If Thor could throw a hammer, then Johan Beukes must be related. Using a Daiwa Saltiga 30 Reel, an 8 ounce Sinker, he threw 196m in the recent Zululand casting competition. Not to be outdone with the ever popular Daiwa Windcast Reel and the new 8 weave 48 pound Triple Fish Gator Braid, he threw a phenomenal 211m, half the distance to the normal 400m mark for Shark nets on bathing beaches.

Kosi bay €“ With the weather not being the best and a number of  competitive clubs travelling north, no fewer than 3 new South African records have been submitted for various species, such as Spade Fish, Rubber lipped Kingfish and Rock Salmon. This area is still producing some beautiful fish and if the petrol price does not affect your budget, most definitely worth the trip.

Tugela €“ The Tugela area has produced some Sand Sharks with a number of edibles being hooked on smaller throw baits. Be advised to always make use of some American Fishing Wire just in case.

St Lucia €“ This area is still producing some nice edibles, Shad in the 1-2 kilo range and Kob seem to be more prevalent, with the Spinner Sharks taking the back seat. With better weather conditions as we go into the autumn season, it€™s definitely worth a day trip and a lovely family outing.

Durban €“ Due to the fact that the Blue Lagoon area which has been very popular with the Spinning enthusiasts and Slide bait Gurus being closed, alternate areas have been explored. Of late Eastmore Crescent to the North of Blue Lagoon has produced some Pompano in the 2-4 kilo range and to the early morning Anglers using the Kingfisher S and V type Spoons, some nice Shad. 

Toti €“ The McDaddys with their spinning outfits using the smaller Onde type lures and fishing low light conditions in the early morning have been rewarded with various Kingfish species as well as some nice Shad.

Illovo Beach €“ Due to a number of changes in the river mouth area, some intrepid Anglers have taken a walk on the wild side and while using Dropshot and various Spinning techniques have been rewarded with some smallish Kob and the occasional Stumpnose. A number of Anglers using the Exceler Elite 10.6ft Rods and Bullet type Spoons have had pleasant mornings catching various species of Kingfish in the 1.5 to 3 kilo range.

Scottborough €“ Oh Yay Ye be warned, there is a terror in the depth. A number of local Anglers sliding small Bonnies as well as Live Baits have thought they have hooked the plug of the ocean. A number of Anglers have hooked fish that have pulled them flat and for some unknown reason it€™s a case of the one that got away. For the lighter Throw baits some smaller Grey Sharks as well as early morning artificial lure enthusiasts some Shad and bigger Black tail have been caught.

Umkomaas €“ Due to off-colour water as well as various winds, some smaller Kob have been caught on Throw baits. Hein Esbach, who was featured in last weeks€™ report, whilst sliding a Bonito flap bait watched in awe as his bait was picked up while sliding through break water as a large Kingfish proceeded to burn him off. Better luck next time Hein.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ These areas have been producing some really nice edibles of late especially Kob and bigger Shad in the afternoon to early evening sessions. As the sun seems to be setting earlier, best preparations are made to get to the beach a little bit earlier. If you are going to fish the rocky areas please ensure you have a good quality headlamp and Rock Boots.

Port Edward – Two top anglers were surprised by the force of having a tuna on the end of their lines while fishing off a point here in Port Edward. They were simultaneously pulled flat as they were picked up by what can only be Tuna on the feed close to the shore. The one fish, after much of a fight, was brought close and as soon as it came into white water did a sudden ‘u’ turn only to be lost as it tore around the point and snared off. The other is probably still going out to sea. None of these fish were seen, but the anglers are very experienced and by their story the fish spoken of could only be ‘gas bottles’ as tuna are often called. Kingfish seem to be on the move and apart from a number of these fish around the 3kg mark taken from the estuary; one of 13kg was landed close to the estuary where two sizeable Kob were also taken. The rain over the weekend has discoloured the sea dramatically but as was the case the weekend before the water should be clear within a few days and Shad should be on the bite as they have been last week. Thanks Terry Nel for the report.

Transkei €“ Majority of the points have produced Sharks in the 20 €“ 50 kilo range. Mazeppa Bay has definitely been the pick of the litter, with a number of Anglers getting stretched. The choice bait here has been Slide Chokka heavily floated with foam and the Mustad Hoodlam range Hooks seeming to get a better hook-up.


Mapelane €“ The Mapelane Area has produced some really nice Marlin and Sailfish caught on Connas. The recent competition had a number of fish tagged and released. Congrats to all who attended this event and the number of fish released.

Richards Bay €“ This area is still producing a number of nice Couta and the Gas-bottles are still blowing strong. 

