The Sardines have officially arrived with confirmed reports of Sardines being netted on the lower South Coast. The good news is that you can now buy Sardines with confidence as they are definitely this year€™s batch and not last year€™s defrosted ones.

North Coast

The Kosibay and surrounds has produced a few reef fish, mainly small Kingfish and a few Stumpnose. The estuaries at St Lucia have yielded an occasional Rock Salmon and Anglers fishing on light tackle have been in a quandary as to what fights so hard without even a glimpse of their quarry.

The Cape Vidal area is fishing very well with predominately Shad and some nice Garrick. The Garrick have mainly been caught on either a slide bait Shad or a whole live Shad casted out. The fish seem to be feeding in the mid-break area that means a shallow wade and a lob for a cast could definitely put your live Shad in the strike zone. For this time of year the Mustad 3.0 and 4.0 Kendall rounds which are inexpensive are perfect as the Garrick are not extremely large.

With not much else being reported in other areas, the Zinkwazi and Salt Rock area has produced some nice Shad and in the later evening sessions a few Spinners and Grey Sharks. Shaka€™s High Rock seems to have been the most consistent with Milkies and Grey Sharks. The Umhlanga Lighthouse to the Durban Beachfront area seems to have blown hot and cold. A few smaller Shad in the Rice Fields area and one or two Grey Sharks near the Lighthouse. For this time of year, the fishing seems a bit quieter and this could be attributed to the Sardines being further down the coast.


The Durban Beach front to Amanzimtoti area has produced a few Kob caught mainly on McArthy 6-inch Paddle tails. Best time to target this species is just before and into the dark. The 1 and a half to 2 ounce Nitro-jig heads on a slow retrieve just off the bottom is probably the best method. White roaming water on a lower tide is possibly your best conditions.

South Coast

The Toti to Umkomaas area is still producing a number of fish, the main swimming pool at Toti has produced some Shad of size which Anglers have put to good use targeting Garrick and for the unfortunate few the Grey Sharks are also fond of these baits. The Winkelspruit and Hotel Rocks area is still producing Garrick with live baits being somewhat more plentiful. Anglers need to keep in mind that the beaches are there for all and litter is unsightly to everyone. So please make an effort to put your Sardine boxes and packets etc. into the bins.


The Game Fish seem to have been feeding readily on the incoming tide which allows the early risers plenty of time to target some live bait. The Lower South Coast from Scottborough to Port Edward is definitely the place to be in the upcoming weeks. Sardines were netted near Port Edward and surrounds with approximately 400 crates netted before 8am on Monday, 2nd July. Although slightly later this is a welcome sign and definitely supports the recent catches off the points of Tuna, Garrick and the Kob still being at Umkomaas.


Margate to Transkei has been fishing very well, lots of Shad, a few small Kingfish and Garrick both in the early morning and late afternoon time periods, with Shad being plentiful lucky Anglers have been able to get their quota of Garrick for the day and still take home a Shad for breakfast fry. Terry Nel from Port Edward reports that as it would seem, another point that has produced, was ‘Lucky Dip’, a shallow water spot in Port Edward where two fish of note were taken last week one a 14kg Yellowtail and a 17,6 kg Yellow fin Tuna. The Yellowtail on a drift bait and the tuna on a live Karranteen. At that time, a number of live baits slid off Splash Rock had no results yet a Garrick was landed there this past weekend. Shad are still actively on the bite mostly over the high tides every day a few still undersized but most are over 30cm.



The Transkei area has started to have some big bruisers move in. Predominately big Grey Sharks and a few Bronze Whalers being hooked and only a few landed. There has been a lot of Sardine activity through this area €“ with lots of fast moving pockets heading North at the rate of knots. Hopefully these fish will follow the Sardines and can be targeted locally around the Sardine pockets.


After its recent good form the Mapalane area is still producing some nice Couta and some Garrick interspersed with some Yellow Fin Tuna. For the bigger boats when travelling to deeper depths some large Yellow Fin Tuna are there for the taking. The Sodwana and Cape Vidal area has been producing some Snoek and Garrick mainly on Mackeral and Maasbunker €“ being preferred to artificial lures. Further South has produced a few Garrick off Zinkwazi and Jex Estate and some smaller Snoek. A large number of Mackeral have been supplying Skippers with live baits to target the fish.

Durban Central is still a hive of activity around the wrecks for the nocturnal Anglers. Predominately Geelbek and Daga are being targeted with 8 and 9-inch Scarborough Reels and the Poseidon Kingfish Rod making a mean outfit. These fish give a good account of themselves and Anglers have to really wind them in to avoid paying taxes. A typical double-hook trace with 8.0 and 9.0 Mustad Kendall hooks with glow in the dark beads is the preferred trace.

