A number of flat fish mainly skates as well as one or two sand sharks have been recorded along the Zululand coast. Due to the beastly easterly fishing over the weekend has been somewhat quiet, but anglers that took to the challenge were rewarded with a few nice fish on drop shot and lighter spinning tackle.

The Richards Bay area produced a few small spinner sharks especially in the late afternoon/early evening period, they have been giving the edible fisherman a bit of a run around €“ perhaps a small bit of steel wire could prevent the quick bite-offs. The Bay area has produced some small kingfish which is plenty of fun for drop shot and spinning enthusiasts.

During the week fishing in the Tugela area has stepped up a bit with some nice diamonds hooked, as well as one or two black fin sharks which really puts your tackle to the test. With better weather coming towards the end of this week, this area might be a good idea for the coming weekend.

In the Vidal area it was kingfish, kingfish, kingfish – all manner of species – black tip, blue spot and GT€™S, as well as a number of bone fish and three spot pompano. Majority of the fish are of a smaller size and are fantastic fun on light tackle with redeye sardine and artificial baits.

Locally, at Umdloti, a number of grey sharks as well as a few big flat fish have giving the anglers some points to ponder. This area is best fished early morning and late afternoon. The same can be said about Umhlanga, just after dark with mackerel cutlets. The grey sharks have been around and on mackerel slide baits a few of the bigger sandies have also been caught.

The Blue Lagoon area has produced a few pompano and the Beach Front area has recently experienced a number of grey sharks towards the early evening and has been great fun on medium tackle, especially fishing the €œGrinder€ and braid setup. Novice slide fisherman can take advantage of the protected areas and practices €œsliding€ as the fish are not feeding too deep and a cast of 30 €“ 80 metres can easily result in an 8 €“ 10 kilo grey shark.  Just make sure that you are using a Saltwater Bite Trace with some steel wire so that you don€™t get bitten off.

Jaque sent in this report on the 7th, about his fishing trip in the Durban Bay. €œwe went fishing in the bay last night at the Bat Centre from the side and some good fish came out, a few big grunter between 2 and 5 kgs, some yellow belly rock cod, biggest one 6kg, caught on a live pinkie which are full up on the sand bank. I myself hooked up with a kingfish about 20kg, took me 45min to land, we took the hook out and released it. That’s a fight I will not forget soon…€ Great fish Jaque, well done.

Staying with the Bay, various size grunters ranging from 1 €“ 5 kilos have been hooked in and around the centre bank, the predominant bait being cracker shrimp or mud prawn. The Coling wharf has produced a few species of kingfish, mainly on the drop shots like McCarthy Olive Pearl as well as small Strike Pro top to mid-water lures. Mike the sea pike has made an appearance at the Silt Canal and is very fond of top water lures as well as drop shots retrieved in erratic movements.

Toti in the upper South Coast, seems to have gone off the boil for a bit, however juvenile black tail and stump nose as well as three spot pompano have been giving the spinners as well as light tackle anglers some good early morning and later afternoon fun. For the early risers, a few shad have come out on spoon and a number of smaller flat fish have come out on prawn and chokka baits at Scottborough. Towards the late afternoon a few grey sharks have also fallen prey to mackerel cutlets and mackerel heads. Remember to keep the Mustad Kendal Round hooks proud as the greys swallow and go.

Further down the coast, in the Hibberden and Margate area, various kingfish species have been recorded €“ majority falling to live bait in the form of small black tail, karentene and the rare but worth its weight in gold, pinkie. The turning tide either high or low is probably the best time to target these specimens. The Transkei has had some great fishing with some big greys in the 20+ kilo mark for the slide and medium to heavy tackle anglers and smaller hammerheads on the throw baits. There are still a number of the kingfish species which are great fun on lighter tackle. Some nice kob being caught in the dark, especially on McCarthy Drop shot, best colours seem to be the Olive Pearl and Orka €“ fished in moving water.

Cape Vidal has really been the place to be for Ski Boaters, with snoek, couta, dorado and wahoo being around. The snoek and couta more plentiful, the dorado mainly being targeted in and around floating debris, the wahoo have given the unwary boat angler a wake-up call with a really screaming reel. A few sail fish have also been in the mix. In Durban a number of snoek, couta and some yellow fin tuna have been coming out with the majority of boats getting a mixed bag. A Charter boat hooked a small marlin on Sunday morning just before the wind picked up €“ Really great news as where there is one there is more. Matthew Bremner and Dustin Harding caught 5x 10kg tuna and 2x 9kg snoek in the Westbrook area in a 3 hour outing recently. Well done Guys €“ keep it up. The South Coast, especially in Shelley Beach, the yellow fin tuna are really doing their thing and a number of boats have really had some nice catches of late. The €œtaxman€ is doing his rounds and its best to get your fish onto the boat ASAP.

Paddle ski fishermen are having a whale of time especially off river-mouths leading into the sea. Snoek, couta, yellow fin tuna and kingfish have been the order of the day. The best lure for targeting both the snoek and couta is the JubJub especially when fished with fillet strip bait. This allows the paddle ski anglers to target 2 species with 1 lure as amongst the snoek a number of couta have fallen for this lure. The JubJub also means that a €œleisurely€ paddle still produces the strike and the novice paddle ski angler is also in with a chance. Some Couta have also been reported off the Jack€™s Estate area and some small tuna off Umdloti.

On the fresh water side, Sterkfontein has produced plenty of yellow fish. Beetle patterns especially black and the darker colours are really working well. Fished in the shallower waters, as well as a few sighted fish can really get the rods bending and if the weather is not the best for down at the beach, well worth a try. The rivers are still flowing very strong, especially in the interior and the fishing is great. The DDD is working well in the rivers, especially during early morning, towards the later afternoon the olive green emerger patterns seem to have the fish on the bite. So definitely a good idea if you have got nothing planned towards the later afternoon / early evening. Both Inanda and Shongweni dams have produced some smaller bass falling mainly to flukes fished weightless in and amongst structure and as per usual during the summer time €“ early morning / late afternoon.

Goedetrou has produced some smaller bass although due to murky conditions €œsight€ fishing or trying to spot structure has been a bit difficult. Perseverance does pay off. Fan casting can really be successful in the murky conditions. Midmar Dam has produced some smaller carp and they seem to be really shy. Floaties mainly the Almond as well as TjopTjop flavours seem to be producing majority of the bites. If the wind blows you that way, it€™s a wonderful way to spend the day at the dam with a braai or a potjie while you wait for the bite. Make it a family outing and let the kids have a go at the smaller bass on lighter tackle. Maybe that dream fish is not a dream but a reality.

Fishy Facts: The seventy-four resembles a salmon in shape and fin structure yet has a charismatic black dot half way down the body towards the tail. This black dot resembles the decimal point for the hundred thousand rand fine you would incur should you be caught in possession of this fish. The long and slender shape of this fish is nowhere near as streamlined as the reaction you will get from the Ezemvelo Wildlife Boys should you have one in your possession.

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