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Rock and Surf

The KZN Sharks Board flew down to Mazeppa Bay in the Transkei with the aim of spotting Sardines and Sardine activity. Their report back has been somewhat disappointing;  there was some Dolphin activity, though not as much as expected; Cape Gannett€™s also seemed to be a lot less for this time of year and the Port St Johns area revealed only a few small pockets of Sardines. This has led them to believe that either the Sardines have moved back southwards or could have possibly found colder currents in deeper water and have €œsounded€. By the end of this week they could possibly fly down again and hopefully deliver better news for us anxious Anglers. Due to Spring Low-tides, fish have not been feeding as the water has been very shallow and only deeper points would have been productive. The moon/barometric pressure definitely have had an impact this last week.

North Coast

After last week€™s good angling on the North Coast, with the lower water it seems as if fishing has quietened down with not much fishing being done and a very severe case of lock jaw with most species. The area from Kosi Bay down to Durban has had nothing spectacular to report. The usual early morning Shad, some smaller Kob and a few Grey Sharks off the points seem to sum up this week€™s fishing.

All facets of fishing from Slide-baits to Drop-shot, Spinning and Traditional have not yielded much. The targeted species from last week, such as Cave Bass, Stumpnose and Kingfish are still around, however the pull of the moon seems to have pulled their mouths closed and many Anglers presented Prawn and Chokka, Redeye Sardine (thankfully now somewhat more available) as well as Mackeral and Sardine fillets, but to no avail.

With the change in tide we should expect better fishing conditions and with the lower tides hopefully scouring out excess sand, more gullies and deeper water areas should be available to target the fish. The water temperature has also had a big impact as shallower water heats up quicker and thus drives the fish into deeper and less accessible water.


The Durban Beach front to Amanzimtoti area has had some mixed results. The winds have played along with pleasant breezes and bright sunny days €“ so weather conditions have been near perfect. Unfortunately our fishy friends like their cousins on the North Coast have also moved off into deeper water. Yet some lucky Anglers who had put in their time both in and out of the water were lucky enough to land some fish. Chris Wilkinson landed a Grey Shark on the Durban Beach front of approximately 7 kilos. Some Shad in the +/- 1 kilo range were caught on Addington Beach on whole Redeye Sardine. Only after wading and a real long cast into deeper water enabled these brave fishermen to get these fish. The Bluff area in amongst the gullies has yielded a few Shad to Anglers Spinning with Toby and Falcon Spoons. The fish have been predominately small with a few making size. Traditional Saltwater Cork traces for Shad are ineffective here due to the large number of rocks. The Isipingo ledges has gifted some Anglers with a Garrick although few and far between and live-baits have been somewhat scarce. Two lucky Spear fishermen during the week managed to land their quota of 2 Garrick each in a dive session.

South Coast

From Acid pipe in Amanzimtoti to Port Shepstone seems to be blowing hot and cold. The Inyoni Rocks area has had mixed results with Garrick, Shad and smaller reef fish such as Blacktail and Karanteen being here today and gone tomorrow. Anglers prepared to put in the time and fish this area consistently could well be rewarded.


Winkelspruit although consistent last week seems to have tapered off a bit as a number of Anglers with live-baits out have been left holding pole. On Saturday 3 Garrick and a beautiful Kob of 30 kilos were landed in this area. On Sunday morning a brace of Garrick and about 20 Shad were all that were on offer. Umkomaas area still has a few Kob and less Shad than in previous weeks. Port Shepstone area has also quietened down with not many Kob, some Garrick and a few Kingfish being caught off the pier.


The lower South Coast seems to be the hot spot at the moment from Park Rynie down to Margate, nice size Shad, plenty of Garrick and Kob near the river mouths have been coming out regularly. A Father and Son while fishing in this area were happily rewarded for their early morning rise when the Son caught a 5.5 kilo Shad! Truly an amazing fish and this should keep the youngster hooked. To add to this another Shad specialist presented a 4.5 kilo Shad to the Kingfisher staff during the week.


The Annual Kingfisher Shad competition will run in August and September this year, watch press for details. By the way, The Kingfisher is having their annual end of June rod sale, starting this Friday the 22nd and runs to Saturday the 30th June. This rod sale includes demos, samples, seconds, ETC as well as a number of other interesting items.


It is now time to target the Bronze Bream as they should be in this area at this time of year. From the middle of last week fishing in the Port Edward has really turned on and shad have been on the bite all day long and  are now experiencing a proper shad run. Along with the shad, the game fish are also on the bite and a number of garrick have been taken on live shad as bait. One catch of note was a 14,1kg Yellowfin Tuna landed off Splash Rock on live Shad. Kob are eating very well off the beaches south of the town and some large fish notably one of over 30kg was landed using a Rapala at night.


