Weekly Fishing Report 19th October 2012

With the past weekend€™s lovely weather and two perfect days for fishing the warmer weather is definitely here. With this the water temperature is also increasing and means some nice fish are being caught all over. Hopefully this same weather will hold out for the KZNCAU Annual Meet Competition this weekend.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ A definite sign of summer is the number of Bonefish being caught in this popular spot. These fantastic fighters are great fun on ultra-light tackle and treat for fly-fisherman as well. Some Kingfish and Black fin Sharks make up the rest.

Cape Vidal €“ The Shad are still in abundance and can be great fun for tag and release. There are also some Kingfish to be had on plug in the early morning with smaller fish on Drop shot during the day. 

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ Predominately Kob on Chokka baits and Paddle tails, Stump nose on Prawn and Chokka combo baits and some juvenile Shad for the drop shot fundi€™s.

Tugela €“ Should be renamed to Spinner Shark Heaven, any small throw bait or small live bait is sure to get you an €œOn Dad€ with these little critters. Early morning or late evening into the dark is the best time to target these fish.

Richards Bay €“ Beaches are somewhat quiet, Harbour has produced various juvenile Kingfish species, some Mike the Sea Pike and a lonesome Garrick.

Zinkwazi €“ The Grey Sharks have taken over with both slide baits and throw baits being treated the same way. Perhaps this is a good spot for novices to practice their sliding skills as they are sure to get an on.

Salt Rock €“ True to the pattern developing to the North of the area, Grey sharks in the evening. Perhaps an early morning plugging session or a Chokka slide bait could get you a Kingfish.

Tinley Manor €“ Diamonds, Grey Sharks and Sandies, this is pure heaven on earth for the non-edible Anglers as both slide and throw baits are working well.

Ballito €“ It seems the Grey Sharks have moved further North and only an occasional Stump nose and Blacktail have come out for all the Angling efforts.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ Stumpies are still around and a lovely fish of 4.2 kilos was caught over the weekend. Rumour of a 5+ kilo Brusher has still not been confirmed.

Virginia €“ The big Shad – 5 kilo plus are still in this area and we urge Anglers to practice catch and release during the closed season. A few small Skates have also been caught here, using Mustad 1.0 and 3.0 Kendall hooks with Chokka baits being more preferred.

Durban Piers €“ Nice size black tail and the odd Stumpnose. The small red bait fish are stripping baits clean as fast as they are presented.

Beachfront €“ Grey Sharks are still around, although not as plentiful. For the Anglers targeting Brusher and Stumpy, big Shad have been biting them off.

Bluff €“ Brusher and Stumpnose are the predominant species during the past week with a few Bronze Bream in the mix. A reminder to all Anglers to ensure that all fish are the correct size €“ when in doubt let it out.

Toti €“ For once, quiet at the moment with only a few Grey Sharks and the odd big Shad. Try smaller live baits in order to target Garrick off the points.

Winkel€“ Garrick on plug came out although mainly off the rocky point, for those not so brave some nice Stone Bream and black tail have been coming out in the Gullies. 

Umkomaas €“ Unusually quiet, except for a few small Skates and a Grunter of 1.2 kilos €“ maybe it is time to fish amongst the ledges for Brusher or put a long shot out to target the Skates.

Scottburgh €“ The water here is still off colour. Bonefish and Grey Sharks and the €œSteam Train€ still to be identified as no one has stopped it yet.

Umzumbe €“ Should possibly be renamed McArthy Paddle tail Bay. There are large amounts of Kob coming out and the 6-inch McCarthy Paddle tails fished with a 1 and a half ounce 6.0 jig head have made light tackle angling rise up to a new level. Richard Harrison landed a lovely specimen of over 11 kilos last week. Richard was using the new Daiwa Caldia 4000 spinning reel and the Poseidon HMG rod, I understand that he dropped a bus of + – 20kgs at his feet on Tuesday. See picture below of Richards€™s fish.

Margate €“ Still a lot of Bronze Bream coming out. The Prawn and Chokka baits fished with a small float and No.1 Mustad hooks are doing the damage.

Port Edward-The weather and sea conditions over the last week have been perfect and many fishermen surfaced and plied the sport along our rocks here mostly in search of Bronze Bream. The results were not too impressive though with only a few fish around. Results included a Garrick, a Bronze Hammerhead Shark and a really nice Brusher caught by Ferdie Robbertze who popped down from Gauteng to do some work on his house and found a moment to go fishing.

