Summer may be over, but the fishing is getting hotter every day. With the weather more stable and the sea playing its part, a lot more fish are being caught and there is a definite buzz. Crayfish season is also open so if you can get one past the wife it makes excellent bait provided you have a licence.

Kosi bay €“ With clearer water, the light tackle Anglers can look forward to some great fun with Bone Fish and various Kingfish species. For the Salt-water Fly fisherman ready to test their gear €“ well worth the trip. The bigger GT€™s are still there especially for medium to heavy tackle and live bait slides.

Tugela €“ has produced some nice Sand Sharks especially on bloody baits like a Bonito head and big cutlet baits, with the water clearing up but still remaining Ginger beer.  A definite must to get your arms stretched.

St Lucia €“ Talking of getting stretched Hein Esbach landed a 220 kilo female Raggie using a custom built rod and Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag 50 reel. Well done Hein, this is surely a personal best. There are still a few Kob around in this area however the Spinner Sharks are plentiful and some American Fishing Wire (nylon coated) is best used to target these edibles just in case the Spinners spy the bait first. As this venue is mainly a beach area with few rocks, the novice Anglers can really have a go.

Ballito €“ The pace has gotten hotter with a few Stumpies and some bigger Shad, especially to guys using white baits like Prawn and Chokka.

Durban €“ With the Blue Lagoon area being closed off Anglers have moved to either side of this popular area, East Moor has some really nice gullies and is well worth a shot. The Virginia Beach area has produced some nice Shad although as usual €“ early morning and just before dark being the most prominent times.

Toti €“ Off of the Inyoni Rocks area, some Shad have been caught using the traditional Shad trace with the cork. In the Bay to the left of the rocks, the persistent Anglers have been rewarded with some Pompano in the 2 €“ 3 Kilogram range.


Scottborough €“ Some Spinner Sharks as well as Grey Sharks have been caught off the point, the water is much cleaner and the €œOld Timers€ throwing Spoons in the early morning have definitely had deep-fried battered Shad for lunch. For some lucky Anglers fishing Drop-shot on the McCarthy Olive Pearl range have also come home and put a smile on the better half€™s face.

Umkomaas €“ There have been a few Bone Fish as well as the ever elusive big Stump Nose in the 4-5 kilo range if you are prepared to fish the ledges. Near the river mouth some smaller Kob have been caught and we urge Anglers to bear in mind the catch sizes and limits per person. These are the breeding stock and need to grow to maturity.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ With the sea finally settled completely and a number of Anglers getting down to the beach you can look forward to various species of Kingfish, some Shad as well as Pompano. Kingfish being a fast swimming fish, the Kingfisher Bullet type Spoon has proven very effective especially on a quick retrieve.

Transkei €“ With a number of competitive Anglers fishing €œPostal€ rounds €“ this area has been a hive of activity. Various Sharks including Hammerheads, bigger Grey Sharks in the 50 €“ 100 kilo range as well as Zambies were hooked. Unfortunately due to the rugged terrain a number of these fish were lost. For a real good Cardio workout, best you make plans to go there soon. Especially as the Sardine Run will soon be upon us.


Mapelane €“ With more boats launching, due to smaller seas, a number of nice Couta, Snoek and a few Tunny have been caught. A lucky Angler hooked a nice Sail Fish which was successfully released after a 30 minute fight.

Richards Bay €“ We have received reports of some nice bottom fish being caught, namely Reds and some good sized Rock Cod.

Umhloti €“ This area is still producing some nice fish, with better sized Snoek in the 5 €“ 8 kilo range and Couta in the 8 €“ 10 kilo range. The Halco lures trawled between 4 €“ 8 knots have been very effective especially the Lazer Pro range.

Toti €“ With the large number of bait fish now available, Anglers targeting Snoek and Couta have their choice of Redeye and small Bonnies to tempt their prey. Majority of the fish are being caught in the backline area and for Anglers prepared to target the colour-line they may be rewarded with a Dorado.

Hibberdene €“ There are still some nice Couta, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna being boated. Tax season is still open and it is more often heads than tails. A quick retrieve reel like the SL-50 SH which can get your fish in quickly can mean the difference between heads and tails.

Paddle Ski

In the Umhloti area local Angler Ray Thomson landed a 16.3 kilo Couta while trawling for Snoek. Not only did it have Ray paddling like a one-armed bandit €“ he probably has the bruises to prove it. This area is now constantly producing some nice fish. Snoek, Couta and Kingfish being the main species, definitely worth getting out of bed early.

