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Rock and Surf

With the real winter chill soon to be upon us, it would seem that some of the fish have already started looking for happier hunting grounds. The usual spots that have been producing in the past seem to be blowing hot and cold and not producing on a regular basis. With no news yet received from the Sharks Board €“ Sardines also are keeping very quiet.

North Coast

The Kosi Bay to Amatikulu area has had mixed results. The current hotspot is Mapelane where some nice Shad, a few Garrick (although on the smaller size) and in the evening sessions, Kob targeted on McAarthy Paddle tails as well as Chokka baits have been for the offering. Richards Bay harbour is also fishing well with small Kingfish and an occasional Garrick and Kob in the late evening. The Amatikulu river-mouth which is now closed has a deep ledge where the outlet would have been, this has resulted in some lovely Shad in the 2 -3 kilo range, mainly targeted on whole Redeye Sardine and small Mackeral. A local Angler while fishing there had a number of 6-inch Paddle tails disappear from his Jig-head into the deep blue.

Blythedale to Durban €“ the notable point in this area seems to be Shaka€™s High Rock with a few Grey Sharks in the late evening caught on Mackeral Slide-baits. The Ballito Pool also popular with various species of Kingfish and 1 Garrick reported for last week. These fish have been targeted on Bullet Spoons, especially in the early morning sessions €“ just as the sun is rising. Typical Spinning tackle like 9 €“ 11 ½ ft. Rods with 4000 – 4500 size reels and Spoons and Plugs ranging from 1 ½  – 2 ½ ounces. The Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse area had a few small Shad and an occasional Grey Shark biting through any non-wire traces.


The Durban Beach front to Amanzimtoti €“ like most other areas has also had mixed results, Anglers targeting fish off the piers have been hammered by Sand Mackeral with a Stumpnose of 2.8 kilos being the only notable fish. For the Spinning enthusiasts the Shad have also kept a low profile. The Bluff area €“ like a light turned on and off €“ so the Shad have come and gone. In the past week or so Shad in the early morning targeted on S-bend shaped Spoons, although small were plentiful with a few making size in between. This pattern seems to have slowed down considerably as regular visitors to this area have resorted to take-aways for their fish and chips fetish. The Toti main pool area both to the left and right has not seen much action; this will definitely improve during the school holidays when our inland visitors venture to the coast. Last week saw some small Garrick and a number of undersized Shad. The early morning high tides were more favourable and the Salt-water Garrick Slide-trace proved most popular.

South Coast

From Winkelspruit to Scottborough there have been mixed bags with a few Garrick still in the area. The sun-up sessions with a live-bait at Winkelspruit gives you an 80% chance of catching a Garrick. First choice would be a live Shad followed by either, Karanteen, Blacktail or any smaller live-bait. These fish are still there although not plentiful in numbers. Foster Road just south of Winkelspruit had its claim to fame last week with 7 Garrick coming out during the morning session. Illovo Beach produced some Garrick, although noticeably smaller, as live-baits in this area are hard to find.

The Umkomaas area has quietened down a bit with less Grunter and a few Kob only being landed. The Shad have also been on a slimming programme and very few are size.

Scottborough Point has a few Grey Sharks for throw-bait enthusiasts, for the Spinners out there some Shad and for die-hard Dropshots the occasional Kingfish.


Umdoni to Margate €“ lucky for some the Umdoni Point can yield some nice fish and Shaun Jacobs landed a lovely Yellow fin Tuna while fishing this weekend.

Umzumbi and Pennington seem to be the Shad havens at the moment with predominantly bigger Shad €“ which can be fantastic fun on lighter Spinning outfits or light Traditional tackle.

The Margate Pier also got involved in the action with some nice Shad and a few Garrick. A number of Shad were given a long-line release whilst trying to lift them onto the pier. For the Bronze Bream enthusiasts the end of July and August is your best time to fish the Trafalgar and surrounds.


With most of the points and bay areas€™ producing lovely Shad and Bronze Bream this is probably the no. 1 destination for the holidays. With a few small visible pockets of Sardines there will definitely be Game Fish for the edible enthusiasts and for those looking for a new suit-size the big Grey Sharks and Bronze Whalers could definitely stretch you. Kob are still plentiful and seems to prefer Mcarthy Paddle tails as opposed to Chokka baits although live Mullet are also a favourite menu item.

The results for Postal Round 5 has finally been posted to the Union€™s website. Dave sends apologies for the late posting but it€™s due to circumstances beyond his control, check out their website on     www.kzncau.co.za


As with most things the more the merrier and with an influx of Anglers fishing the Mapelane area €“ majority were justly rewarded for their trip to this area. Tuna, Couta and a few that got away were the main Skippers stories. It would seem that from Mapelane to the lower North Coast the fish were in greater abundance with Zinkwazi and Blythedale lower down reporting nice Couta although not as plentiful and some smaller Garrick. Skippers off the Durban area still fishing the wrecks have had mixed luck with the Daga and Geelbek. The taxman being his diligent self and a number of them patrolling the 10 to 15 meter mark below the boats. Anglers have really had to feel the deep burn in order to get catches boated before paying their taxes. Sugar Mackeral seem to have made their appearance and Skippers can now happily fill their live wells without navigating too much.

The Durban to Umkomaas stretch has like the Rock and Surf areas, blown hot and cold €“ due to varying water temperatures and less bait fish in the area it would seem the Game Fish would have headed north. The shallower reefs are still producing some Kingfish caught on Buck tail jigs with Chartreuse being the most popular colour. Winkelspruit and Toti when throwing live-baits into the backline area have produced a few Garrick with not many making the size limit.

