With the water temperature remaining around the 22 degree mark, the Sardines seem to be holed up down South and are awaiting cooler water. There have been a small number of Sards netted, however not the norm for this time of year. Hopefully we can expect some cooler weather and then these fish should then be on the move. Reports that we have received also seem to indicate that there are not a lot of Game Fish with the Sardines and hopefully this will also improve. There are a number of Garrick both North and South, mainly being targeted on live baits and this is always a good sign.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Has been somewhat off the charts in terms of fishing. The clean warm water has meant Anglers could mainly target Shad on the low tide, predominately in the bays. There have also been a few Bonefish with Anglers targeting these fish mainly on Prawn and Chokka combo baits.

Cape Vidal – The ledges have produced some nice Stumpnose and one or two Speckled Snapper. The Speckled Snapper have given the light tackle Anglers a good run for their money with a number of long line releases. There are still some Shad in the Bays and both artificial and traditional baits are being put to good use.

Mapelane €“ With the large amount of Shad, the Garrick are sure to be there and these two seem to have been the bulk of fish caught in this area in this past week. For the Paddle tail punters the late evening in rolling white water is your best bet, to target the Kob.

Richards Bay / Mtunzini €“ Lots of small Spinner Sharks, so definitely make sure you have a bite trace with a 4.0 size hook. To target these fish on Light tackle is extremely great fun and the odd Brown Skate in the area will also take smaller baits and doesn€™t mind a wire bite trace. There are also a number of big Shad being caught, mainly on whole Sardine, Mackeral and if possible Mullet.

Ballito €“ The early morning sessions seem to produce some small Shad and not much else. Late afternoon and into the evening, a few Grey Sharks caught mainly on Redeye and Chokka throw baits have come out.

Westbrook €“ A few Garrick for the early morning risers have been hooked. Predominately the Saltwater Live bait slide trace has been the preferred rig.

Durban €“ The piers that are open to fisherman have produced some small Shad and a lot of smaller bait fish. The Sand Soldiers have also been harassing bigger baits that have been put out. The Beach front area seems to have gone off the boil with an occasional small Grey Shark caught in the late afternoon/evening. The Shad are conspicuous by their absence.

Toti / Winkel €“ This area is still firing with Garrick coming out daily, although a lot less Shad. Anglers have resorted to €œimporting€ live Shad from other areas to target the Garrick. The Winkelspruit to Illovo stretch has seen Garrick caught on Chisel nose plugs as well as the Kingfisher Garrick S-bend spoons. After the early morning session as the day develops the fish seem to prefer live baits. For the late sleepers the afternoon sessions are also producing fish.

Umkomaas €“ For the traditional Anglers, small Grunter are still being caught on Cracker Shrimp as well as Chokka baits. Paddle tails still seem to be working well for the Kob, although many of these are definitely undersize. The most productive time seems to be late afternoon on an incoming tide.

Scottborough €“ Seems to be the quiet before the storm, as not many fish have been reported. A few small Grey Sharks are around for the evening Anglers. Shad have been caught on bait in the bays and in front of the Hotel to the left of the rocks.

Hibberdene / Pennington €“ A few Shad on spoon in the morning as well as smaller Paddle tails seem to be the norm. One Garrick which was caught on a plug is all that has been reported. To target the Garrick in this area €“ low water and areas fished with live baits especially channels and drop-offs would be your best bet.

Margate €“ Plenty of Shad have been caught and all of them seem to be size. These fish seem to be feeding just as it gets light and will readily take a spoon or traditional bait. The Bronze Bream are also around and their preferred food being the red or pink prawns. You can target these fish in the white water areas in and around gullies or deeper pools.  

Port Edward – Terry Nel reports that Shad fishing has been the order of the day all of last week until the bad weather reached them at the end of the weekend and the sea was unfishable. It would have seemed that nobody had jobs to do here in town or all had good bosses that enjoyed eating shad. The fact that shad ate best when the tide was high in the early morning and later in the afternoon again rang true and the fish were plentiful just about all day long. News of sardines just around the corner had people excited on many days yet the shoals never showed up on the expected days.

