On the 1St August, The Kingfisher starts their €œBiggest Shad Competition€. This year it will be run over a two month period, August and September, with three prizes each month. The heaviest shad  for each month will receive a 14€™ Kingfisher Poseidon Cold Class, 5pc Graphite Surf Rod, valued at R1, 875.00, the second heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1,075.00 and third heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa Opus Plus 6000 Spinning Reel valued at R567.00. Please note that all shad (fresh) must be weighed at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban, during trading hours and please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm.

With small fast moving pockets of Sardines rushing from South to North it seems that the Game fish and resident fish are following suit. The North coast has gone a bit quiet for all facets of fishing and hopefully with more Sardines this will improve.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Quiet at the moment, with not many fish being reported. A few reef fish and small Bonefish targeted on Prawn and Chokka baits have been the only fish recorded. 

Sodwana / Cape Vidal €“ One of the few areas that is still producing some fish. There are a number of Shad especially in the early morning. Artificial lures on light spinning tackle and Sardine fillets being the best bet. Mission Rocks is one of the better spots. 

Mtunzini €“ Big Shad in both the morning and afternoon sessions have kept the locals in with some good sport. Small Spinner Sharks in the late afternoon on small Mackeral cutlets or Mackeral head baits have also been reported.

Mapelane €“ Kob, Garrick and Shad are still around. The Garrick and Shad can be targeted on artificial lures. The McCarthy 6 inch Paddle tail on a 1 and a half ounce Jig head is definitely the go to lure to target Kob in the white water.

Richards Bay €“ The Harbour has had a few Garrick come to visit and from the beaches the big Shad are still around, mainly in the late afternoon. Whole Sardines are your best bet to target the big Shad. Make sure you use wire as there are still a number of Milk Sharks in the area.


Blythedale €“ Not many fish have been caught in this area, probably due to the Sardine activity toward the Durban Beach front. An occasional Grey Shark in the 5 €“ 10 Kilo range has come out. These fish have been targeted on smaller throw baits like Mackeral cutlets with lots of foam to float the baits.

Durban €“ Sardines have been netted almost daily. These fast moving pockets have a few Game fish with them. The best bet is to target the areas where netting has occurred in late afternoon / early evening as bottom feeders would be doing their best to clean up should there be any Sardines that escaped the net. Some smallish Grey Sharks have been caught near the Sun Coast Pier and a few Shad although on the small side along the Beach front.

Bluff €“ For light tackle spinning or artificial enthusiasts this is definitely the spot to be. Falcon Spoons fished on ultra-light tackle have produced a number of Shad, especially early morning with a copper coloured spoon and during the day the smaller spoon with a blue strip on it. The McCarthy 6 inch Paddle tail fished amongst the white waters around the numerous gullies will definitely produce a Kob and is well worth the effort. With numerous live baits like Karanteen and Shad in the area a definite slide bait to get beyond the reef is a very viable option.

Toti / Winkel €“ The Toti and Winkel area is still producing a few Garrick. With the tides changing this week maybe we won€™t see as many live baits being slid for Garrick. Usually these fish are targeted in the mid-break areas and by throwing a Shad a much quicker hook-up can be expected. There are still a few Shad and Karanteen in the area so why not throw a bait instead of sliding €“ possibly too far.

Illovo €“ The Illovo stretch has seen a number of fish caught on artificial in the form of Plugs and Bullet Spoons. For the so-called Purists, Kob can be targeted in the same area on the McCarthy Paddle tails.

Umkomaas €“ This area due to large volumes of boating activity trying to net Sardines etc., has gone a bit quiet. A few small Shad in the early mornings have been caught on bait and very few on artificials.

Hibberdene €“ Some sneaky Stumpys have been caught – although with this area somewhat unprotected the cold spell and big waves have made the going a bit tough. The Bronze Bream should be in this area soon and can be great fun for light tackle Anglers.

Margate €“ Some Garrick on live Shad or Karanteen have been coming out, especially from deeper water points. It seems that the lower down the coast you go the deeper the fish seem to feed. Live baits for Garrick are plentiful and for those targeting the Pan-sized fish, spinning can be very rewarding for this time of year.

Transkei €“ With large amounts of Sardines still in the area, some Game fish have been drawn with them. The pockets seem to only be accessible when rounding deep water points and there are not many Sharks about. Grey Sharks in the 10 €“ 20 kilo region, some big Shad and Kob hunting in the white water is all that have been reported.


With mixed reports being received and some Skippers keeping mum as to where they have caught their fish, it€™s been a difficult time of it €“ not to mention strong winds and big seas.

