Weekly Fishing Report 5th October 2012

The Kingfisher wishes to congratulate the following winners for the September Biggest Shad Competition in first place, Deon Naidoo wins the Kingfisher Poseidon 5pc Gold Class Rod, 2nd place goes to Nazeer Rahiman who won the Daiwa SL50SH Reel and in 3rd place Logan Naidoo won himself a Daiwa Opus Plus 6000 Reel. The Shad season is now closed and will re-open on 1 December. 

With the sun making an appearance a bit earlier and the days getting warmer, there are no excuses for sleeping in. The good sign is that some of the summer fish have started to appear all along the KZN coastline.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ This area is known for its Kingfish and did not disappoint this weekend. GT€™s in the 10 to 15 kg range were caught in the Black Rock/Dogs Point area €“ live baits and plugs were put to good effect.

Cape Vidal €“ Still lots of Shad around and the Garrick are being caught on livies. It is nice to see the Garrick stayed till the end of the Shad season.

Richards Bay €“ Due to the big waves over the weekend the Harbour was probably a better bet to fish. A few small Kingfish and Snapper Salmon caught mainly on Chokka bait were all that was reported in this last week.

Mtunzini €“ Big Shad in the 2 to 3 kilo range were caught on Saltwater Shad traces using a whole Redeye as bait. Some Kob were also caught on Chokka baits in the late evening.

Zinkwazi €“ Unusually quiet with only an occasional Grey Shark, although the majority of these fish seem to have moved off.

Salt Rock €“ For the non-edible Anglers a lonesome Grey Shark was the only reward for a lot of effort. Stumpies have been caught in the Bay area and some Shad for the Spinners.

Umhloti/Umhlanga €“ Both these areas have consistently produced Stumpnose and Brusher, majority of the fish coming in the early morning. Sea lice (Mole Crab) and Crabs have been the baits of choice. Make sure the hooks you use are strong and can€™t be opened.

Virginia €“ Some big Shad are still lurking in the area, surprising Anglers targeting Garrick. On Wednesday evening 2 Grey Sharks between 5 and 8 kilos were caught.

Durban Piers €“ Snake Park Pier saw some lovely Geelbek caught on Maasbunker slide-baits. This is not the norm however a very nice pre-holiday surprise.  

Beachfront €“ Small Blue Rays caught on €œbloody€ Redeye baits. Grey Sharks on Mackeral Head and Cutlet baits.

Bluff €“ Lots of Shad on baits and spoons. The smaller Kingfish species are abundant and are great fun for Dropshot Anglers. Brusher have also been caught on Crab.

Isipingo €“ The ledges are producing a lot of Brusher although Crabs seem to be hiding. Best bet is to catch Crabs on the beaches elsewhere and take them with you.

Toti €“ Brown Skates caught with Prawn and Chokka baits can be great fun on light tackle. Medium to Heavy Tackle with Mackeral throw baits can land you a Grey Shark or two in the late evening off the beach. 

Winkel/Warner €“ Both areas are still getting Garrick although with the Shad season close, alternate live-baits such as Mullet, Karanteen and small Blacktail are the correct option. 

Umkomaas €“ Some small Snapper Salmon and Kob have been caught in the late afternoon. There are still lots of Shad in the area so remember practice catch and release.


Scottburgh €“ Bonefish are there for the taking. White baits with a size 1 or 1.0 Mustad Kendall and a small bit of foam for floatation does the trick for this fish. There is no mistaking the thump and fight that a Bonefish gives. Perhaps the Saltwater Fly enthusiasts can try an early morning session before the winds get up.

Margate/Trafalgar €“ Along the Margate coastline the target species for this time of year is definitely Bronze Bream. Tell-tale signs of these fish are grass like weed washing up. The gullies and sandbanks are the best target areas to throw you Prawn or Chokka blob bait.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel reports that with the Shad season now closed, other species are now targetted, Bronze Bream topping the list. Surf conditions have been ideal for these fish and some really nice sized specimens have been taken in various areas along our rocky shores. One has to remember that the legal size limit is 30cm and the bag limit two fish a day. River fishing has been quiet because of cold water yet some Grunter and Rock Salmon have fallen prey to different lures.