Hope is still here with reports of sightings further south and the area is still buzzing with excitement. A highlight in Port Edward this weekend will be the feast of events there at the Portuguese festival and a shad compo is part of it with great prizes to be won. A briefing takes place at the Marlin Ski Boat Club on Friday the 13th at 6:30pm and the compo takes place the following morning. Good luck and enjoy the festival.



Mapelane €“ There are still a few nice Couta in the area. Some Prodigal Sons have also been caught and this is a good sign of the Sardine run. Other than that this area seems to have quietened down and we expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

Richards Bay €“ is producing some nice size Shad and these fish pitched towards backline can be put to good use to target the Garrick, which seem to be plentiful.

Umhloti / Umhlanga €“ has quietened down somewhat with the occasional Couta and when these fish are caught they are a nice size indeed. The fillet strip baits are still working for Snoek although the Snoek have to be quicker than the Shad which seem plentiful.

Durban / Bluff €“ The wrecks are still producing some Geelbek and Daga although the tempo seems to have slowed down from previous weeks. The Bluff area has seen a few small Garrick and for Anglers fishing bottoms some Bronze Bream have been the surprise catch of the day.

Toti / Warner Beach €“ Unlike the Rock and Surf Anglers, Shad seem to be plentiful in the backline area and the Garrick seem to be feeding on them too. There have been no reports of either Couta or Snoek received for last week.

Scottborough €“ Seems to also be the quiet before the storm, with a few nice size Shad and an occasional Garrick. A bonus Couta of 24.6 kgs was boated last week on a Shad live bait.

Margate / Hibberdene €“ still has a few nice size Couta tucked away, these fish have all been caught on live baits during the early morning sessions. It seems that where the bait fish have been hiding is where the Couta are feeding. A few Couta have also been caught in deeper water.


Umhloti / Umhlanga €“ For the fitness freaks big Snoek are still up for grabs on the Sardine fillet baits with a fast paddle action. There are a few Garrick in the backline areas especially near the river mouths.

Umgeni / Durban €“ It seems as if the Sardines have created a vacuum in this area. Very few fish seem to have been caught, although big Snoek are around €“ so definitely worth an early morning start.

Bluff €“ With lots of Shad and bait fish being around, this is probably one of the better spots to fish at the moment. Early morning has seen Snoek with a few Couta also in the mix. Launching may not be as easy but definitely worth the effort.

Toti / Winkel €“ Just like the Ski-boat and Rock and Surf Anglers there are lots of Shad and Garrick in the area. Paddling a live Shad pinned correctly and you€™re sure of a hook-up with a Garrick. Beware of Anglers casting sinkers for Slide baits.

Scottborough €“ Some lucky Kayakers have had some fun with big Tuna although not as plentiful, they definitely do give a good account of themselves. There are still some nice size Couta lurking in the area so if you in the area – why not give it a try?


Bass €“ Albert falls seems to be the dam of choice, the fish are definitely in the deep and football jigs as well as weighted paddle tail super flukes have produced some fish up to 3.5 kgs. The other dams seem to be off although fishing structures and deeper water areas with the above lures could result in a few nice size fish.

Fly-fishing €“ Due to the fish starting to spawn, fishing has been slow indeed. Although the fish can been seen they do not seem interested in eating at all and this can prove somewhat frustrating. Egg patterns with brighter colours would be the best to target these fish. Best possible spots are gravel/rocky bottoms. Try fishing inlets and outlets and the dam walls for this time of the year.


Tiger €“ Jozini Dam is still about 60% full, the pace has definitely slowed down. Most of the day the water is cool to cold and only the late afternoon warm water conditions have rendered some small fish. Live baits and deep diving lures fished around structure in shallower warmer water is probably the best bet.

The Bay €“ With only a few small Grunter being reported and believe it or not some Shad, the Bay is quieter than it has been for the last couple of weeks. The Sand Gurnitts are still around and these fish can be targeted on McCarthy Jerk Minnows, especially the 3 and 4-inch on a slow retrieve just on the bottom.


The Common Carp was first described in writing by fishing enthusiasts in 1758. They are not indigenous to South Africa and originate from Europe and Asia. Interestingly they are closely related to Goldfish and Koi. Carp are a very popular angling species and put up a very good fight, fishing records have recorded these Specimen fish to weigh up to 40 Kilograms. Their preferred habitat is in large dams and slow moving rivers.

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