Richards Bay €“ The targeted species in this area has mainly been Garrick on the backline. Bait fish are still in good supply, so make use of them to target the Garrick and remember to limit your catch.

Mapelane €“ Seems to be a bit quiet for the moment with an occasional Snoek and some Garrick being the only reported catches.

Cape Vidal / Sodwana €“ Like Mapelane, Garrick are around and with some bigger Shad being caught on the backline €“ forcing Skippers to purchase more Sabikis after numerous hooks have been removed from the string by toothy Shad. 

Umhloti / Umhlanga €“ A rare Snoek may still be caught on the backline area. The Couta also seem to be few and far between. Best bet for this time of year is to target all fish on live baits such as Mackeral, Shad and Maasbunker.

Durban €“ The Daga and Geelbek are still feeding on the bait fish in and around the wrecks with not much else around. A few Garrick off the Umgeni/Blue Lagoon river mouth area have been boated although with a lot of Sardine activity still to come this should improve.

Toti / Winkel €“ A number of Garrick and bigger Shad can be caught on the backline. Live baits trolled slowly, or a quick cast into backline and a hasty retreat to beyond the breakers could land a Garrick to a well drilled crew.

Umkomaas €“ Seems to have quietened down somewhat, the usual suspects such as Garrick and Shad also occurring in this area. It would seem as though the Sardine activity is starting to take its toll and with more Sards on the way this area will indeed pick up.

Margate / Hibberdene €“ With scattered pockets of Sardines in the area and not much Gang fish with them €“ alternatives must be sought out. Garrick on live baits in the early morning or perhaps a Spoon or Plug cast onto the backline area are your better bet for this area.


With strong winds, big seas and long rolling shore breaks paddling hasn€™t been easy. The cooler early morning air has had a few Paddlers thinking twice about the cold shower before they go Keel-up.

North Coast €“ The Tinley Manor/Umhloti area is producing a reluctant Snoek in and around the 6kg mark. A nice fish of 8kg€™s was caught on Saturday morning early at Westbrooke before the wicked West and beastly Easterlies made their presence felt. The Sardine Strip bait is outstripping all other baits in terms of number of hook-ups.

Durban €“ With large numbers of netters on the water due to Sardine activity not many fish have been caught. Mainly Snoek on Strip baits and small Spoons have been caught when the conditions have been permitting.

South Coast €“ Some Garrick on the backline just like the Ski-boaters. The Aliwal Shoal has rendered a few small Couta and like a lot of the area to the South is being affected by the Sardines. Lower down Garrick and small Shad are still available in the early morning sessions on the right tides.

Durban Bay

The Durban Bay is unusually quiet with only a few Bull Mullet being caught near the silt canal.  An alternative to €œholding pole€ is to tackle Sand Gurnets on light tackle. The McCarthy 3 inch Jerk Minnow with a ¼ ounce Jig head can be exceptional fun on ultra-light tackle. These fish give a good account of themselves. Springer etc. are well off the bite and best to target lower level to bottom feeding fish this time of year.


Fly-Fishing €“ The fish are definitely in the pre-spawning stage and the very cold and windy conditions have not helped. Reports are that fishing is very quiet and not much activity anywhere. For the die-hards, egg patterns and big Woolley Buggers on a slow strip could possibly entice a fish to bite.

Bass €“ Some nice fish have been coming out at Albert Falls of late. The recent BETT top weight in excess of 8 kilos for the bag proves that this Dam does still have some decent fish. Top lures at the moment are still the Flukes and Football Jigs fishing deeper water and waiting for an aggressive bite.


Tiger Fishing €“ Like most freshwater species the cold windy conditions have tamed the Tigers. These fish seem to mainly feed late afternoons when rising up the water column to warmer water. With no luck on artificial lures, live baits are the only way to go.


The Ridgeback Grey Shark, aka the Grey or Dusky Shark has a definite ridge on its back and clearly defines it from other Shark species. It is one of the most common Shark species you will find in SA waters. This fish can grow to enormous sizes and most Anglers are lucky to catch the smaller > 40kg specimens. These offshore predators can live for over 20 years.

There are some great fishing shows that are being aired on DSTV. Please check out your TV guide, sometimes Super Sport will change the channel that it is supposed to be aired. ASFN premiers on Mondays, Super Sport 6, channel 206, 19:30 to 20:30, and FreeSpool Angling premiers on Thursdays, Super Sport 6, Channel 206, 19:00 to 19:30.

Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za and become a member. Membership is totally free and there are great prizes to be won every month.

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