Toti to Umkomaas €“ with Redeyes, Maasbunker and Mackeral appearing all over in this stretch of water, there has been no shortage of live baits to target Garrick, Snoek, some Yellow Fin Tuna and the occasional Couta. With the Sardines moving their way up the coast the bait sticks should be bending soon allowing trained Skippers to drop live baits and head behind the breakers to target the Garrick.

Umkomaas to Margate €“ the recent Hibberdene Couta Competition was won by a prime specimen pulling the scales to 41.6 kgs €“ a remarkable fish for this remarkable competition. There are still some nice Yellow Fin Tuna and Couta in this area, so with the school holidays €“ perhaps it€™s time for junior to find his sea legs.

Further down South with the shoals of Sardines imminent. Garrick and various other Game species attracted by the Sardine shoals are definitely worth targeting on artificial lures such as Spoons and Plugs.

Mike from Blue Water Charters sent in this report about his fishing trip last weekend. €œThe weather was gorgeous, and the sea was flat making for superb conditions. We made our way out to the main current, which we found on the 600m in search of some Yellow fin Tuna. En route we had a hook up with a very small Sailfish in the 12-15Kg mark, but we dropped him after the second jump. We never found any Yellow fin Tuna but we saw hoards of birds, some large flying fish and a Dorado.  This leads me to believe that on the other side of the main current is warm water, but my trip schedule did not allow us time to cross the current. I don€™t think we will see sardines in Durban this year and that an early Game Fish season is on its way if current conditions continue. We made our way back to do some bottom fishing and on the way we encountered many Whales and Dolphins. We stopped at a reef the 90m and then another on the 70m, the fishing was not that great but we got a lot of Slinger and Soldiers and also several Trigger fish, and some of the Slinger were decent sizes. We also caught a large Angel Fish and I am pleased with the Rainbow Runner of around 4Kg that we got.€



With water temperatures being somewhat warmer more Paddle-skiers, whether North, South or central are now not so unhappy with the Shad gobbling their Strip-baits. These previous pests seem to now have grown in size and majority that are caught €“ can readily be pinned and used for live bait. The area North of Durban, mainly Umdloti, Westbrook and the like have produced some nice size Snoek as well as a few smaller Garrick. Buck tail jigs as well as Paddle tails seem to be working well over pinnacles and some nice Rock Cod have also been landed.

The Durban central area has stayed true to form with a few smaller Snoek of the Umgeni area and the Backline area in front of the Hypermarket also producing some nice fish.

Further South the Toti to Scottborough area has surprised a few Paddlers with Sardines being hooked on Yazuri€™s while targeting Redeye and Mackeral. Some nice Garrick in the 7 to 10 kilo range has meant Paddlers arms have burnt twice: firstly when fighting the fish and secondly when paddling a heavier Ski back to shore.

Fresh Water

Bass €“ Shallow water spots in the late afternoon is still your best bet. Mainly smaller sized fish are being caught at Inanda, Shongweni and Albert Falls. Flukes, weight-less Flukes and C-tails still seem to tempt these fish predominately smaller fish have been hooked with sightings of larger specimens keeping Anglers casting. A slow retrieve and a gentle twitch now and again could definitely provoke the bite.


Carp €“ With colder water temperatures the fish are definitely sluggish and not feeding as readily. Prolonged feeding periods and late afternoon sessions at your favourite swim can definitely produce smaller fish to well-presented baits. Patience in this case is definitely rewarded with a nice fish of 2.5 kilos being landed at Shongweni last week in a late afternoon spell.

Tiger fish €“ At this time of year live baits and strip-bait derivatives are the way to go. With the dam being 60% full €“ the water takes a while to warm up and the Tigers are definitely tamed by this. Shallow areas around structure are still the place to go with Sardine and Chicken Strips the most prominent bait of choice.

Fly-fishing €“ With the addition of some colour to the Hamill€™s Killers, mainly oranges and reds, being fished in the midday warmer period a few sultry Trout can be coaxed into feeding. The colder water temperatures have meant that some of the weeds have already started to die-off and the cleaner water has allowed Anglers to sight some of their quarry in the still dams.

The Bay

Durban Bay seems to have gone off the boil with a lot less large Grunter and only a few small to under-sized Grunter being landed. Deep water channels fished with Cracker Shrimp have produced a few bites with a lot of fish being returned as under-size. Maybe now is the time to put your light tackle to good use spinning for Shad as they seem to be a lot more plentiful along the beaches?


The Prodigal Son also known as Cobia, Black Kingfish, Black Salmon or Lemon fish. Is a Pelagic fish and occurs worldwide however prefers to live in and around structure. This fish can also occur in inlets and mangrove areas and is often accompanied by Remoras. These fish can live anything from 9 to 13 years and can grow up to 50 pounds and more. They make excellent table fair and give recreational Anglers a reel run for their money.

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