The current standings in the Kingfisher biggest Shad competition are 1st place 5.93 kgs, 2nd place 5.06 kgs and 3rd place 3.46kgs. There are still a few days left, to catch that big one and bring it in for weighing before the 31st. Remember to also check our website and Facebook page for our great monthly competitions.

With the wind not knowing which way to blow, the sea is somewhat topsy turvy and not very much fishing has been done.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay/Vidal €“ Reports received have been of lots of Bone fish, Stumpnose and Pompano. White baits with lots of smell have produced the best results.

Richards Bay €“ With the odd Garrick and nice Kob around, a live Shad is good for both and a well-presented Chokka bait in the dark could land you a nice Kob. Over the weekend a 5 kilo Kob was caught in this area. 

Tugela/Mtunzini €“ With lots of brown water the Diamonds have moved in. Some small Kob can also be targeted on Paddle tails for those not wanting to get dirty hands.

Zinkwazi/Salt Rock €“ These areas have quietened down to a slow simmer with very few fish coming out except the odd Grey Shark.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ Lots of Shad, Stumpies and Brusher. The €œMusselman€ crab is definitely the bait to use, make sure you have a good strong leader and a tight drag as these dirty fighters just want to cut you off.

Virginia €“ Is still seeing some nice size Shad in both the morning and evening sessions. Live Mullet and smaller Shad are your best baits.

Durban Piers €“ Some smaller Stumpnose and nice size Blacktail have been hooked amongst other smaller sized fish. 

Beachfront €“ Grey Sharks in the 5 to 8 kilo range have been caught in the evening. There seems to be a lot less Shad than in weeks gone by. The Shad seeming to only feed as it gets dark.

Bluff €“ Shad on spoons in the morning and like most other spots, they seem somewhat smaller. There are still some small Kingfish around.

Toti €“ Here the Shad definitely want bait and are early risers and early sleepers. No other fish were reported from this area. 

Winkel/Warner €“ With some Garrick still around and some morning Shad, this area is somewhat quieter. Stumpnose and Bone fish have also started to appear.

Umkomaas €“ During this week-ends competition, Ricky Jacobs fought a big Eagle Ray and eventually after a 2 hour struggle, lost the fish. Juvenile Skates were also caught.

Scottburgh €“ With dirty water and lots of debris, still not the ideal spot to fish. A number of Bone fish were caught just north at Green Point.

Umdoni €“ Has seen a number of Brown Skates and Bone fish. The usual Chokka and Chokka/Prawn combos have done the trick. It is nice to see some of the summer fish have started to arrive.

Margate €“ The water still slightly off colour and is clearing nicely. Once again this spot is the hot spot for Shad on spoon, bait as well as dropshot.

Trafalgar €“ The best bet here is to target the Kob and Bronze Bream. Look out for weed washing with the waves for the Bronze Bream and fish the troughs and sand banks for Kob. 

Transkei/PSJ €“ Shad have taken over virtually the whole of this area. Some nice Bronze Bream were also caught and Kob are still plentiful at Port St Johns. Please remember bag limits and size restrictions of your fish.


At the mercy of the winds and foul weather, the Skippers have been rather challenged over the past week. With winds switching at a whim it has not been favourable to launch.

North – Lots of Maasbunker in the water. Not many Game fish have been around. Occasional Snoek on Clark spoons were all that was reported.

Central €“ The wrecks are still producing Geelbek and Daga if you are quick and fit enough to beat the taxman. Some nice size Slinger and Reds have also been caught in the 38 fathom range.

South – Some nice Tuna have been caught on live baits as well as poppers, with some just around the corner, we can definitely look forward to better fishing and hopefully better conditions.


Suffering the same fate as the Skippers and shore break not being the best, the lucky few that did launch €“ were rewarded.

North €“ Some Daga and small Snoek although not plentiful were landed.  With Shad being very plentiful, a lazy paddle could definitely get you 4 fish in the hatch.

Central €“ The backline has become the Shad Hi-way. A few small Snoek were reported off Umgeni. Juvenile Hammerhead Sharks have become a pest when fishing strip baits.

South €“ Like the skippers, when in Rome €¦ Tuna and Shad have been the main species targeted and the belly shine of live Mackeral really working well.

Durban Bay

A number of small Skates have been caught in the shallower water, a few small Grunter were also caught in and around the drop-offs, although these were smaller fish. A large Shark was spotted on a number of occasions on Saturday. Please be aware when pumping Crackers.


Fly-Fishing €“ Majority of the water are now greenish in colour due to the recent rain. Nymphs are producing the majority of the fish in the Underberg/Nottingham Road area. Dry Flies fished in the last hour of light are getting results.

Bass €“ Fishing is very good in all the local dams. Surface lures in the early morning have produced some nice fish. During the day, hard plastics especially if the wind is blowing are the lure to go for. 

Carp €“ Somewhat quieter as the Barbel are very active and have started breeding. A few nice fish were caught at Midmar during the week.

Tiger Fishing €“ Jozini Dam is fishing very well, with a lovely fish in excess of 7 kilos caught this weekend. Tigerwakka spoons (especially Copper) and live baits seem to be taken equally ferociously.


The lateral line on both the Kob and Garrick (the line running from behind the gills to the tail on the flanks of the fish) is the most sensitive of any of the fish species. This helps these fish accurately target their prey in poor visibility conditions or when their prey is in distress.

There are some great fishing TV shows being aired on DSTV.

1) ASFN premiers on Mondays on Super Sport 6, channel 206, 19:30 to 20:00.

2) Free Spool Angling premiers on Thursdays on Super Sport 6, Channel 206, 19:00 to 19:30.

The Kingfisher€™s €œBiggest Shad Competition€ is in full swing The heaviest shad for September will receive a 14€™ Kingfisher Poseidon Cold Class 5pc Graphite Surf Rod, valued at R1, 875.00, the second heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa SL 50SHK Reel, valued at R1, 075.00 and third heaviest shad will receive a Daiwa Opus Plus 6000 Spinning Reel valued at R567.00. Please note that all shad (fresh) must be weighed at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban, during trading hours and please remember there is a bag limit of four and the minimum size is 30cm.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007. Check out the new Kingfisher web site: www.kingfisher.co.za. They have updated the tide tables for 2012 and come with a few new added bits of information, like tidal movement, sunrise, sunset ETC.

The trading hours of The Kingfisher are as follows:

Mon €“ Fri.  8:00am €“ 5:00pm

Sat.           8:00am €“ 1:00pm

The Kingfisher wishes all Anglers Tight Lines.


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