Morning has broken (crash, tinkle, tinkle) with the sun finally shining for more than one day at a time and Spring tides a thing of the past €“ we can get down to some serious fishing. Summer is nearly gone and hopefully the winds will settle into a steady pattern. All the bodies of water seem to have started to clean up and a public holiday in the middle of the week means an extra days fishing.

Kosi bay €“ With the conditions over the weekend not being the greatest, some bone fish and a few small kingfish were landed.  A lucky angler hooked a nice sized kingfish, but lost the fish in the shallow water, due to no leader being used.

Tugela €“ With the water becoming a bit cleaner and more of the €œginger beer€ colour that anglers love, topped with good weather for the week, it is definitely worth sliding a chokka or pinning a small game fish and waiting for your arms to get stretched.

Ballito €“ Some Grey Sharks caught mainly on salt water bite traces have been reported and with better water conditions after the spring tides, some nice holes have opened up.

Durban €“ The new Onda Spoon has been really well worked by the spinning fraternity, using a 9 ft. Daiwa Excellor rod and braid. A number of shad and black tip / yellow spot kingfish have had the guys breathing hard. For throw bait guru€™s there are still some grey sharks and spinners, really great fun on medium tackle.

Toti €“ A sand shark of approximately 15 kilos was caught on the weekend, using a jap mack throw bait. There have been some shad in the early morning, so best to get down to the beach early if you want to spin for shad. 

Scottborough €“ With the Point again accessible, it has been put to good use with some nice bone fish, spinner sharks and a few grey sharks added to the menu.

Umkomaas €“ Was a buzz of note with many anglers, catching shoal size kob and some brown skates also reported. Most popular baits were prawn and prawn/chokka mix. These fish can be fantastic fun on light tackle using Mustad Kendal 1.0 hooks.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ Sandspit in Port Shepstone produced a number of varied species, shad, small kob and even a pompano. The most commonly used trace was a ground trace, baits varied from sea lice to a lucky few that found red eyes.

Port Edward – Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that lots of rain and strong winds have taken their toll on the fishing and river mouths opened pushing dirty water into the sea. At the end of last weekend some large perch were caught just before the heavy rains. The sea did not take too long to clear up and later in the week fish were biting again. Brusher have been biting with some good sized fish taken in the Munster area. Other fish caught include barbel, black tail, bronze bream, shad and rock cod.

Transkei €“ Mpolompo Point had a little bit of action with greys between 15 and 20 kilos and a gentleman new to the coast €“ finding out that the deep burn is often followed by the big sorrow when being reefed 300m out.  Not sure of the fish, probably a big grey or bronze whaler.


Mapelane €“ With the sea more accessible more boats have been able to launch and the anglers have been rewarded with some nice cuta and a wary wahoo.  The Halcos and Rapalas still doing their thing. 

Umhloti €“ With a few snoek and some cuta, this area still remains popular, especially areas near river mouths. With lots of small shad around, live baits are definitely not a problem.

Toti €“ With a lot of small bonito in the water, many and angler is left scratching his head as to why they won€™t eat. Small spoons as well as daisy chains have been the most productive and it€™s a case of perseverance pays off as the current size is beautiful to target the bigger game species.

Hibberdene €“ A little birdy told me that a croc cuta came out; however this report is still unconfirmed at this time. There still seem to be a few gas bottles around and slower trawled lures or bait fish hooked often lead to a nice fight on Lighter tackle.

Paddle Ski

Umhloti €“ With the sun coming up a bit later, you can have a 2nd cup of coffee and still make it to the beach on time. The launches are a bit easier and in this area, there is bait fish a plenty in the form of small shad and bonito. The cuta and yellow fin tuna are still there – so definitely worth setting the alarm.

Toti €“ The shallower reefs are full of smaller kingfish. The Mc Arthy Goldfish with a ½ ounce Nitro Jig head seems to be fatal for them.

Scottborough €“ With the bay now resembling a bay, paddlers have a bit of an easier launch and fishing the colour line means that the snoek and yellow fin tuna could appear on the menu tonight.

Durban €“ Wednesday is €œno work day€ and I would definitely be out in the early morning. Kingfish, snoek and a few cuta are on offer with plenty of live bait near the shark nets.  The Guru of wind €“ tends to agree.


Fly-fishing €“ With the river flow rate slowing down and the water much clearer, definitely time to practice 10 to 2 casting technique €“ darker colours like olive and black and mixtures thereof will definitely start to work now. With sun-up coming a bit later an extra few minutes lie-in can be excused. The Kokstad Fly Fishing Club is hosting their annual tournament on the 4th to the 6th of May 2012. Normal rules apply only fly fishing equipment may be used no petrol motors etc. For more detail please contact Bruce on 0833067317

Or Trevor on 0834623626, they will be able to tell you the facts and figures about how many fish have been caught on a weekend like this, and the weights. Most years the winning fish have been in the 4 Kg range! It€™s a great getaway for anyone, with the breathtaking sites that East Griqualand has to offer, whilst fishing stocked waters. In anyone’s books it€™s beautiful.

You can camp or stay at a wide variety of guest houses, that are available at reasonable rates.

Tiger Fishing €“ With Jozini dam being a bit fuller and a lot of the sand etc. settling the early morning cast with the Copper coloured Spoons has had some success. The Chicken Fillet and Sardine Fillet fished deeper has produced some bigger fish, so why not give it a try if you€™re lucky enough to have a long weekend.

Bass €“ This weekend saw local angler Craig Anderson, land a 54cm bass! Truly a beautiful specimen €“ Well done Craig! Goudetrou has produced some really fine specimens although the water is somewhat clear and best option to fish deeper as the fish are lying deep.

Durban Bay €“ With logs and trees a thing of the past and litter etc. gone. The bay has returned to its normal fishing pattern.  There are some nice springer, as well as grunter and kingfish. Spoons fished early morning in low light conditions and the use of mud prawn or cracker shrimp fished during the day seems to have been the best pattern. Remember you must have a licence to use mud prawn or cracker shrimp.

Fishy Facts

Megladon Sharks are the oldest sharks on record at over 15 Million years old and fossilized Megladon teeth sell from R200 to over R2000 depending on their condition. The teeth range in size from 5 to 25cm. Imagine that around your neck!

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za and become a member. Membership is totally free and there are great prizes to be won every month. They have just updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

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