Fishing all along our coast has been very slow due to the Cyclone off the Mozambique coast which has caused a fair amount of destruction in that area. The coastline from Zululand right through to Durban and surrounds has been affected with large ground swells and extremely large waves. This has resulted in very poor fishing conditions; however the guys who have been brave enough to try have been rewarded.


There have been some wave Garrick and some shad being caught on drop shot and S-Bend spoons. The new McCarthy colours really seem to be working well and lighter jig heads fished in the white water have produced most bites. Jacque informs us that in the Bluff area the guys are getting some nice shad in the early hours of the morning and a few nice kingfish have been coming out at Brighton on live black tail.


As the sea has been up, some of the hardened rock and surf anglers have resorted to fishing estuaries and rivers, targeting mainly sand gurnards, juvenile grunter and perch. Just because the sea is up does not mean you cannot use light tackle to target smaller size fish in the estuaries and still have a great day out fishing. Lighter tackle for example 6€™,7€™ and 8 €˜ Daiwa Megaforce rods with either light 8lb line or braid are best to target estuarine fish.


Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that over the weekend perfect sea conditions have been spoilt by lots of weed especially on the beaches. One beach without weed was in Port Edward and on the weekend there was a ‘bamboo forest’ of rods on the beach all into shad of which there were plenty until dark. At Palm Beach tidal pool the stone bream went crazy and a team fishing there on Saturday afternoon caught up to 80 of these fish. Some bronze bream were also taken from nearby reefs and lesser sand sharks were present at Trafalgar main beach in amongst the weed.


As far as estuary fishing goes, a number of rock salmon were taken and hopes are that this species is not depleted by overfishing where the fish are seldom returned to the water. My admiration goes out to the ‘celebrity’ anglers that practise catch and release only in these waters.


As the Transkei is much lower down on the coast it has been somewhat protected from Cyclone conditions. There have been reports of fish being caught off the south westerly protected points. Most common fish caught have been some shad, a few kob are still around and some hammer head sharks. The most commonly used bait has been chokka or squid. For those of you who may be taking your leave now while everyone else is back at work. It might be a worthwhile trip especially considering estuaries in the Eastern Cape can be prolific this time of year. It is also out of season so accommodation should be cheaper.  Early sunrise, late sunset, winds are dying in the afternoon and not blowing so hard in the early morning €“ perfect for fishing this time of year as those are your target times to catch fish.

Once again ski boat fishing has been dampened by the after effects of the Cyclone. Rough seas have made many a skipper really think about launching. Now is the time to check on your reels, rods, do some boat maintenance and maybe get all your terminal tackle in order. For the few really brave that have launched in protected areas, there have not been many fish around. The weekend just passed produced some yellow fin tuna, snoek and couta. Although this week it has been a bit quieter as less boats have been out. Make sure you have the correct traces in your tackle box.

The Durban Bay seems to be playing see-saw with good days and bad. The smaller grunter are still around yet no sign yet of their bigger brothers and grandpas. There have been a number of brown skates being hooked up on light tackle while targeting grunter and this is a wonderful test for an angler€™s skill. Some good reports of sea pike being caught in the early morning around the silt canal €“ have had guys running into The Kingfisher for poppers and top water lures. These fish really fight above their weight class and are really great fun. Just beware of the teeth. There is now a large grass area that is open to bank anglers so if the sea is up, why not give Durban Bay a try as it is protected and a fun outing for the whole family, especially during our long summer days.

There is no way I€™m launching today, seems to be on most of the Kayak fisherman€™s lips. However fortune favours the brave and there are still snoek and some couta around. So if the conditions are right it may be worth setting your alarm a little earlier in the mornings. It seems that the sea should be residing soon and the weather for the weekend is looking a bit better. Most common baits at the moment for snoek are smaller Strike Pro, Halco€™s and Rapalas or strip baits. Couta are still eating well on the R-15 (purple and black fire tiger pattern Halco). Of course baits such as mackerel, redeye and small bonito are still always the best live/dead baits.

Bass fishing at Midmar Dam has been a bit patchy lately, due to low barometric pressure and colder conditions, smaller fish were caught in deeper water. Flukes and C-tail worms in watermelon, red fleck and pumpkin seed worked best and produced the results. Fish have generally been in and around structure and persistent targeting of these areas produced the bite. The BETT Tournament was held at Albert Falls this weekend but due to adverse weather the top bag was approximately 4kg€™s. The fishing was very slow, yet patience and hard work is always rewarded especially the anglers fishing the deeper, 18ft plus water.

In Midmar Dam, some small carp were caught over the weekend, floaties and mealie-pips seemed to do better than any other baits. As with most facets of angling the lower barometric pressure also affected these fish. This weekend is probably worth a trip to your local fresh water spot as the barometric pressure will be much higher and fish should feed easily under these conditions.

Fly fishing, the water at the moment is very clear, especially in the rivers with high flow rates. As per usual for summer, the summer patterns are still producing a few fish and the dams have also produced, although no real tackle busters of late. Sterkfontein was a bit slow due to lots of wind; this made sight fishing for the yellow fish a tad difficult with only a few being recorded on fly. The persistent anglers that used baits were rewarded with some really nice yellow fish. Best fishing times, as always, early morning, late afternoon. This weekend conditions should be a lot better and well worth the trip to target the golden bars of freshwater.

Due to the geographical layout, Jozini Dam was also prone to the cyclonic conditions. Barometric pressure was quiet low and very windy. There were not many reports of fishing done and fishing from the banks resulted in smaller fish and erratic strike patterns. As the cyclone seems to have dissipated somewhat, it could be well worth a visit this weekend onwards and I am sure the Africa Lures, a great new tiger spinner, will be doing their trick yet again.

Fishy Facts: Some may not know that with the Seahorse, (a very threatened species population) the males raise the young. An interesting fact with these species is that both male and female do not have scales but have plates to protect them.

The Kingfisher wishes all Anglers tight lines.

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have just updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

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