Umhloti €“ Of late this has been a hot spot with a number of Skippers smiling on the way home, due to nice Couta, plentiful Snoek and the odd bonus fish. The bait fish seem to be plentiful and Live Bait being the most popular of Trolled Baits. 

Toti €“ This area has seemed to become a more popular Dropshot and slow trolled area – some nice Snoek, Tuna and Kingfish being the targeted species. Due to the change in season, more predictable weather conditions could have this area looking better and better.

Hibberdene €“ As mentioned before due to large amounts of bait fish in the area, this is a really good spot to fish. Mainly live baits as well as bait fish caught and trolled in the area producing the best bites. The shallow diving Halco and Maxrap lures used in low light conditions are still keeping the scoreboards ticking.

Paddle Ski

DurbanDue to many a paddlers€™ favourite launch site being Blue Lagoon being closed off during construction, alternate areas have been explored. The Eastmore Crescent being a lesser walk (drag) of the Skis seems to be the most popular with a number of Snoek, Couta and some Yellow fin Tuna being hauled in.

Toti €“ Due to the sun having a second cup of coffee and coming up a bit later, paddlers could be excused for a 6:30 for 7 launches. However their efforts are not unrewarded, with the shallower reefs producing some nice Kingfish €“ notably the Blacktip or Yellowspot and for the energetic some nice Snoek and Yellow fin Tuna.

Scottborough €“ To those fortunate to live in this area or have access to an early launch some nice Snoek, Couta and Yellow fin Tuna have been the reward for the better half€™s scolding when the alarm goes off at 5 o€™clock. Live bait is plentiful and various types of Yuzuris have enabled paddlers to secure plentiful live baits.


Fly-fishing €“ Due to a somewhat later start as that big orange globe drags itself across the horizon. Its acceptable practice for Fly fisherman to check their resolve as well as how warm their Snowbee cold weather gear will keep them, while targeting fish in poorer light conditions, using darker patterns and fishing now in pretty clear water. Better to do a few minutes scouting as to what is floating on the water and in the brush adjacent to the area you are fishing and mimic these patterns.

On the 22nd April between 9 and 12 at the Northwood Crusaders Sports Club, Jeremy Rochester of the Wildfly fishing programme is doing a Fly-fishing course. The cost of the course is R200 per person and includes a Goodie-bag.  Jeremy€™s vast experience and knowledge of the Explorer tackle range will be at your beck and call for the duration of the course, so if you€™re a keen Fly fisherman, this is an event not to be missed and well worth the money. For further info please contact Explorer on 031 564 7494 or at jandi@netactive.co.za.

Royal Natal Mahai Easter Fly Fishing Challenge.

Date: Saturday the 7th April.

Time: Registration opens at 6:30 am the official start time 7:30 am.

Venue: Held at Mahai Dam within Royal Natal National Park

Entrance fees: Adults over 12 years and older R 150.00 per 2 fish bag limit.

Kids age 12 and younger R 75.00 per 2 fish bag limit.

There is a raffle special on offer to adults and kids it€™s all inclusive of a 4 bag fish limits and free raffle ticket. Prizes up for grabs include an R 50,000 tag fish, BlackBerry Cell phones, Cadac outdoor equipment, Canon products and many more. For further information please contact Ryan on 082 753 8380.

Tiger Fishing €“ With the start of autumn and the almost predictable heavier downpours this last weekend, fortune favoured the brave that were prepared to tackle the elements. There were a number of fish in the 1-3 kilo range fished on slower trawled artificial lures as well as added incentives such as Sardine fillets as well as Chicken breast strips.

Bass €“ Goodetrou – Due to the cooling of the temperatures although not having much effect on the water temperature with the fish swimming deeper, the football jigs as well as lures fished heavier to get to the depth, are still producing some nice bites.

Durban Bay €“ With the Bay clearing up nicely it seems that the fishing has picked up, both from the side and off crafts. The Centre Bank area has been producing some nice fish for those on the water. However bragging rights belong to a Shore-Angler who landed a 1 kilogram Perch caught using a Mustad no.10 bait holder hook on a fresh Mud Prawn/Cracker Shrimp.

Fishy Facts

Pursuant to the up and coming Sardine run some interesting figures on what can be expected are that on average approximately 20 tonne out of the estimated 480 tonne of Sardines are netted along the Kwazulu-Natal coastline every year during a €œnormal€ Sardine run.  However during exceptional Sardine runs this figure can increase to 30-40 tonne, dependant on prevailing weather as well as predation which forces the small fish towards shore. An example of this is the Rocky Bay area in 1998.

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