not or seldom fished.

 Port Edward and the surrounding area have a number of very productive points and I’m sure that if fished more would also produce remarkable results.

In the Toti area some smaller shad had been reported, these are great fun on Drop shot and light Spinning Tackle. Small grey sharks and brown skates have also made an appearance in the late evening. If you are going to target the grey sharks ensure that you use a bite trace as many anglers targeting edibles have had hooks bitten off due to grey sharks in this area. Blue rays and a few brown skates are still being found in the Scottborough area. The point is still delivering some grey sharks in the early morning and evening. Wave garrick are also falling prey to drop shot in the bay on the left hand side of the point.

A number of small shad are being caught on the Margate Pier, as well as king fish on smaller live baits such as black tail, karanteen and pinkies. The water is warm and quite clean. The clear water means that Drop shots are readily taken by black tail, small stumpies and karanteen.

There seems to be a lot of brown skates caught on the Durban beaches lately, anything from 10-22kgs, as well as blue rays and also some smaller bone fish. The beauty of Durban is that even during adverse weather there are always some places to fish. The beachfront being protected by the Bluff means that when there are big swells elsewhere you can still fish a fairly protected area. There have also been a few sand sharks that have been caught off the points and slightly further north. The Blue Lagoon area has also started fishing well with shad being the target specie.

Some nice size fish have been caught here over the past week or so but small grey sharks have moved in. There has also been the odd nice stumpie and grunter being caught here. Garrick is now a thing of the past and the only real game fish anglers can target now is yellow-tail kingfish which move close to the shoreline at this time of the year. The best bait for these fine fish is small live karenteen. This bait is irresistible to the kingies and anglers wishing to target them must use the same trace as if targeting garrick. These fish are ferocious predators and unlike garrick anglers must not give them too much nylon on the pick-up. Strike as quickly as possible and if you are fishing near rocks anglers are urged to pull as hard as your equipment can allow. These fish are dirty fighters and will snag your nylon at the nearest rocks.

The Durban Bay is still producing some nice fish. The bigger grunter are not as plentiful as last year, but there are lots of juvenile fish. We have heard that very small snoek moved into the Bay on the weekend and were caught around the harbour entrance.

Most anglers are now targeting the summer flatfish and some good results have been had. These fish are now biting on both South and North Coasts but to date we have had no confirmed reports of any really big fish. The average sandie is still in the 20 kg to 30 kg range. Due to the big surf coming through with hot muggy weather it was nice to hear that there are still a few flat fish and lots of bone fish being caught in the Zululand area. Many of the reports received were guys on lighter tackle, targeting bone fish with small prawn and chokka baits, fishing to the side of banks and in and around white water areas.

At Mapalane, the ginger beer water up there has meant that the heavy tackle anglers have had a lot of fun with the zambezi sharks. A number of the guys really had a workout and under the hot conditions it made the effort worthwhile. Some nice shad in and around the 400g range have also been caught early morning on spoons and the usual sardine baits. The Tugela area, we have heard that lots of milkies have been caught during the day. The water still slightly off-colour and big zambezi sharks also being hooked. Make sure you have your A-Game as these sharks are really strong and some of them are yet to be landed. If heavy tackle is your game them definitely Tugela is the place to visit.

The KZNCZU kicks off its first round on the 21st January 2012 and as with tradition most teams head north to target these fish and if, as in many cases these fish disappear and teams are left either waiting or rushing off to their favourite spots. The deciding factor this weekend will be the big seas that we have been experiencing lately. The Transkei has over the past month fished very well and places like Port St Johns and the Hole in the Wall area have yielded many hammerhead and fair size grey sharks. The fight that any hammerhead shark can present to the fishermen is a formidable one. Few of the larger of the species are landed off deep water points because of the awesome power combined with the use of its head in a down scoop when it is being pulled in. A very strong reel like Daiwa€™s Saltist / Saltiga and nylon that is tough and abrasive resistant like the Kingfisher Giant Abrasion is needed. Catch and release here is essential and please be careful when you release these fish, as the side to side movement of its head will damage its eyes on the rocks.

Stuart Dunlop has successfully landed a 296kg (weight per measurement) Pylstert or short tailed black stingray and this specimen could possibly be a new record. We are pending the results.

KZN Light Tackle Boat Angling Association fished their first two rounds of the year over the past weekend at Albert Falls Dam. 11 teams participated from various Clubs, most Clubs having more than one Team.  First 3 individual positions in round 1 fished on Saturday, were Mike Allanson from team Candoo, Noel Skinner, Ann Skinner both from team Gotcha, all from Fynnlands Angling Club, a total of 195 Barble and 78 Carp were caught. First 3 positions in round 2 fished on Sunday, were John Macdonald from team Candoo, Stuart Humphreys a junior from team This Side Up from KZN Angling Club, Ann Skinner from Gotcha, a total of 119 Barble and 72 Carp were caught. The biggest Barble was 8, 2 kg caught by Jenny Arnold from team Go For It from KZN Angling Club, and the biggest Carp was 4, 74 kg caught by Brett Hibbert from team This Side Up. Team Gotcha and Team Candoo are tied for first place thus far after the two rounds. All fish were caught on IGFA 4 kg line and all fish were unharmed and returned back alive to the water.

Ski boat angling has been very good in the Zululand areas, especially Sodwana Bay. Species to target are couta on live bait, wahoo on faster trawling lures, darado on both lure and some guys have been fortunate to catch them on spoons as well. A number of sail fish and various species of marlin have also been hooked. Be sure to leave a lure out when travelling from point to point, you never know what you can hook-up. Definitely worth a trip if you keen to catch the bigger game fish.

 Richards Bay has produced a few large yellow fin tuna out in the deep with a number of marlin and sail fish also being hooked. Geelbek seem to be still around the Durban area as well as the Tax man, so once you have a hook up reel like crazy! Dorado and yellow fin tuna are still around, the tuna are still between 4 & 8kgs with a couple of 10+kg also being caught. Snoek are still cruising off the Umgeni/Blue Lagoon area and aren€™t that deep out, which enables the Paddle-skiers to also get involved.

On the fresh water side, bass fishing at Shongweni and Albert Falls has been very good. As per usual the bass during the heat of the day dig deep into cooler water and to target them you need to fish deep. Most common colours is the June bug and Watermelon red fleck especially flukes. Some bass taking shelter amongst shelter and/or weeds have also been hooked on spinner baits. Best to get to the dam early, make a day of it with the family during the hotter periods in the shade and target the fish during the later afternoon and early evening when it is cooler.

Inanda dam has seen consistent for the carp anglers with a number of fish being caught. The popular flavours are Almond and Tjop-Tjop. The water seems to be a lot cleaner and the fish are more active. If this is not your target species when the weather or the sea is not fantastic try giving it a spin. You may enjoy it more than you think.

With fly fishing, the summer patterns are still working well. Once again early morning and late afternoon are the most productive periods. Due to warm conditions during the day, the fishing is somewhat slower in still water; however Sterkies is still fishing well and has produced some nice size fish which is especially great on lighter tackle.

The local dams in KZN still producing a few fish, especially late afternoon. The Beetle patterns are still doing the trick. Fishing along banks and sight fishing can be great fun as well. Jozini dam is still hovering around the 60% mark. Sardine and chicken fillets are still the best baits. The fish are seeking cooler, deeper water so best to fish these areas in order to target the larger fish.

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have just updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

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