Hopefully Irina has finally left the building and we can look forward to better weather. The heavy rains have really changed the colour of the water, which is great news as we will now have off-colour water which should bring the fish in closer. A number of sand banks have been washed away leaving deeper channels and some nice pools.

Kosi bay €“ For the brave few, that risked the weather there were lots of wave garrick and some smaller kingfish on drop shot.

Tugela €“ Very muddy water and still some big seas prevented slide-baits there were a few small sand sharks and some shad caught by the few anglers not afraid to get wet.

Ballito €“ The churning sea and strong currents didn€™t allow for heavy-tackle fishing, on the Light-tackle side, there were a few shad earlier in the week, prior to the dirty water.

Durban €“ With the Beachfront resembling something out of Willy Wonka€™s Chocolate Factory, there haven€™t been too many fish coming out. Small shad were caught early last week and a few brown skates on the banks. During dirty water conditions, white baits such as prawn and chokka are about the best bet and 1.0 to 3.0 sized hooks, especially those with the short shank like the Mustad Big Gun range.

Toti €“ With dirty water all along the coastline and lots of debris from the rivers, the €œlog fish€ and weed specials have resulted in a number of false bites. Some Anglers did a fair amount of weeding in order to find their traces.

Scottborough €“ With no real gap in sets of waves, the fishing has been quiet difficult with only a few shad being reported early morning in the clearer patches of water.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ A few pompano were caught in the Sandspit area and a kob of 3 kilos. All fish were caught in the early morning and even though there were a number of anglers not many fish came out.

Transkei€“ There was some kob action as well as a few nice bronze bream caught mainly in gullies. Chokka blob baits were the most effective bait used. Anglers attempting to slide baits were frustrated by the heavy wave action as it lifted the heavy duty grapnel sinkers.


The large swells kept all but a brave few from launching. There were a few snoek and small couta caught of the Umhloti area. Very large shoals of undersized shad were like piranhas on any strip baits put out for snoek. There are a few tuna still around and lots of small bonito. The Onda lures, especially the smaller sized are really working well €“ and have become very popular with the Ski-boat anglers, especially using flick sticks. With better weather being predicted and the seas soon calming down, hopefully the skippers will be out again soon.

Paddle Ski

Suffering the same fate as the Ski-boat anglers, not many Paddlers have taken to the water. The brave few often found that launching was a very difficult feat indeed. With a few more months left of summer, hopefully the early morning sessions will be more productive.


Fly-fishing €“ The yellow fish are still going strong at Sterkfontein – with a number of different patterns working. So definitely an idea – if the sea is washed out, give it a try.

Tiger Fishing €“ With the large volume of water and the dam levels much higher be aware of submerged branches etc., when travelling around the dam. A few fish were caught last week, by some dedicated anglers who were ready to put in the long hours €“ most fish weighing about a kilo. The Tiger-Wakka spoons fished with sardine strip seem to be the most effective bait.

Durban Bay €“ With the large amount of litter floating in the bay it has been difficult to navigate the most popular fishing spots. There were still a few sea pike and some walla-walla caught during the week, however not many anglers took to the water. A small grunter was caught off the side by an €œOld Salt€ fishing through the night.

Fishy Facts

The annual Sardine Run that happens along the KZN coast is one of two places that this phenomenon occurs in the world. The other is the coast of Mexico although the little silver slithers do not venture as close to the coastline due to a lack of predation.

Plans are well underway for the Durban Ski Boat Club€™s annual festival to be held over the weekend of the 28/28 April. Once again the main prizes have been allocated to the King Mackerel species, a fish that enjoys shallow water in shore feeding. As such this levels the playing fields so if your boat floats you have as good a chance as ever. With the amazing support of Yamaha, Natal Caravans and Marine, Engen, Wesbank, and Landrover—the Platinum Sponsors—- once again there will be an incredible array of prizes including lucky draws. The angler that catches the largest cuda will tow away a 565 Seacat complete with 2x70HP Yamaha engines, complete with electronic equipment, and rods and reels, value R400000. As in the past there will be specie prizes and there will be a lot more emphasis on Ladies and juniors when it comes to the spoils. The Kingfisher besides their already generous support has added a Lucky Draw prize of R5000. To add more value is the fact that Wesbank have matched this. So there it is R5000 in cash to two lucky participants. It is important to enter by end March to enjoy a ticket in the Lucky Draws. The cost of an €œearly bird€ entry is only R325 per angler, and with a goodies bag valued at R260 this festival offers unbelievable value. Late entry is R395 per angler. Entry forms are available at The Kingfisher, the Durban Ski Boat Club or visit their website at www.durbanskiboatclub.co.za

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