In Kosi bay various species of kingfish like the blue spot and black tip have been caught recently, mainly on drop shot and smaller baits like a chokka and prawn mix. A nice GT of about 22kilos was caught, tagged and released on Wednesday last week.

In Tugela due to the large number of small bonito available, this has fast become the most popular slide bait. There have been a number of black fin hook-ups however their acrobatic displays often lead to part-offs while they twist and jump in the air. Best option for this fish is to keep the line tight and keep your rod tip low.

In Ballito some small shad have been caught off the pool area, in amongst the smaller shad the bigger brothers of last year in the 1-2 kilo range have also been caught. The 4.0 size Mustad Hooks seem to be more popular for the shad fisherman.  Just after dusk a few grey sharks and spinner sharks have also been partial to the shad baits such as sardine and Japanese mackerel.

In Durban its official, the shad have arrived. Majority of the anglers fishing early morning with a conventional shad trace with a cork and using sardine fillet have been catching shad that are table size (30cm plus). These beautiful eating fish are limited to 4 per angler €“ so limit your catch and don€™t catch your limit. Silver S-bend shaped spoons will also work well, if fished on a slower retrieve. The Suncoast Pier seems to have quietened down with a few pompano for the guys prepared to put the time in. The recent heavy seas and spring tides have changed where some of the banks were, and with the hotter days we have recently been experiencing, we should soon be getting some bigger fish.

Toti €“ With this area being somewhat unprotected, the heavier seas made fishing off the points a bit tricky. The Bay area next to the big swimming pool on the main beach has seen a few shad and towards the late evening some small spinner sharks.

Scottborough €“ As this area too, is somewhat unprotected, the points were out of bounds due to the high water. Anglers using braid and spinning reels, and thus able to throw a bit further from the Bay side were rewarded with a few grey sharks. A very lucky angler was able to present his family with a 2.8 kilo stumpnose, caught on sea lice.

The Port Shepstone area is still fishing well and a mixed bag of fish are still around; predominately shad and pompano, with a few smaller grey sharks giving the non-wire trace anglers a bit of a rev before being bitten off. 

Margate €“ With the daily change of wind direction, fishing has been a little tougher with not as many fish coming out. The Light-tackle anglers are still enjoying themselves with drop shots and small spoons, targeting smaller kingfish species and black tail which seem to be plentiful. With the sea in perfect condition most of the days, not to many fish have been around apart for some bronze bream and more activity is in the estuaries where perch, kingfish and rock salmon are on the bite. Some large perch are taking top water lures and specimens of up to 2kg are being caught. The water in the estuaries is very warm and clean with the absence of good rains in the area. A rock salmon of 4,2kg was landed off the rocks in Port Edward and this is not a very common catch. With the extremely hot sun it is advisable to make sure that adequate protection is taken against exposure and too much sun can cause major problems.

Transkei€“ On a recent trip local angler, Mahen Reddy on a snoek head slide got picked up by a steam train and with a full drag locked could not stop the fish after he was reefed while very deep into his braid backing. Definitely one of the big boys of the deep €“ hooked on extra-heavy-tackle. The kob are still around although in not as high numbers. For the edible anglers there are still some nice size shad to be had and no reason to look for a ruler to measure them.


Mapelane €“ With the high seas due to spring tides, launches have been not as easy. The couta are still around. In the deeper areas the yellow fin tuna are happily chasing artificial lures as well as bait.  Pink and green seem to be the most popular colours.  

Tinley Manor has seen a wave of yellow in the last few days and a number of boat anglers have got €œstuck into€ yellow fin tuna.

 Durban, the last week has produced some nice snoek and some couta. The yellow fin tuna are still abundant and poppers such as the Strike-Pro and Halco range seem to really be working well. The small to medium size range in more natural fish type patterns are delivering the hook-ups. There are also some wahoo getting the reels screaming on trolled baits.

Toti €“ A number of small bonito have made their appearance this week and anglers using small spoons mimicking sprats have really had some good fun, spinning for these bait fish. Mackeral and red eye have been dropped from angler€™s vocabulary as they are very scarce at the moment. 

Shelley Beach €“ Bragging rights go to an unnamed angler who caught an 18kg Couta on a Poseidon Bonito Rod while trolling a small Strike-Pro Ice-cream lure in the hope of catching a snoek. There are still some tuna around and lots of small sprats in the water.

