Towards the end of the week, strong winds and big swells made for tough fishing conditions. It seems the Shad and Garrick have firmly planted themselves along the entire coastline from Margate right through to Richards Bay with some spots more productive than others.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ has been somewhat quieter than other regions on the coast. Main species present being the Stumpnose. Reef fish are being caught literally the whole day on light tackle, especially in the gullies. 


Cape Vidal/ St Lucia €“ It would seem the pest of the sea aka Eel Tail Barbel have moved into town and are somewhat plentiful. Anglers targeting Kob in the late afternoon and early evening have been plagued by these fish of late. The spinning enthusiasts are still getting some nice Shad in the early morning.

Mapelane €“ The long rolling winter swells, especially along the sandy beaches in this area have produced a number of Kob. Like most areas along the coast, the Shad are still plentiful and with them will be the Garrick.

Richards€™s bay €“ Some small Milkies are still coming out, although to a lesser degree. Kob in the 3 €“ 4 kilo range which are great on lighter tackle and dropshot have also been coming out in the early evening. Like most places Shad and Garrick are also there for the taking.

Ballito €“ Like Kosi Bay somewhat quieter for this time of the year. The few recent Grey Sharks seem to have gone into deeper water and only small Shad are coming out in the early morning sessions.


Umhlanga €“ Lighthouse area is the most productive with a few Grey Sharks in the early evening and smaller size Shad on spinning tackle in the early morning.


Durban €“ The allocated fishing piers have produced some Grunter and smaller Black tail and very few Shad. Although fished fairly extensively due to the weather conditions €“ not many fish were reported.

Beachfront €“ With netting taking place on a number of occasions during the week there were not many actual Sardines. Majority were mixed bags of Sardine, Redeye, Maasbunker and Razor belly. Most nets only yielded a few baskets. Late afternoon€™s in-front of the hospital has produced some Shad and they seem to be getting bigger as winter progresses. Be prepared to put in a long cast or definitely get your feet wet, as the beaches are somewhat sanded and the fish are further out in deeper water.

On the 1St August, The Kingfisher starts their €œBiggest Shad Competition€. This year it will be run over a two month period, August and September, with three prizes each month. The heaviest shad  for each month will receive a 14€™ Kingfisher Poseidon Cold Class 5pc Graphite Surf Rod, valued at R1, 875.00, the second heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1,075.00 and third heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa Opus Plus 6000 Spinning Reel valued at R567.00. Please note that all shad (fresh) must be weighed at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban, during trading hours and please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm.

Bluff €“ Early risers are still getting Shad on spoons as well as bait. Some smaller Black tail have given the drop shot Anglers using ultra light tackle something to talk about at morning tea. This area is definitely fishing better in the early mornings as opposed to afternoon sessions.


Toti €“ Shad caught mainly on traditional traces, have been caught in the early morning like most of the coast line. It would seem though that not many of the Shad have been put out for live-baits as not many Garrick have been landed in this area.

Winkel €“ The Garrick are still coming out on Shad live-baits as well as dead Shad. Although Karanteen and Black tail will work, when in Rome do as the Romans do. This area can be somewhat crowded on the weekends, so be prepared if you are a novice Angler to get plenty of advice.

Illovo €“ The spinning fundi€™s are still getting some Garrick here although with the bigger seas and strong winds the area is somewhat sanded and is possibly only good fishing on a low tide enabling Anglers to walk deeper into the water.

Umkomaas €“ The smaller Shad and Grunter from last week seem to have moved on. The only report of a few Snapper Salmon and small Kob near the mouth was received for last week.

Scottborough €“ Blue Skates caught mainly on Chokka and Prawn combos seem to dominate this weekend. Grey Sharks targeted with Mackeral cutlets and Mackeral heads resulted in some clubs betting the dreaded blob.

Umzumbe €“ This weekend saw some beautiful Shad that definitely didn€™t need measuring. Targeted areas were the bridge area as well as the bay, especially in the white water. Baits and Spoons seem to work equally well. A Blue Ray and a Hammer Head Shark were landed from the point in quite a cheeky swell, but we have had no reports of Garrick coming out in that area.

Trafalgar €“ The Bronze Bream have started to make their presence felt. A few Blue Skates and some Black tail have kept the light tackle Anglers on their toes.

Margate €“ Went from Zero to Hero and can now be renamed €œShad Haven€. The Shad have been plentiful with fish being landed the whole day through, with the bait Anglers getting the pick of the bunch while spoons got slightly smaller specimens.

Port Edward –  Terry Nel from Tacklenet reports that fishing in the Port Edward has really come alive with plenty of Shad on the bite and Garrick also being taken off deep points on live Shad. Kob are also feeding along some beaches in the evenings. Fishermen are treated to good sea conditions all round and the post Ssardine season should be a good one.

Transkei €“The Laputana area was host to a number of clubs for their Postal competition. The Bronze Whalers were out of control and a large number of fish were lost as this is not an easy area to land fish. (Many fish were lost due to broken Gaffs, 200lb Fishmate Carbon Coated Wire being cut through as if done by side-cutters.) So it seems the Sharks did it both on and off the field.