Port St Johns is still producing Kob on the McCarthy Paddle tails predominately in the late evening sessions. These lures are most effective being fished on slow retrieves, when bounced softly along the bottom. The Nyameni and Laputana areas produced some nice sized Bronze Bream and Blacktail in the 1 kilo plus range. The Mustad Big Gun No.6 hook being put to good use with Siglon fluorocarbon hook snoots. For the big Shark Anglers, Mazeppa Bay is still the place to be as the Bronze Whalers will definitely be in the area based on the limited Sardine activity.  There are also a few Grey Sharks and Hammerheads up for grabs, so maybe a trip south is your best bet for the upcoming School Holidays.


Talk of the town with the Ski-boat fraternity has definitely been the upper North Coast especially Mapelane and surrounds. Numerous species such as big Couta, Snoek and Yellowfin Tuna have had rushed days-off or unplanned leave being taken. Unlike the Rock and Surf Anglers the fish seem to have been feeding readily and Bait Fish in deeper water seem to be easily found.

The lower North Coast and Durban area has not been so lucky; the strip baits are still effective if you can get them past the marauding Shad. Blythdale and Zinkwazi areas seem to have been the most targeted areas and some Snoek and a rare Garrick in the backline area were all that were reported.

The Durban to Umkomaas stretch has also had mixed results – less Snoek and a rare big Couta, although lots of small Shad. The bait points seem to be reviving a bit with Mackeral and Redeye as well as Maasbunker being more available. The Seine netters have also been busy netting Sand Mackeral which is also very good bait. The Toti area has seen less and less Snoek, an occasional Yellowfin Tuna yet bait fish seem to be more plentiful.

The lower South Coast has still produced some Yellowfin Tuna and Couta in the 20 plus kilo range. Some Wahoo have also screamed off to get the adrenalin pumping.  True to form along the entire coast the tax collectors are still trying to fill their coffers. A quick retrieve and good gaffing skills are a must when fish are around the boat.



Like the Ski-boat Anglers these guys have also had mixed bags along the coast. Back line for this time of year is probably the best bet to target Garrick. The Shad will definitely be holding up here and a hooked Shad dropped on back line with a quick paddle past breakers could be the trick. Strip baits as well as whole Mackeral have landed a few bigger Snoek and some Couta. Buck tail Jigs as well as 5-7 inch drop-shots fished around the reefs have had some Rock Cod, Kingfish and small Kob interested. This trend seems to have been the norm for the North Coast, Central and Lower South Coast areas.

Fresh Water

The Bass Anglers have had mixed results from all the dams, with fish varying in size. The top-water lures fished around structures and weightless lures on a slower retrieve seem to get the hook-ups. The slow and steady method as well as matching patterns to water conditions still seems to be a winner.

The Carp Anglers having to endure icy conditions close to the water have done their time but with not much success. Once again it is only smaller specimens which are being landed and these only on exceptional bait presentations. So make sure you have the time for preparation and careful planning on how you are going to fish your swim for this time of year.

Our Fly-fishing friends seem to have had a tough time of it as the colder conditions have had some guides freezing over in the colder temperatures. Some Spanjaard tackle spray sprayed on the guides before your outing can prevent the guides from freezing up with the cold water. The yellows and oranges are still working well and although a lot more casts are required you can still be rewarded with some lovely Trout Pate for your efforts.

The Bay

With the oil spill and debris seeming to clear up and a lot less €œrubbish€ floating around the fishing improved somewhat. A few nice Grunter in the 2 €“ 3 kilo range were caught off centre-bank. A lucky bank Angler managed to land a 2.4 kilo Grunter on a Daiwa Regal 3000 Reel and Kingfisher 8lb (3.6 kilo) line.  The lucky Angler was quoted as saying €œIt was a hell of a fight on light tackle, and I€™m going back for more€.  Some larger specimen Sand Gurnetts (Bar tail flatheads) have also been coming out €“ best targeted on 3 and 4 inch McCarthy Minnows, Olive-Pearl and Copper-Treuse seem to be the better options.


It is estimated that 500 000 people or more participate in South Africa€™s recreational fishing activities and that the value of recreational fishing was estimated to be ZAR2.3 billion in 2003 and is now considered to be approximately ZAR3 billion at the end of 2011. The tally of fish caught recreationally is estimated to be 5600 tonnes with the commercial catch of line fish being estimated at 16000 tonnes. A lack of scientific data on catch statistics and release survival rates makes it difficult to determine the impact of fishing on South African inshore resources, therefore the long-term impact of resource competition between recreational Anglers and Commercial Anglers is unknown.

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