Anglers are enjoying the Shad run that we are experiencing at the moment and these fish are just about everywhere. Although some are on the small side, the majority seem to be well oversized. Traditional Shad spots are producing very well but crowds do become a problem from time to time.

Besides the Shad, this time of the year produces some excellent fishing as the winter fish are still with us and as the sea starts warming up, some of the summer flatfish have begun filtering through. The Durban area and the Umgeni North bank in particular are producing some nice Shad.

Anglers fishing at this venue at night have recently landed some very nice Kob, Grunter and Stumpies. Further down the coast it is business as usual at places like Isipingo, Toti, Winkle and Umkomaas. These venues have over the past few weeks been yielding some very good catches of Shad. Garrick have also been coming out at a steady rate particularly along the Illovo flats.

Anglers that fish at night in these areas now stand a very good chance of getting stuck into some big Kob. The Winkle area has produced some very big specimens recently as well as the odd Brusher.

Reports from the middle South Coast area suggest that a few Sand Sharks all in the 15 kg to 20 kg have already been landed.

In the Port Edward area Terry from Tacklenet reports that the bad weather conditions have impaired the fishing along the coast, yet it only took a few days for the sea to calm and clean up. The conditions are good again and Shad are back on the bite. The beaches are also looking good so reports of Kob and flatfish which normally eat well at this time of the year should be coming in.

A number of good sized Bronze Bream are also being caught in the gullies but reports of Brusher are still a bit scarce.  When targeting these fish (Brusher) your tackle should be stepped up a grade or two to that of Shad angling. These fish are found amongst rocky ledges and points and for this reason your tackle should ideally be that of a heavy nature. Your nylon should be around the 35lb range, Kingfisher Giant Abrasion is a good line and a heavy action rod like the Poseidon Slide is advised. Hooks should range from a 6/0 to a 8/0 Mustad Kendall Round and your trace line should be no less than 30lb, Siglon fluorocarbon 33lb and 40lb does the trick.

Reels are also very important and should be in good condition. Machine reels, the Daiwa SL50SHK and the Daiwa Grandwave 50SHVK are ideal as they have the pulling power to get big specimens out and away from rocks. Baits can vary, as these fish are not fussy eaters. The main bait however is a live crab but sea lice, crayfish, whole mussels, chokka and even sardine heads work very well.

Transkei and the Port St Johns area in particular are having good results with edible species. There are quite a few Garrick and Kob being caught in the vicinity of the Lighthouse and Poenskop. Shad are prolific at most deep water points but the majority of them are too big to be used for live bait. The Port St Johns River is also producing some good fish in the form of Grunter and Kob. These fish are mainly being caught at night by anglers using live Mullet or strips of Sardine.

The North Coast is now also a steady performer with anglers getting their Shad quotas in fairly quick time. Barracuda Rocks has for the last few weeks fished very well and as with other spots Shad and Garrick have been coming out at a steady rate.

Zululand at this time of the year really comes to life as Shad, Garrick and big Kob are caught all along this coastline right up to the Cape Vidal area. Anglers looking for big flatfish such as Skates and sand Sharks will not be disappointed. The far northern beaches such as Black Rock, Rocktail Bay and the Kosi areas really produce some fine catches. Recently anglers fishing at Black Rock landed several nice size Couta as well as the first of the Giant Kingfish, which now start coming into this area. These are remote areas and accommodation in these areas is limited due to the fact that this stretch forms part of the National Heritage site.

Ski boaters are still having a wonderful winter season as Daga and Geelbek salmon are still feeding freely on both North and South Coasts. Big sharks are making for difficult angling as many fish are being €˜taxed€™. This is happening mainly on the South Coast and it seems hordes of Sharks are accompanying the shoals of Salmon. General bottom fishing is also producing some very good results of mainly reds and Rock Cod.

There are some great fishing TV shows being aired on DSTV.

1) ASFN premiers on Mondays on Super Sport 6, channel 206, 19:30 to 20:00.

2) Free Spool Angling premiers on Thursdays on Super Sport 6, Channel 206, 19:00 to 19:30.

The Kingfisher€™s €œBiggest Shad Competition€ is in full swing The heaviest shad for September will receive a 14€™ Kingfisher Poseidon Cold Class 5pc Graphite Surf Rod, valued at R1, 875.00, the second heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1, 075.00 and third heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa Opus Plus 6000 Spinning Reel valued at R567.00. Please note that all shad (fresh) must be weighed at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban, during trading hours and please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007. Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

The trading hours of The Kingfisher are as follows:

Mon €“ Fri.  8:00am €“ 5:00pm

Sat.           8:00am €“ 1:00pm

The Kingfisher wishes all Anglers Tight Lines.


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