We have just heard that at Kosi Bay, a nice kingfish of 20 kilos was caught on a chokka slide bait during the week and a black fin shark in the 60 €“ 70 kilo range was landed after a 20 minute tug of war. The weather up there has been really warm and the weekend storm and rain was a welcome relief from the heat.

The turtles have started hatching and it is a very rare sight, to see the young turtles making their way down to the sea. Especially early morning / late evening, so keep a look out for this wonderful phenomenon €“ remember, watch and don€™t disturb.

The off colour/ginger beer coloured water at Tugela has meant that the pack zambezi€™s in the 40-60kg range are in abundance. Spinner sharks for the throw bait enthusiasts as well as shad for the drop shot and spinning guy€™s means that everybody can have a good session from light to heavy tackle. The McCarthy Drop shot Olive pearl are especially great for tackling shad.

Over the weekend Shore Anglers watched in envy as a number of yellow fin tuna were feeding just past backline in the Ballito area. The early morning sessions have mainly produced some shad and the beach areas have produced a few stumpnose, especially with sea lice baits.

Johan Swanepoel (Swanie) was fishing at Bolder Bay on Saturday afternoon (14h00 to about 20h00) in that bad South Westerly wind and huge swells. First he used mix mackerel/redeye as bait and got two small greys (+ – 5kg/6kg); he then slid a whole mackerel with the pushing high tide and got bitten off twice and got one grey out of about 14 kg€™s. He decide to swim one of the 5Kg grey’s and use a longer  steel trace  and got picked up.  Swanie battled with it for about an hour and when it eventually came in to the bay it looked like a tiger shark (+- 2 meters). It turned, went out, turned right and cut him off on the one high rock that is full of mussels. With better weather predicted for the rest of the week and if you target edibles, Ballito could be a good bet.

Locally, in Durban, there are still some grey sharks around €“ mainly in the late evening and cutlet baits with chokka are eaten far quicker than a larger bait.  The New Pier recently opened near Sun coast Casino and has been producing a few pompano.  Local Angler Shuaib landed a 140kg zambezi shark off of Blue Lagoon. A nice fish indeed, well done Shuaib.

In the upper South Coast area the early morning has seen some smaller shad and toward the evening a few grey sharks, as well as some pompano and stump nose for the dedicated angler that puts the time in fishing the banks. Scottborough has produced some nice grey sharks in the 8-10 kilo range; these fish have been caught on the points, mainly on mackerel slide baits. The bay area still has a few bone fish and best baits to target them are a combination of chokka and prawn but the smaller baits have been more successful. The shad are still around in the Margate area and are getting bigger which is great news.  The drop shot enthusiasts have really had fun with the smaller edible fish as well as the guys spinning with S-bend spoons.

Mazeppa Bay in the Transkei has enjoyed some wonderful warm weather and this has brought with it some nice hammer heads especially off the deeper water points. There are still some kob around and the Paddle tails with 4.0 to 6.0 hooks have been deadly. Some nice shad up to the 3kg mark are also there for the light tackle anglers. The results for the first round of the Common Venue Competition have been posted on the Union€™s website, www.kzncau.co.za. Some feedback from the Masters nationals fished last week down in PE.

1.     EP €“ 1165.1 (Gold)

2.     Border €“ 849.1 (Silver)

3.     Zululand €“ 541.7 (Bronze)

4.     Natal €“ 523.4

5.     Southern Cape €“ 466.9

6.     West Coast €“ 461.4

7.     Boland €“ 458.7

8.     Central Gauteng €“ 415.5

9.     North Gauteng €“ 362.6

10. Mpumalanga €“ 211.2

11. Free State €“ 169.1

Andre Mellet took an award for the most outstanding catch. A black ray of 60.0 kg and Julian Pybus was elected as President of the Masters division within SASAA.

Ski Boat fishing, weather permitting, has been good and at Mapelane, tuna, wahoo, snoek and couta have been the order of the day. Majority of the fish being caught on live baits. The Halco R-15 is still as deadly as ever, especially when trolled in the early morning or in low light conditions.

Further south, at Richards Bay, the tuna are plentiful and the gas bottles are great fun on the lighter tackle. Some sailfish in the 10-20 kilo region and a few marlin have also been boated off of Cape Vidal. In Durban, the yellow fin tuna, couta and snoek are the most popular catches. Majority of the fish caught have fallen to fillet and strip baits. Halco€™s in the darker colours are also working very well. For the guys willing to put in the long hours during the evening sessions some geel bek are around as well. Yellow fin tuna in the Toti area are being targeted on small sprat size spoons and are great fun on a flick stick setup. Bigger bonito seem to be working with the tuna as often a small spoon will be picked up by either of the two.  Some geel bek in the deeper areas are there for those who want to burn the midnight oil.

Tuna, tuna, tuna and more tuna, the paddlers have had more than their fair share in the last week, with fish in the range from 3-8 kilos. Drop shot as well as smaller Halco€™s and Rooster poppers are doing the damage. The early morning sessions seem to be the most productive €“ so worth setting the alarm a little bit earlier. Aliwal Shoal still has lots of tuna to offer, some lucky paddlers have managed to catch a wahoo or two. Bait fish seem to be scarce especially red eye sardines and mackerel. Lots of small sprats are in the water, so best to target fish with very small spoons.

Fishing in the Durban Bay has picked up a bit and in the deeper water a few grunter have come out, mostly in the 3-4 kilo range, with plenty of the smaller sizes being released. Due to the recent rains the water is off-colour and makes it a little trickier. For the Art lure enthusiasts there are lots of smallish sea pike which are great fun on the small Strike Pro€™s like the Taisticks as well as small-lipped lures like the Strike Pro Arc Minnow. In and around the Pelican Island/Silt Canal small kingfish can be targeted on light tackle drop shot. This is great for novice and younger anglers as the fish are generally quite hungry, quick on the bite, keeping anglers on their toes.

Jozini dam has been fishing well for tiger fish, over the weekend there was some strong winds and rain. The up-country rain has meant that the dam is now fuller and the fish are still deep. The tricky tigers seem to have worked out the artificial and live baits or African Lures with sardine fillet seem to be eaten more readily. Inanda and Albert Falls are fishing well as the moment. Best lures are the weightless flukes in a variety of colours and sizes. The June bug and Watermelon Fleck fished with a twitching action are the most deadly. The carp fishing has been hard, but fortune favours the brave and the bank anglers have been rewarded with fish the 4-6kg region. The dirtier water means that the bait presentations and feeding areas need to be spot-on. The use of stronger flavours and scents, especially the fruity scents are possibly a better option than the chemical type e.g. TCP etc.

Fishy Facts

Did you know that you don€™t just need to watch out for hammer heads in the Ocean but in your back garden too? The Hammerhead Worm is fairly common in Natal and their head shape is exactly the same as a hammer head shark. While their bigger Oceanic brothers grow to be 200+ kg€™s the Hammerhead Worm attains just 20-inches. For the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday. Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007.

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have just updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

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