Port St Johns €“ Due to the large number of Sardines in the area still, the Bronze Whalers were also there for the taking. A number of Whales were also spotted moving north, the rest of the area in the Transkei produced some lovely Black tail in the 1.5 to 2kg range as well as Bronze Bream, Shad and a few Kob.


With the weather effecting launch sites along the whole coast and Skippers being somewhat protective over their favourite spots, there were still the few brave who ventured out and managed to get fish. Like the Rock and Surf guys Shad and Garrick seeming to be the two top species.

Richards Bay €“ With only a few Couta up for grabs, Skippers seemed to have targeted the Garrick as well as the nice size Shad in the back-line area.

Zinkwazi €“ Areas to the left and right of the river mouths have been the top spot to target Garrick and due to the large amount of Shad €“ if not, why not. Strip baits set out for Snoek are still being harassed by the Shad.

Umhlanga €“ With plenty of bait fish and small pockets of Sardines in the area, the Garrick have been ganging up with a few boats managing to get some nice fish in the 8-10 kilo range. Very few Snoek have been reported.

Durban €“ For the night rated boats, Daga and Geelbek can still be targeted off the reefs and wrecks. There are plenty of Mackeral and other bait fish around. Bigger Shad and Garrick are still fair game in the back-line area away from the tin tossing Rock and Surf Anglers.

Toti / Winkel / Warner Beach €“ This stretch of coast has basically had the same result. Plenty of Garrick targeted mainly on live Shad and bigger S-bend spoons. Both live-baits and spoons thrown from behind back-line toward the mid-break area seems to be the preferred method and rightly so. When looking for live-bait small fast moving shoals of Sardines can fill your Sabiki very quickly.

Umkomaas €“ A popular game species that usually travels with the Sardine run is the Prodigal son. A beautiful fish of 16kgs was caught during the week. The Snoek and Couta seem full of Sardines and have definitely gone off the bite, although Garrick are there for the taking.

Transkei €“ Although this area is not usually mentioned, rumour has it that a few €œCoppers€ have been caught and we will keep you posted as soon as we hear more.


Big seas and strong winds made the going somewhat harder for paddle-power although those that launched managed to get some nice fish.

Umhloti €“ For this time of the year the Garrick being the most targeted species and a solitary Snoek was all that was reported. With better weather hopefully this area will be back to producing some fine fish.

Durban €“ Previously mentioned as plaguing strip baits the Shad on the back-line are not to be scoffed at. Fish in the 800g to 1+kilo range have meant the early morning start was definitely worth the while. The odd Snoek off Umgeni is still coming out although where there are Shad there are Garrick and drifting a live-bait is easier than paddling.

Toti €“ Taking a note out of the Skippers books €“ Garrick has been the main species to target as well as Shad of various sizes. The Snoek are few and far between although when caught produce a bigger smile.

Scottborough €“ With the number of pockets of Sardines in this area the Garrick and a few Prodigal sons also made their appearance. Two fish to note €“ were an 8kg Prodigal and a fish of this size really puts up a good fight, and a lovely 12.8 kilo Garrick which had to be strapped to the top of the Ski.

Durban Bay

The odd Garrick seems to be quite at home in the Bay especially after the heavier seas. These fish have been seen swimming in the early morning and a pinned live-bait could get your reel screaming. The light tackle Anglers still being plagued by big Skates are starting to contemplate heavier tackle to try and save some dignity. The Sand Gurnitts are out in full force and both novice and junior Anglers can target these fish on 3 and 4-inch McCarthy Minnows with ¼ ounce Jig-heads, very slow retrieve on the bottom will get a sharp bend in your rod.


Fly-Fishing €“ The Stillwater Anglers should persevere with egg patterns. Flashy Zonkers fished to spawning fish on the margins are producing aggressive Cock fish. A few KZN Scaleys have been taken, although fishing is still slow due to the cold weather. Perhaps try small dark patterns in the Umkomaas and Umgeni rivers to target these fish.

Tiger Fishing €“ Jozini dam is still very cold and is at about 65%. As mentioned before the late afternoons with slightly warmer water is about the only bet. Live-baits on a slow troll or strip baits have only produced a few smaller fish. Artificial lures seem to pass these fish by.

Bass €“ It seems that the Bass are starting to wake up now although the fish are still in deeper water in and around points. Jigs and Carolina rigs would still be the best options with Mid-morning to afternoon sessions most profitable.

Carp €“ Slower fishing and targeting bigger fish would be the way to go. Less ground feed and meticulous bait presentation are a must. It is a good time to start spicing up baits with cinnamon and other spice variants.  

Fishy-Facts (for Humans)

Contrary to popular belief, in the past all people targeting fish were known as Anglers. However now a days there is a difference between and an Angler and a Fisherman.

Anglers €“ are courteous, willing to pass on information and knowledge as well as help a fellow Angler out. They limit their catch and respect the environment.

Fisherman €“ seem to be somewhat noisy, closely guard their knowledge and information, catch their limit and have no respect for their environment.

This begs the question: Are you an Angler or a Fisherman?

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