Transkei €“ Port St John€™s has Kob and Garrick coming out at the mouth. Further south lots of nice size Shad. The McCarthy 6-inch Paddletail with a ¾ Ounce 6/0 Hooks size Jighead fished in low light conditions as officially been dubbed the Kob Killer.


With the sea on its head over the weekend and the wind still not knowing what it is doing, it has been a somewhat testing time for Skippers. With warmer weather and the winds hopefully making their mind up, summer species on the way, we can only hope for better fishing.

North – Garrick caught mainly on live baits like Maasbunker and Shad are still cruising the backline. Natal Snoek caught on strip baits or the Strike-Pro Magic Minnow can definitely make a change to the table fair.

Central €“ Geelbek and Daga still reign supreme. The bottom fishing is also improving with Slinger and Soldiers becoming more plentiful. Live Mackeral for the Daga and whole Sards for Geelbek are still the best bet.

South €“ Lots of small Yellowfin Tuna aka Gas Bottles. Various Poppers and the new Wild Dog Stick baits are reported to be working very well when fished in a €œwalk-the-dog €œaction.


With smaller craft unlike the Boat Skippers more Paddlers have been able to launch with varied results.

North €“ Some nice Snoek have been reported off of Umhloti. Daga have been around the shallower pinnacles and for those willing to try a bit of bottoms some Slinger as well.

Central €“ Very quiet, unusually for this time of year. Strip baits being harassed by the Shad and these are now considered a pest in the closed season. Kingfish on the Kingfisher Bucktail Jig – notably the Chartreuse and White.

South €“ Garrick in the backline area at Winkel and Scottburgh. These fish caught on live bait. Lower down the South Coast a few Tuna as well. Keep a sharp eye out for bait balls and birds and they will lead you to the fish.

Durban Bay

Quieter than usual for now, with only a few small Grunter and Shad. The centre bank area produced a lovely 4.2 kilo Grunter during the week. The summer fish species should start moving in soon so time to check your equipment and give the Bay a shot.


Fly-Fishing €“ The winter fish are definitely coming back on the bite. All the popular dams have reported some nice catches, so time to fish the early mornings and late afternoon when the water temp is up.

Bass €“ Majority of the dams are producing good fish at a regular rate. Crank baits and Plastics fished on the bottom are your best bet. Remember to match your lure colour to that of the water i.e. Dark water €“ dark bait and light water €“ light coloured bait. 

Carp €“ The fishing is very slow at the moment. Not many fish being reported from the dams. The Barbel are a real pest this time of the year and chases the Carp away from your well-presented baits.

Tiger Fishing €“ The recent Jozini Dam Tiger fishing competition was well attended and went down very well. The winning fish was over 7 kg€™s. With water temperature rising the fishing will definitely improve into the summer months.



The Bronze Bream or Blue fish has no molars and instead sports five rows of incisors on each jaw (and we are told they eat weed). This fish matures at 35cm€™s (5 years) and can grow to the ripe old age of 38. So next time you catch a 50 cm + fish perhaps it is time to let the old man go.

There are some great fishing TV shows being aired on DSTV.

1)   “Hier Gaan Ons Alweer” is airing on Monday evenings on Kyknet, channel 144 at 21:30, there will also be six rebroadcast during the week. €œHier Gaan Ons Alweer€ will be featured in “Stywe Lyne€ and they are doing a series of articles on this fishing series. Petri and his team fish all over Southern Africa, fishing in salt and fresh water and will be fishing with The Kingfisher products, reels, rods, lines lures etc. this series will run for three months.

2) ASFN premiers on Mondays on Super Sport 6, channel 206, 19:30 to 20:00.

3) Free Spool Angling premiers on Thursdays on Super Sport 6, Channel 206, 19:00 to 19:30.

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