With most of the competitions now over, life is returning to a somewhat normal pace. The smallest boats and local Anglers are once again free to try their luck. There are still a few nice fish about and with Spring tides recently passed, the fishing can only improve.

Kosi Bay €“ With cleaner water and lower water temperature – the reef areas have produced some nice fish, especially for the drop shot and light spinning tackle enthusiasts.

Tugela €“ The North bank seems to have cleared up nicely with some large Shad in the 2 + Kilo range being caught sporadically on traditional baits.  

Mtunzini €“ Has also had its share of the limelight especially the main swimming beach with a number of large Shad and a lovely Kingfish of 4 kilos all being landed in the last week.  These fish were mainly all caught in the mid-break area.

Durban €“ East moor crescent near Umhlanga light house has been a hive of activity. Some smallish Grunter, Shad and Wave Garrick being the main species caught. This is still a very popular venue for the guys spinning on 9 and 10 ft. Rods before work. The Beachfront area has produced a real mixed bag with anything from Karanteen to Walla Walla being caught off the beach. 

Toti €“ Is still as popular as ever, the rocks around the swimming pool, both on the left and right hand side are producing Shad in the morning with an occasional Grey Shark giving the guys gears on Shad tackle. The traditional saltwater Shad trace with cork still proving as effective as ever. For the light tackle guys the Toby spoon, retrieved slightly slower than usual, especially in the early morning light is living up to its reputation as the Shad Killer.

Winkelspruit €“ With a few pre-Sardine run Garrick in the 60 €“ 70cm size range being caught. This area has fast become a very hot spot indeed. Anglers must be aware that the size limit on Garrick is 70cm from tip of nose to end of tail. As this area is popular the Parks Board are in attendance.

Umkomaas €“ The Grunter seem to be enjoying this area and have extended their stay. A few nice specimens in the 3 €“ 4 kilo range have been caught amongst the smaller fish.  The Snapper Salmon have also shown up, and with the terrible trio of teeth in their mouths, a number of Anglers have become unwary blood donors.

Port Shepstone and Margate €“ For a few lucky Anglers last week Wednesday was a definite lottery day. Some beautiful Shad, the heaviest weighing just over 4 kilos made a brief appearance.

Port Edward   Terry Nel reports that the Shad season has begun and most popular spots are producing well. Still no game fish after them but a number of Kob have been taken some reaching the 8kg mark and one of around 20kg being lost near landing. Hammerhead Sharks are also in the area and a number of Cat face Rockod have also been caught near rocky areas. No news of fish from the estuaries this week, yet this can also be expected at this time of the year.

Transkei €“ Bite offs, burn offs and blobs can best describe some of the Anglers glory and anguish. Some uninformed Anglers targeting edibles were introduced to the Hammers which resulted in a number of bite offs due to no steel wire. With a number of the popular spots being crowded, unfortunate Anglers were burnt off as fish ran across other Anglers lines. The area still seems to have a number of toothy critters as well as Kob and lovely Blacktail for the Ultra-light tackle Anglers.


Richards Bay €“ With the water temperature being a bit cooler, some nice Couta were boated during the week. Artificials as well as live and dead baits having a more or less equal ratio of hook-ups.

Umhloti/Durban €“ Umhloti seems to be teenage area with fish being caught in the 15 €“ 17 kilo range. Durban seems to be the holding pen especially around the nets for fish in the 6 €“ 8 kilo range. Live bait has been somewhat scarce although further south in the Bluff area, it is somewhat more plentiful.


Winkelspruit €“ With plentiful smaller Shad and very few Redeye and Mackeral, many Skippers have relied on Shad both as live bait and dead baits to target a few Couta and some small Snoek.

Aliwal Shoal €“ As the fish are in more abundance in this area, the fish seem less fussy and more prone to take artificial lures especially in low light conditions. With artificials being easier to come by than good bait at the moment, as well as being cleaner to use, take advantage of them when bait is scarce.

Paddle Ski

Durban €“ With the sea resembling a pond, the Paddlers have had it easy and this has meant the novice Paddlers have also had a chance to strut their stuff.  Umhloti being particularly productive and the Shark nets producing Shoal size Couta, these areas have been best targeted with some good results. Some Yellow fin Tuna have also been caught mainly at first light.

Scottborough €“ With not as many paddlers fishing this area, for the lucky few some nice Couta have been there for the picking.



Fly-fishing €“ For the lucky few that could Monday off, a long weekend trip to the Berg did not disappoint, with some lovely takes and beautiful early morning rises, many a knot was tied with a trembling hand. Some nice fish were landed with a lovely Rainbow Hen of just on 2 kilos making a truly memorable trip for somebody.

Tiger Fishing €“ With better weather conditions and the heat gauge dropping, longer periods could be spent on the water targeting fish. Reports have ranged from tiddlers in the 500 to 1 kilo range all the way to a 2.4 kilo rod bender being the heaviest fish in the past week.

Bass €“ The Albert Falls dam has been fishing really well although the fish have been slightly smaller, they have been consistent. A number of Anglers have had to wonder where the hours went while either on the water or fishing from the side. With cooler days the fish are rising readily to the surface, shallow diving Strike-Pro crank baits as well as spinner baits seem to be the lure of choice for most Anglers.

Durban Bay €“ The Bay area has produced some nice Grunter with a lovely specimen of 3.3 kilos being landed by none other than Mike Pereira of the Kingfisher. Majority of the fish being caught on light tackle with a traditional running trace being the most popular. There are also a few small Kingfish species being caught on drop shots, retrieved with a bouncing action slowly along the bottom.

Fishy Facts

Fairy Basslets are tiny, shy and solitary fish, usually found in deep water. These strange fish have the unusual habit of swimming upside down along the roofs of caves while feeding on plant matter.

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