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With some areas being red hot and others ice cold and the petrol prices as high as they are; many Anglers have been left with the decision €œto travel, or not to travel€.

North (This area includes Mapelane, Tugela, Kosi Bay and Richards Bay) The fishing here seems to blow hot and cold. The last couple of days have not been very productive and with only a smattering of smaller edibles and no really big fish to take note of. The local guys have really put in their time and hopefully with better seas and better tides the fishing should improve.

Central (This area includes Salt Rock, Umhloti, Umhlanga and Durban) With a few of the Grey Sharks being caught in the Umhloti area, they seem to have been pricked and now moved off. There are still a few Shad in the early mornings for the artificial lure fundi€™s€™ especially the Kingfish 1S and 2S spoons. With the seas not being the best of late the light tackle anglers have really struggled to land fish in this area. The gullies and sand banks are a definite target area €“ make sure to use a good leader line to ensure the sand and/or rocks do not cut you off. Viren Raju landed a Duck Bill Ray of 160cm (58kgs) on a whole chokka slide bait at La Mercy on Saturday; Viren was using his Daiwa Saltist Reel to land this fish which was released alive.

South (This is the area from Toti through to Scottborough)
The Toti swimming pool/Nyoni rocks is still producing Shad in the morning and later afternoon to both artificial and bait Anglers. The Umkomaas area saw a few Flatfish as well as small Kob still being caught near the mouth area. The Umkomaas ledges area eventually gave up a 4 Kilo Kingfish which fell to a Prawn and Chokka bait fished just next to a ledge in the white water.

Lower South (This area includes Kelso, Rocky Bay all the way down to and including Margate) This area seems to be a lot more productive than the North, as a lot more Kingfish and scratching fish such as Black tail and Stone Bream have been caught here. The Trafalgar area has not let its name down with some nice Bronze Bream having been caught here. The Margate area is still producing some Shad although slightly small and Anglers must be aware of the 30cm size limit.

Port Edward. Terry Nel from Tacklenet reports that suddenly as the winter months are upon us, the fishing season is improving and a number of Shad have been in the area. Bait fish are been caught again and Hound sharks are eating at night. Another fish caught often at this time of the year, the Ragged Tooth Shark has arrived and a club angler landed one here in Port Edward over the weekend. News of sardine€™s way down south can be expected soon and current weather conditions are also in favour for the shoals to begin to move up from the southern cape. The very presences of previously mentioned sharks show this too as they in general are cold water fish.


With a number of competitive Anglers hungry to score the most points, this area has been inundated. From the information received it seems as though it was a hit and miss affair with a number of Anglers complaining about the big one that got away. There were a few clubs that did get amongst the fish, however there were no real show stoppers and it seems as though the Sharks were ever present.


With so many Ski boat competitions at the moment a number of the Skippers have definitely been in the throes of some pre-competition preparations. The boats have been out early and come back later. The Snoek seem to be very shy although the Couta, Wahoo and a few Sailfish have really got the guys excited.

The North Area (Umhloti, Westbrook etc.) has been producing some fish especially on artificial, such as Halco€™s and Rapalas. The scarcity of Mackerel has really made life challenging and these silver tigers are worth their weight in gold for these upcoming competitions.

The South Coast area is still producing some lovely fish although as we all know the tax season is open for filing and the €œSARS€ (Seriously-Angry-Rabid-Sharks) are definitely auditing all tax claims. Best to get your claims in early so as to avoid penalties. Couta, Snoek as well as Tuna all fall into these tax brackets.


As Poseidon has laid his Rod to rest the Paddlers have taken up theirs with some nice Couta and Kingfish being the most predominant species. From North and South the stories have been the same, all being gold trimmed some nice specimens and good catches being landed.

Durban Bay

The Durban Bay area with the water remaining clean and a lot more edible fish come in €“ has increased this sites popularity. Some nice Grunter as well as Kingfish have kept the Anglers on their toes. The occasional Flatfish has also lead to a number of Anglers scratching their heads and pondering how the big one got away.


Jozini Dam €“ It seems as if the dam has found its footing with a lot more fish being caught. As we move on to cooler temperatures the fish are not as deep and seem more ready to attack top water as well as mid-range artificials. The live baits are also working really well for the Stripped Water Dog.

Bass €“ Due to a number of holidays the dams have seen a lot more traffic and some nice fish especially in the Albert Falls and Nagel dams being reported. With a number of people camping at various sites the early risers using Flukes and Brush Hogs seem to have caught bigger specimens.

Fly-fishing €“ It seems to be business as usual with the rivers having got back to a steady slow and the dams holding a more constant temperature. Some nice fish have been netted however predominately in the early morning sessions.


The Silver Soldiers (Sardines) have been spotted off of Port Alfred, although this is still a bit far away. With 2012 being an even number of years, we can only hope for a really bumper Sardine Run.


The Angler fish uses a luminescent €œlure€ to entice its prey closer to it and with its large mouth and very aggressive attitude it will engulf the prey it has lured.

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See picture of Viren Raju with his Duck Bill Ray of 160cm (58kgs).

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