Toti €“ Paddlers in the Toti area are also getting a fair share of Snoek as well as some Couta, for those doing Drop-shot near pinnacles and reefs, various species of Kingfish have also been landed.

Scottborough €“ Area is still producing some Gas-bottles, with a nice fish of 15 kilos caught on a Redeye fillet €“ giving an unwary paddler a longer paddle home. There are still some Snoek around, so if you are up to it, a paddle a day keeps the doctor away.

Durban €“ The Umgeni area has been producing some fish with a number of Paddlers getting 5 or 6 fish in a session, target species being Snoek and a bonus Couta in-between. There are a few Mackerel hidden amongst the Redeyes so be prepared when targeting live baits to get a bonus Mackerel.



Flyfishing €“ With the river flow back to normal and the sediment settling, colours have improved and a lot more fish are being caught. The early morning sessions have been postponed a bit as we start to get closer to Autumn, the darker colours such as Olive and Black seem to be getting a quicker bite. Sterkfontein with the Yellowfish is still going strong although definite stalking methods are required as the fish spook easily.

Tiger Fishing €“ Jozini dam is back to its beautiful best, early mornings being very productive with fish in the 2 €“ 4 kilogram range being the norm. As the weather continues to cool into Autumn, the fish will not be as deep and a number of prize catches are there for the taking. Over the weekend a novice Angler was rewarded with a 4.2 kilo Tiger while fishing a live bait on a slow trawl off the boat.

Bass €“ The Goudetrou dam has really been the hot spot and of late a trip there will definitely be rewarded especially if you are fishing drop-offs with football jigs and deep diving lures. The Bass seem to find these areas to their liking and seem to be fairly aggressive.

Durban Bay €“ has cleaned up nicely and some nice Grunter have been caught in and around the centre bank area. For the guys on light tackle Mike the sea Pike has claimed a number of lures for his trophy wall. There are still some various species of Kingfish in the 2 €“ 4 kilo range for the bank Anglers targeting them on Drop-shots. The Pick-handle Barracuda with his razor teeth has also left Anglers scratching their heads as to the one that got away.


Fishy Facts

The Manta Ray is the largest of any species of Ray or Skate, it may grow to be over 25 ft (7.6m) wide and weight over 3000 pounds (1361 kgs). The weird thing is with this Ray is that it feeds on plankton and Krill which are nearly microscopic in size and yet grows to be quite the monster.

The Kokstad Fly Fishing Club is hosting their annual tournament on the 4th to the 6th of May 2012. Normal rules apply only fly fishing equipment may be used no petrol motors etc. For more detail please contact Bruce on 0833067317 or Trevor on 0834623626, they will be able to tell you the facts and figures about how many fish have been caught on a weekend like this, and the weights. Most years the winning fish have been in the 4 Kg range! It€™s a great getaway for anyone, with the breathtaking sites that East Griqualand has to offer, whilst fishing stocked waters. In anyone’s books it€™s beautiful.

You can camp or stay at a wide variety of guest houses, that are available at reasonable rates.

Plans are well underway for the Durban Ski Boat Club€™s annual festival to be held over the weekend of the 28/28 April. Once again the main prizes have been allocated to the King Mackerel species, a fish that enjoys shallow water in shore feeding. As such this levels the playing fields so if your boat floats you have as good a chance as ever. With the amazing support of Yamaha, Natal Caravans and Marine, Engen, Wesbank, and Landrover—the Platinum Sponsors—- once again there will be an incredible array of prizes including lucky draws. The angler that catches the largest cuda will tow away a 565 Seacat complete with 2x70HP Yamaha engines, complete with electronic equipment, and rods and reels, value R400000. As in the past there will be specie prizes and there will be a lot more emphasis on Ladies and juniors when it comes to the spoils. The Kingfisher besides their already generous support has added a Lucky Draw prize of R5000. To add more value is the fact that Wesbank have matched this. So there it is R5000 in cash to two lucky participants. It is important to enter by end March to enjoy a ticket in the Lucky Draws. The cost of an €œearly bird€ entry is only R325 per angler, and with a goodies bag valued at R260 this festival offers unbelievable value. Late entry is R395 per angler. Entry forms are available at The Kingfisher, the Durban Ski Boat Club or visit their website at www.durbanskiboatclub.co.za

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