Paddle Ski:

Durban/Umhloti €“ Judging by the slime stains left on a number of paddle-ski anglers, the snoek and couta are definitely still around and some lucky paddlers were able to fill their quota before the heavy seas set in. For those that want to try some drop shot off the ski, the black tip kingfish will readily gulp a McCarthy 5 or 6 inch drop shot lure.

Toti €“ Tuesday, last week saw a number of snoek for the guys who were prepared to paddle around a bit. The yellow fin tuna seem to be a bit deeper down as the surface-lures were not taken as readily.

Aliwal Shoal €“ A beautiful GT of 18 kilos was caught by an angler while targeting bonnies on a Daisy Chain, after a wonderful fight lasting 20 minutes the fish was rejuvenated and released to fight another day. Some bigger wahoo and the ever present yellow fin tuna are still there for the taking.


Fly-fishing €“ With clearer water coming and better visibility for the sight casting technique, better days are ahead for fly fisherman. The flow rates seem to have dropped quite a bit and the usual patterns are producing the bites. Due to the warm summer days, most areas best fished early morning / late evening before the water temperate heat up.

Yellow fish €“ Large numbers of yellow fish can be seen €œfinning€ however they are very reluctant to take any lures or baits as they are otherwise occupied. 

Tiger Fishing €“ The Copper Tiger-Wakka Spoon fished on a slow retrieve in deeper water €“ has put some life into Jozini area. Due to the very warm conditions, the tigers are easily tamed and slow to bite. Sardine fillets as well as chicken livers attached to various spoons seem to have a better hook-up rate, due to their aromatic slick.

Bass €“ Inanda Dam, seems to have been the hotspot as anglers using crank baits and Carolina rigs have come across a number of fish tipping the scales in the 1 €“ 2 kg range. C-tail worms and Brush Hoggs in various colours and sizes seem to bring, the bass out of hiding.

Carp €“ Midmar Dam, it was predicted that after the Midmar Mile the fishing would improve and so it has come to pass. A lucky weekend angler landed a carp of 2.8 kilos caught on a Caramel flavoured Mealie using a Daiwa Black Widow Rod and Daiwa Emblem Pro reel. Well worth waiting up through the night til 2:45 am for the hook-up, putting the time in really does work.

 Durban Bay €“ Should be renamed Portuguese Man-o-War Bay due to the large number of Blue Bottles in the Bay. The water is still somewhat off-colour and the grunter are making both novice and experienced Anglers think carefully about bait presentation as well as type of tackle used. There are a number of kingfish still around and can be targeted on drop shot and artificial top-water lures.

Plans are well underway for the Durban Ski Boat Club€™s annual festival to be held over the weekend of the 28/28 April. Once again the main prizes have been allocated to the King Mackerel species, a fish that enjoys shallow water in shore feeding. As such this levels the playing fields so if your boat floats you have as good a chance as ever.

With the amazing support of Yamaha, Natal Caravans and Marine, Engen, Wesbank, and Landrover—the Platinum Sponsors—- once again there will be an incredible array of prizes including lucky draws. The angler that catches the largest cuda will tow away a 565 Seacat complete with 2x70HP Yamaha engines, complete with electronic equipment, and rods and reels, value R400000. As in the past there will be specie prizes and there will be a lot more emphasis on Ladies and Juniors when it comes to the spoils. The Kingfisher besides their already generous support have added a Lucky Draw prize of R5000. To add more value is the fact that Wesbank have matched this. So there it is R5000 in cash to two lucky participants. It is important to enter by end March to enjoy a ticket in the Lucky Draws. The cost of an €œearly bird€ entry is only R325 per angler, and with a goodies bag valued at R260 this festival offers unbelievable value. Late entry is R395 per angler. Entry forms are available at The Kingfisher, the Durban Ski Boat Club or visit their website at www.durbanskiboatclub.co.za

Fishy Facts

We have done it €“ Beat the Aussies that is €“ by the longest number of years for the recapture of a tagged fish. The red Steenbrass that was mentioned in a previous report as having been recaptured after 22.14 years is responsible for this bragging right. Go Tag and Release SA!

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