Transkei €“ Black fin Sharks, Hammerheads, Bronze Bream, Kob, Shad and Garrick, except for the first two, it is definitely the edible Anglers paradise, as most of the edible fish can be targeted from beach areas or more accessible points. Fishing can only improve in the weeks to come.


The National Bottoms Competition (not a Bikini affair) was recently fished in Durban. Congratulations to Border who were the winners and we have been informed that a good time was had by all. Some lovely fish were caught during the competition, a 24 kilo Mussel cracker and a 22 + kilo Daga and all this on 10kg breaking strain line.

North €“ Some early seasoned Dorado were caught although the water temperature is still a bit cold and around the 25 degree should be perfect for these fish. Reports of a lonesome Snoek and no Couta are perhaps a good sign that the Dorado has made an appearance.

Central €“ Rumours abound of Garrick being caught off the backline in the Beachwood area. Live Maasbunker pinned through the nose have been their downfall. 

South €“ Yellow fin Tuna in the 5 to 10 kg range with an occasional 15+ kilo have kept Skippers busy. Geelbek on the wrecks and reefs although water colour is starting to turn more greenish.


With calmer seas and less wind the Paddle Power Pros have had a chance to go out and show what they are made of. The fishing has been somewhat quiet for the Paddlers and not many fish were reported.

North €“ Umhloti area has only produced few Snoek and mainly small fish at that. Live baits have also been a bit difficult to come by in this area.


Central €“ As per usual when it€™s closed season the Shad are an absolute pest for any strip bait, alternate artificial such as the Strike-Pro or small Halco€™s could possibly help. A Kingfisher Buck tail jig fished near drop offs and structure could be a way of avoiding these pesky fish.

South €“ Daga are still being caught in the early morning for some lucky Paddlers, some Snoek however the Shad beat them to the strip bait nine times out of ten. A Black tip Kingfish of just over 2.5 kilos was caught near Winkelspruit.

Durban Bay

Very few fish coming out – namely small Black tip Kingies and a few Sand Gurnitt. Only a lucky few Anglers are getting some Grunter and most of these fish are small. The summer sessions should start soon and the fishing should be back to its normal self hopefully in a week or two.


Fly-Fishing €“ Reports received are of nice fish coming out all over. The Swartberg area is producing some nice size Browns in the late afternoon, fished with Hammels Killers on a slow retrieve, i.e. fishing slightly deeper.

Bass €“ For the early risers, Poppers in the morning can get your day off to a good start, Crank baits if the wind picks up and the standard rule of thumb, from midday onwards, find the shade and find the Bass. 

Carp €“ Of late the Barbel have been an absolute nuisance. Smaller specimen Carp have been caught on small floaties. The Honey, Peach and Strawberry flavours working well.

Tiger Fishing €“ Jozini Dam is a bit low at the moment. The water is clean near the gorge and off colour near the river inlet. Majority of the fish have been caught on live baits and fillet strip baits. Copper spoons seem to have gone out of fashion unless a strip bait has been attached.



The Spinner Shark €“ a fast and agile predator, preys on a variety of bony fish including Sardines, Herrings, Mullet and Tuna, but will also take small Sharks, Cuttlefish, Squid and Octopi. This species employs an unusual method of hunting, which involves swimming rapidly through schools of fish, spinning on its axis, and snapping in all directions at the scattering prey, culminating in an impressive leap from the water surface. Although high-up on the food chain, the Spinner shark does occasionally fall prey to larger Shark species, with the smaller juveniles and sub-adults being especially vulnerable.

Don€™t forget to watch the action packed fishing shows on TV. These shows feature both saltwater and freshwater fishing and are aired on Super sport 6 as well as on Kyknet.

ASFN premiers on Mondays, channel 206, 19:30 to 20:30 and Free Spool Angling premiers on Thursdays also on Channel 206, 19:00 to 19:30.

“Hier Gaan Ons Alweer” is on Monday evenings on Kyknet, channel 144 at 21:30, there will also be six rebroadcast during the week. €œHier Gaan Ons Alweer€ will also be featured in “Stywe Lyne€ magazine, they are doing a series of articles on this fishing series. Petri and his team fish all over Southern Africa, fishing in salt and fresh water and will be fishing with The Kingfisher products, reels, rods, lines lures etc. this series will run for three months.

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