The Umkomaas area produced some Wahoo and a nice Couta for an unnamed Angler of 21 kilos. With more bait fish this area should hopefully improve and with the cooler weather expected the water temperature should also drop.

Mike from Blue Water Chartres sent in this report €œWe left Wilsons Wharf just before 06h00, and made our way out Durban Harbour while it was still dark. It was a cold overcast morning and the SW wind was blowing at a stiff breeze, as we got out of port we were greeted by a pod of friendly Dolphins who swam with us as we made our way towards the bait fish grounds. Water temperature was around 21deg.C most of the day and we also had some spectacular whale sightings.


The sea was choppy and the SN current was screaming, but we managed to get many mackerel and mozzies, and if I got R1.00 for every sand soldier we caught I would be rich as they were there in a multitude. We then made our way out a little deeper and fished some bottom baits along with some live bait, but it was not easy with the strong current and the results were poor with only a few smaller bottom fish coming up. We then changed tactics and took a troll out deeper for some Yellow fin and were rewarded with several Kawa-Kawa in the 4Kg range but no Yellow fin Tuna, none the less at least every one got a chance to fight and land one.


We then came back a little shallower, by this time the conditions had changed dramatically, the current had slowed down nicely and the wind had died off leaving us with a glorious afternoon and flat seas. We again put baits down and used some of the sand soldiers as flappers and these produced us some superb Cat Faced Rockod; we also got some nice slingers and a really large trigger fish which I am struggling to ID still. The trigger fish was released.


The guests had made a special request for a large shark and so I rigged up a 4kg Kawa-Kawa on my 80lb rig and a heavy Shark trace and let it out off the back off Fat Girl leaving it on free spool, whilst this big bait was out we continued to fish for bottoms and about 40 minutes later we heard the 80lb rig begin to scream, I knew it was a Shark and let him run giving him a good chance to swallow the bait before tightening up the drag and setting the hook. The selected angler was now ready in the fighting chair and he was connected to the rod and reel and the fight began. It was a very intense fight and after about 15 minutes the butt harness broke and so the angler got some help from his mates and after about 20 minutes we landed a superb Black Tip Shark of around 2.8m long estimated at 150kg (330lbs). I held him on the teeth with a gaff and some photos were taken and the trace removed and the Shark was safely released. This shark fight was the highlight of the trip, and I enjoyed seeing all the excitement on every ones faces, it was good to get a chance to educate people on catch and release. We got back to port at 16h00 with many smiling faces on board.€ Thanks Mike for the report.


The Pumula and Rocky Bay areas have had a few Tuna and less Couta. The Couta when hooked have been of the larger variety (25 €“ 30 kilo range). Luckily these bigger fish have been landed without being audited by the taxman for the lucky Skippers. As proper winter draws near the cooler water and hopefully more Sardine activity will bring more fish into the area.


North, Central and South seems to have had varied results depending on time of day and water temperature. In the North with slightly warmer water many Paddlers have reported lots of Shad, a few Snoek and an occasional Garrick. It would seem the backline Ski-boat Anglers have produced a feeding ground for Shad in this area and Strip-baits that are being paddled seem to be appetizers. A lucky Paddler successfully landed a 9 kilo Garrick caught on a live Shad in the backline area off of Blue Lagoon.

Paddlers fishing the Toti and Winkelspruit area seem to have battled to find live-baits and small Dusky/Spinner Sharks have made a nuisance of themselves to boot. The Scottborough area has also had a mixed bag with some Shad of size, very few Garrick and 1 sly Snoek. Like the Ski-boat Anglers the Paddlers are also waiting for colder water and Sardine surprises.

Fresh Water

Bass – With the cooler weather especially when closer to large bodies of water it is definitely a case of fortunate favours the brave. Most of the dams have reported smaller fish on top water lures with flukes and c-tails still the most popular. The old adage of matching lure colour to water colour still prevails. The Bass currently being caught are from the 500g to 1 kilo odd range.

Carp €“ With the water being a lot clearer and less sediment due to lower rainfall the better presented baits are still producing the bites. More natural flavoured scents like most fruits and almond seem to be getting the bites. The fish are definitely feeding at a slower rate and more ground feeding is required.

Tiger fish €“ Definitely the late afternoon with warmer water temperature is the best time to target the Tigers. The cold morning sessions have not produced many fish as they are slow and very lethargic. Spinner baits are merely watched when they are retrieved. Most productive areas have been in and around structure with Sardine fillets have produced some smaller fish up to a kilo.

Fly-fishing €“ With the thermometer definitely lower the early morning sessions have not yielded a number a fish. Most of the fish have been somewhat smaller and hiding amongst the somewhat sparser weed. The midday to late afternoon time periods seem to have had a few rises especially on the more colourful patterns with red and orange being the most popular. With colder temperatures killing off the weeds €“ hopefully there won€™t be as much shelter and the fishing should improve.

The Bay

Durban Bay like most areas has had a mixed result last week.  The bigger Grunter seem to be a bit scarcer with smaller fish being the norm. A few Shad have also resulted in bite-offs for Anglers tackling Grunter. The 3 €“ 4 inch Minnows fished on Ultra-lite Tackle are still getting some Sand Gurnitts and when retried with a bouncing action the occasional juvenile Stumpnose and smaller Kingfish.


The Kob is one of the most well-known Saltwater species that occurs in the oceans of South African and goes by many names; Kob, Daga, Daga Salmon, Drum and Kabeljou. It is a predatory fish and moves about in large shoals. It is also very versatile and can occur in water up to 400m deep, as well as in estuaries, along sandy beaches and even amongst rocky areas off the beach. It is a very good night €œhunter€ as it uses both its sense of smell and lateral line to detect prey.

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