With so many competitions this weekend it is really difficult to choose which is the best. In order to keep it simple €“ there were 6 competitions in all, we will give you the results of the 2 most popular, that being the Durban Ski-boat festival with a winning fish of 23.8 kilos and the Inanda Bass Classic with a fish of 2.8 kilos. Well done to the winners.

Kosi bay €“ Although the weather has been good, the fish seem to have gone AWOL with not many fish being landed in this area.

Tugela €“ The water seems to slowly be returning to normal. An occasional Sandshark and a few Wave Garrick has been all that is available to tempt the Angler.

St Lucia €“ After a somewhat fiery past this rather tepid area has only produced a few Shad and a novice Angler got his personal best of a 2.8 kilo Kob while dropshotting.

Durban €“ The Durban Beach front area was a hive of activity with a number of smaller Grunter and some Rock Cod coming out on the Beach front while the municipality were pumping sand, as all good things must come to an end, when the pumps went quiet the fish found a better hunting ground. This area is still producing some Shad, mainly caught on the Toby Spoon and the McCarthy Olive Pearl 6 and 7 inch dropshot.

Toti €“ Inyoni Rocks has been a hive of activity due to consistent Shad, Blacktail and Stone Bream being caught. Most productive times as usual are early morning til approximately 8am and then again late afternoon from about 5 through til about 7:30.

Winkelspruit €“ During the week this area also produced a few smaller Shad with a few surprise size Shad in-between. A number of anglers not using American Fishing Wire felt the bite, but reeled in an empty Hook Snoot, as they had been bitten off.

Umkomaas €“ Reports have come in of a number of Grunter near the mouth area, although on the small side, these fish proved to be great fun on light tackle, especially on the smaller Dropshot in darker colours as well as small Chokka blob baits.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ With the large number of Anglers from up country down for the holidays, this area was heavily fished  and as true to form for this time of the year, bigger Shad were plentiful as well as a few Kob still being caught off the pier near the Port Shepstone Station.

Transkei €“ As per the previous weeks report the Hammerheads still seem very abundant and the Mbotyi produced some nice Bronze Bream (Blue Fish). The heavy weight Slide Anglers got a few ons from Grey Sharks in the 15 €“ 20 kilo range as well as Hammerhead Sharks.


Mapelane €“ The Mapelane area is still fishing very well. Couta being the main target species. Due to not a lot of bait fish being around, artificials such as Halco€™s and Rapala X-raps have been good substitutes.

Umhloti/Durban €“ With this weekends Durban Ski-boat festival, Skippers were spread far and wide from Isipingo to past Umhloti. After 2 days hard fishing, not too many fish were caught and the tax man was also on hand to claim his share. With 400 boats taking part, it was a well supported event.  However a word to the wise, beware the friend that gaffs your fish and puts it at your feet.

Toti €“ With very few bait fish and many small Shad wrecking havoc on Sabikis some small Bonito and a few precious Mackeral were trolled with not many takers.

Aliwal Shoal €“ Still producing some nice fish with a few Wahoo and a number of Couta being the most prevalent species. Best fished early morning.

Paddle Ski

Durban €“ The main target areas for Skiers has been the Shark nets where a number of smaller Couta in the 4 €“ 8 kilo range have been caught on live baits after the Sabikis survived the Shad attacks. The Snoek seem to be sulking as not many have been caught.

Toti €“ For the fitter paddlers prepared to pull the shallow diving Halco lazer-pros, an occasional Snoek but more often Couta could end up on the dinner table.

Aliwal Shoal €“ The area just to the south of the Umkomaas river seems to be a lot more rewarding with again the Couta and Wahoo being the species most targeted. Beware the bite of either of these predatory fish.


Flyfishing €“ The Camberg area seems to be the hotspot with a number of Cocks and Hens being landed in equal quantities. The dams are cooling down and it seems the fish are preparing to fatten up for winter and taking flies a lot more readily. 

Tiger Fishing €“ Over the long weekend the Jozini Dam was a major attraction. The Africa Lure spoon is still the most preferred artificial and the €œstripped water dogs€ can not resist it. Fish averaged out at approximately 1 €“ 3 kilos with 1 lucky Angler getting one of 2.4 kilos on a live bait that he trolled.

Bass €“ The annual Inanda Bass Classic was fished this weekend in near perfect conditions. Setting hopes high, but with the big fish hiding a number of the Anglers went through their entire lure box trying to entice the big one. Congratulations to the winner and tight lines to everybody for next year.

Durban Bay €“ The centre bank as per usual is the spot to fish with a large number of Grunter of various sizes being caught. The Cracker Shrimp/Sand Prawn still top of the pops, especially when fished with a small Mustad Big Gun no.6 hook pinned through its tail. For the dropshot and artificial enthusiast a few small Kingfish and some juvenile Natal and Cape Stumpnose have rewarded their efforts.

Fishy Facts

With Shad being dominant at the moment, beware of the big bite from their small mouths, as the they secrete an enzyme which stops your blood coagulating, and this could put a premature end to your fishing trip.

The Shad are biting and some fishermen are walking away with their bag limit after just a small while on the rocks. The different fishing spots are very busy over the long weekend and some fishermen are being rewarded with good fish to take home. There is news of Shad biting right up the coast and this would be the beginning of the mid year Shad run. The rocks at Port Edward have produced Kob and a catch of 9.1kg and 4.5kg have headed the field.

Good sized Perch are still on the bite in the estuary here and are taking top water lures.

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