With the weather being perfect this last week, many more hours have been spent on and around the water with just rewards. The long weekend had a number of away trips and some of those very fruitful.

Kosi bay €“ This area has been producing some Kingfish or GT€™s mainly fished on live baits and Chokka slide baits. The Bay area€™s especially and the highpoints for sliding have been the most productive.

Tugela €“ With the water slightly off coloured, for those brave enough to wade and throw Shad and/or the elusive Mackeral heads, some nice Sand sharks as well as a few Zambezi€™s have been their just reward. Remember to pack plenty of Techniblok, Sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat to protect you from the sun.

St Lucia €“ This area has been fishing very well of late, with still a fair amount of Kob being caught on throw baits. There are a few arm stretchers in the form of Raggies which will readily devour a Bonito on slide.

Durban €“ It seems as where there is a will there is a way. With Blue Lagoon out of the picture, Anglers have started fishing more in the Virginia and Beachwood areas – and Pompano has pleased many a palate.  The Spinning Gurus have also had fun on Bullet Spoons catching Black tip Kingfish along the Beachfront area.

Toti €“ Due to a large influx of up-country visitors €“ it seems the more bait in the water the more bites you get.  Inyoni Rocks has been abuzz with mainly Shad and a few nice size Black tail being caught in the early morning sessions. The beach area to the right of the swimming pool has had a few small Spinner Sharks.

Winkelspruit €“ Castle Rock seems to have been very productive this last week, especially for anglers targeting Shad on either drift bait or the Salt-Water Shad trace.  The Anglers targeting bigger fish on slide baits were really given a test €“ and an angler was reported to have fought a big GT for over an hour before being cut off.

Scottborough €“ With better fishing conditions the point areas have been producing some Grey Sharks on throw baits as well as slide baits with Bonito cutlets being the most popular. The Mc Arthy Goldfish 5-inch drop shots fished around the gully€™s have also produced some nice Wave Garrick and Kingfish.

Umkomaas €“ The River mouth is still producing some nice Kob and anglers must be aware of the size limit (60cm), these fish can be targeted on 6 and 7-inch Paddle tails. The most effective hooks are the Mustad 4.0 and 5.0 bass hooks as they are a thin gauge but are a very sharp hook. The Ledges area has produced a few Skates, mainly on Prawn and Chokka combinations and the lucky few with Redeye have put these to good use too.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ The Sandspit area still remains a hotspot, the Kob are still around and early morning anglers have had a few nice Shad in and around the Kilo mark.  The Margate area has produced a beautiful Couta caught off the beach on a slide trace by a local angler, truly a once in a life time fish.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel from Tacklenet reports that Shad have come on the bite again and popular spots are producing although the fish are still few. A really nice catch was a Mussel cracker of 22kgs taken from the rocks at Glenmore this week. Kob have also been on the bite and a few fish around the 4kg mark have been reported. River fishing has been quiet except a report of one boat angler on the river picking up a Zambezi Shark of nearly 2 metres long and after a long fight lost the fish at the side of the boat. There have often been reports in past months of what can be described as Zambezi Sharks active in the Umtanvuna River especially at night.

Transkei €“ The long weekend saw a number of anglers in search of the Holy Grail in the form of large inedible. The trip was definitely worth it – with a number of Hammers in the 10 to 15 kilo range, some big Grey Sharks 20 €“ 30 Kilos and the odd bus that has reels screaming and never gives away its identity. Some nice Shad as well as Bronze Bream have been the order of the day for the light tackle anglers.


Mapelane €“ The Skippers rising with the sun have been rewarded with some Couta and Wahoo. The bait fish are still a bit scarce, however Rapala€™s and Halco€™s being trawled between 4 and 8 knots have steadily been producing the bite. Best areas to fish are the colour lines and around structure.

Richards Bay €“ The Bay area is currently a haven for drop shot and light tackle anglers, with a number of Kingfish species and Shad being caught regularly. The Daiwa Megaforce Rods in 7 €“ 8ft range as well as reels in the 2500 to 4000 size fished with braid has had many a reel screaming when the Silver Streaks pick up the lures.

Umhloti €“ The Westbrook / Umhloti area is still producing Couta and some nice Snoek.

Toti €“ With Bonito€™s still around anglers trolling live baits have been rewarded with some Snoek and a few Couta. Spinning for live baits such as Bonito with light outfits and small Spoons or Onda€™s can really be great fun, especially for junior anglers as well as Drop shotting around pinnacles.

Paddle Ski

Durban €“ The backline area is still producing the majority of the fish €“ the main species being Couta, Snoek and some Yellow spot Kingfish these have been caught along the beach front as well as Blue Lagoon area for the keep fit enthusiasts. With a few Redeyes around the Sabiki lures are a definite must on the Ski, to catch live bait.

Toti €“ With the mornings becoming a bit fresher, Paddlers might be a bit more hesitant to enter the water. However, there are just rewards and fortune favours those with thick skins. The Snoek are still around as well as the Kingfish and for the fitness fanatics, a good steady paddle with live bait can give you a chance for a Couta or bigger Kingfish.  Beware of the Taxman as the tax season is definitely open.

Aliwal Shoal €“ After the recent popular TV Show, this area has been fished a lot harder. The Snoek are definitely around with some Paddlers getting 3 or 4 of these Silver bars. Buck tail jigs especially Chartreuse in colour have also enabled some nice Kingfish hook-ups.


Fly-fishing €“ As we move on into autumn the summer patterns have become a thing of the past and fresh new patterns are still in the trial stage. The dry-fly, nymphs and triple-D are still producing majority of the bites in clearer water. The Underberg area saw a beautiful 2 kilo Rainbow Hen fall to a Zacks Nymph during the week.

Tiger Fishing €“ With the weather cooling down and the fish not as deep, the fishing should definitely improve. Maybe it is time to start using those live bait traces and to trawl shallower diving lures and pull Rufus at a more reasonable speed.

Bass €“ With the Inanda Bass classic coming up soon, a number of anglers have been putting their equipment to the test. Albert Falls produced a lovely 2.2 kilo Bass caught from the shore using a spinner bait with a large blade.

Durban Bay €“ The Bay has been producing some nice Grunter and Kingfish. The odd large Skate has given the light tackle anglers a lot to think about as to whether their equipment is too light or not.  The running trace fished with a No. 6 Mustad Big Gun hook has resulted in some fine specimens being caught on Cracker Shrimp/Sand Prawns. Make sure you are in possession of a licence when using these as bait.

Fishy Facts

The Shark species do not have a fixed bone structure, there are no bones per se but have cartilage as a spine and no cartilage structure on their sides. This enables them to be more streamlined and they do not have to put a large effort into swimming great distances.

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