Kob are on the bite but are proving very unpredictable as to which spot and it would seem that shoals are moving up and down the shoreline and it’s a case of being at the right spot at the right time. The human factor tends to create a perception for the best time to catch fish and although so often correct, it’s not always the case. Kob can be very unpredictable and some of the nicest catches have happened at the oddest times of the day or night.

The same goes for other fish species and once I witnessed a Couta being landed at High Rock Palm Beach at around 7pm. What all this boils down to is that one should take advantage of perfect conditions no matter the time of day and what the tide. A danger we face is that there are times that other activities so often take precedence over that great few hours at the water and we cannot catch fish if we don’t have a line in the water. “Take time to go fishing” as a local angler was rewarded with a midday catch of a Kingfish of 18.5 kg using a live Blacktail as bait.

Shad have been scarce and no reports of Bronze Bream have come in. River fishing is also quiet. As soon as next month, offshore winds will begin to blow heralding  the actual “Shad run” and following this our annual sardine run. This is when fact mixed with much guesswork comes into the “word on the street” regarding sardine activity before they actually come.


Rock and Surf

As Autumn is upon us. Anglers can now look forward to darker mornings and beautiful golden sunrises. With the past weekends big swells subsiding and good weather expected for the rest of the week it  is a definite must to get down to the beach and put a line in the water. The usual suspects such as Pompano, Grunter and Shad are there for the taking. Kob are still around and are best fished for in off-colour water.

The Mapelane/Tugela area has been fishing well although Tugela now has chocolate water. The insides of the banks are producing the majority of the fish and for those brave enough to wade, the bigger fish are there for the taking.

Zinkwazi & Umhloti has cleaner water with a few Grey Sharks and one or two Grunter being landed.

Umhlanga & Virginia had a nice boil a few days ago with some nice Shad, Pompano and a few Milkies coming out.

The Beachfront area due to €œpumping€ of sand has created dirty water conditions although early morning Anglers have bagged a few Shad on spoon and traditional Shad traces. One lucky Angler while fishing Dropshot with a McCarthy Goldfish Minnow landed a Blacktip Kingfish (Yellowspot) on a 8ft Megaforce rod and Daiwa Regal 3000 reel. Truly great fun on light tackle.

Toti/Duneside with the big seas many Anglers took to protected bays with reports of nice Blacktail, Shad and the occasional Stumpnose. The Prawn and Chokka bait as always remains king for targeting these species, however the Sardine fillet is still the Shad Slayer.

Winkelspruit / Umkomaas this last week saw a number of Shad being caught and many of these were under size. Although still great fun and a small bite is always better than no bite at all. The Umkomaas area still seems to be producing small Kob and a few Grunter caught mainly on Cracker Shrimp / Sand Prawn. The Mustad Big Gun No. 6 hook is as deadly as ever.

In Scottborough there have been a few small Duskies caught in the late evening and for the Dropshot guys the various gullies have enjoyed some juvenile Stumpnose and a few Blacktail in the 600g-1Kilo class.

Port Shepstone €“ the Sandspit area has been a bit quiet of late with only a few Anglers trying their luck. Although the area in front of the train station has yielded a few Kingfish as well as some Shad fished on ground baits.

Transkei €“ Hammer, Hammer and Hammer again. The Hammerhead Sharks have made their presence known whether welcome or not. Particularly fond of Chokka slide baits these toothy critters definitely need some wire for dental floss. There have been a large number, hooked and landed at most of the points in this area.



With the large swells over the weekend a number of Skippers seriously debated launching. With Redeye and Mackerel possibly extinct, live baits have been hard to come by. To those that have launched some Snoek, Couta and a few Yellowfin Tuna have made up the catch of the day.

North coast / Zululand etc Some Couta in the 5 €“ 10 kilo range and Snoek have been the main target species.

Umhloti / Umhlanga This area seems to have produced mainly shoal Couta with the odd Snoek and various species of Kingfish thrown into the bag.  The smaller Grey Sharks have really made a nuisance of themselves as well as many small Shad.

Toti/Winkelspruit With very little bait fish in the area and only a few Sand Mackeral and the occasional Bonito €“ fishing has been a bit tough. However for one Skipper, putting in his time was justly rewarded with a 12 kilo Yellowfin Tuna caught on a small tolled live Bonnie.

Hibberdene seems to blow hot and cold although a recent competition saw a 21 kilo Couta successfully boated and a really happy Skipper and crew carried their trophy to shore.


During a recent competition on the North coast with a Toyota Hi-lux up for grabs many a plucky paddler put to the sea. Due to the large swells, some broken paddles and dented Ski€™s/Ego€™s meant that for the lucky few paddlers to land some fish €“ the bragging rights were all theirs. With the sea subsiding hopefully paddle power will result in a few more fish. With conditions being similar all over and the wave height receding, we expect a lot more paddlers out on the sea with a lot more tales of the one that got away in the next week.

Durban Bay

As the Durban bay is somewhat protected it has been a definite €œgo to€ area due to large swells. The water is cleaner and the fish seem to be holed up amongst some of the structure as well as in and around the centre bank area. Some nice Grunter as well as a few lazy Seapike and Pickhandle Baracuda are still being caught. The surface lures for the game fish species especially on a quicker retrieve have produced the better bites.

Freshwater / Flyfishing

The Underberg area seems to be on fire with the Red Eyed Damsel definitely not deceiving and allowing a local Angler, Johan to land 9 Rainbow Trout in under an hour. These fish were all caught in a shallow river. The dams are producing some nice fish with the water temperature cooling down, making the fish more active even into the mid-morning time period.


Tiger Fishing

With water cooling down in the Jozini Dam, the fish are not as deep and the bites seem to be more prolific. The copper as well as silver/red flash Tiger Wakka spoons seem to tame the Tigers especially those in the 1 €“ 1 ½ kilo range. The deeper diving lures have also come to the party producing some larger Fish as the dam level has now settled and the water is cleaner. The fishing can only get better.

Fishy Fact

Fish have been on earth for over 450 million years and there are over 25000 identified species swimming in the worlds waters today.

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