With the large volume of summer flat fish and last weekends€™ weather summer is here in all its glory. All facets of Angling produced some good catches. The days are longer which means more fishing time and the wind also seems to be playing its part as well.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Some GTs were caught due to the strong North Easterly winds. Although tiresome for Anglers these fish thrive on these conditions. Small Bone Fish either on a slide or a swim bait were very effective. An alternative in calmer conditions is the chisel nose plug when skipped across the water.

Cape Vidal €“ The typical summer reef species and juvenile Kingfish were reported. McArthy drop shots being put to good use as well as Chokka baits on 1.0 Mustad Kendall hooks.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ Like most areas along the coast, Flat fish were in abundance, various Skate species and smaller Sand Sharks were the order of the day.

Richards Bay €“ Although somewhat quiet of late, this region had its time to shine with glowing reviews over the weekend. Raggies on live bait slides as well as swim baits, Giant Guitar fish in the 30+ kilo range and a beautiful Kingfish in the 40+ kilo range. Just goes to show that even when conditions are not 100% it€™s still worth putting in the time to land a trophy fish. Perhaps it is time to change accommodation for the next holiday.

Zinkwazi €“ For the non-edible Anglers this would be the pick of the week. Blue Skates caught on Red Prawn and Chokka combos, Honeycombs on Redeye and Chokka combos all fished with 5.0 Mustad hooks and a short piece of American Fishing Nylon coated wire proved deadly. Redeye cutlet baits and heads wrapped in cutlets also very effective for the Sand Sharks and a really good day trip is on the cards.

Salt Rock €“ The Grey Sharks have become more dominant in this region, Mackeral heads (if you can get them) or Sand Mackeral flap baits either thrown or as a slide bait whole seem to get the taste buds going. For the edible Anglers try a Chokka blob bait to see what reef species may have moved into this area.

Ballito €“ Has been abuzz with small to medium sized Skates, once again these fish could not resist the Red Prawn and Chokka combo. Helpful hint when targeting flat fish and other species is that the colder water will produce more bites on white baits (Chokka, prawn etc.) and the warmer water red baits (such as Redeye Belly, Mackeral Cutlets etc.).

Shaka€™s High Rock €“ Like the rest of this coast fish were also landed here. True to summer mainly Flat fish, some Grey Sharks in the late evening and a Stumpnose of note weighing in at 5.37 kgs.

Virginia €“ With a few weeks left until the Shad season opens, one can only hope that the Shad still being caught in this area will be around come 1 December. With fish averaging 2 to 4 kgs currently if photographed and released imagine the sumptuous meals to follow. 

Durban Piers €“ With the sea returning to its somewhat calmer state, Anglers have once again plied their trade. Stumpnose, lots of juvenile Skates and the odd big bruiser Honeycomb have had the KP€™s leaving train tracks on a number of unsuspecting Anglers.

Beachfront €“ The deep hole in front of the hospital has on occasion produced some fine fish and this weekend saw a Grunter of 4.8 kilos caught on a Mustad no.1 hook with a Japanese Mackeral Squid combination €“ a beautiful fish indeed. For the non-ed Anglers Skates and Grey Sharks are there for the taking.

Bluff €“ Bronze Bream seem to have been more elusive this last week with not much being reported. It seems their cousins the Kingfish have moved in and scared them off which is no great tragedy. On light to ultra lite tackle, these fearsome fighters give a good account of themselves on both artificial and traditional baits.  With longer summer days there is no excuse for a quick cast after work and picking up a bunch of flowers for the better half on your way home to put on the supper table.

Toti/Winkel €“ It seems very strange yet the Stumpnose have favoured this area, especially white water around the gullies, drop-offs around the banks and even flat beach areas. Traditionally reef type species have always been targeted around reefs yet it seems when moving from A to B these fish can also be caught in open water. White baits as well as Redeye head accounted for most of the catches.

Umkomaas €“ On the North bank of the river the Flat fish in the form of Blue Skates have readily attacked any smaller sized bait that has been presented. Cracker Shrimp, Prawn or Chokka was treated equally and with as much vigour. The Snapper Salmon seem to be somewhat shy and have only made their appearance later in the day towards the later afternoon, evening session. A Bonefish of 3.1 kilos was also caught on a Chokka blob bait on light tackle which really gave the Angler a wake-up call while his rod was still hooked to the sand spike.

Scottburgh €“ Par for the course the Scottburgh area has also had its fair share of Flat fish. The Skates, Sand Sharks and to a lesser degree Bonefish have been quiet happy to take any form of bait while drop shot has been very effective for small reef species. A Lantern fish of 2.1 kilos was caught on a Saltwater Sport Blacktail trace by a novice Angler – surely a fish to remember on your 3rd outing.

Margate/Trafalgar – With an occasional Bronze Bream still in the area beating the Flat fish to the baits, still a good area to fish especially with the family as the beautiful beaches can really make for a lovely family outing.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel from Port Edward informs us that some days have presented perfect fishing conditions with overcast sky no wind, calm seas and water colour to suit Salmon and Shark fishing. The fishing spots have been pretty deserted though and only news of one angler losing a large Ragged-Tooth Shark off Splash Rock has been reported. As it stands, Shad season opens at the end of the month and all going well with the bad weather behind us we look forward to better fishing. Kingfish will be moving into the estuaries as soon as the water clears and with some really exciting new lures from Strike Pro on the market, river fishing should be good this summer

Transkei €“ Sharks, Shad and more Sharks can sum up the extreme lower South Coast. A few Kob have also been reported although with recent rainfalls the estuaries would be my pick for edible Anglers €“ Rock Salmon as well as smaller Garrick and Bream on artificial lures like the Strike Pro Taistick as well as Shrimp/Prawn imitations on light tackle could prove to be great fun.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

For all Skippers and Paddlers a date to diarise is the 1st of December for the Christmas Bay Classic. This competition runs from 5am to 11am and is open to boats and paddle-skis. Entry forms are available from all reputable tackle stores. Food and beverages will be available as well as a flea-market.  A live band will be there for the entertainment on Saturday evening. The 1st prize is a lovely Explorer 465 boat fully rigged, valued at over R180 000 and for those not intending for the biggest fish a mystery fish prize of a GWM Stead 5 Double-Cab valued at R245000 is yours for taking.

North €“ Reports of nice sized Yellow fin Tuna caught on Strike Pro Poppers fished among bait balls and Snoek caught on Saltwater  Sport Snoek traces (the pink and live glow colours being most effective) with a Sardine/Redeye fillet have had Skippers and Paddlers coming in early.

Central €“ Weather permitting the Skippers have set sail with most being justly rewarded. Geelbek and Daga are still frequenting the bait spots and with plenty of Redeye available, the Yellow fin Tuna have been feasting. This has opened up for Skippers the of use top water lures to target these Gas bottles. It seems to the advantage that the Taxman is auditing elsewhere as fishing deep is producing more whole fish and less €œblue air€ for the ones that got away.

South €“ Lower down the South Coast, Yellow fin Tuna have been more prolific as it seems the Mackeral seem to be shy in moving further North. Skippers have reported lots of Tuna, various Kingfish species and a few Snoek although exact positions are €œvague€.

The 19th Driftwood Game Fishing Extravaganza, organised by Basil Hill, the well-known Rhodesian and Springbok angler, was held recently from Malindi, Kenya. This is Basil€™s account of what happened at the Extravaganza. €œFive teams – consisting of 17 anglers – fished for four days. The good news is that the Sailfish had arrived off Malindi in very large numbers – but the bad news is that they had been difficult to catch which has been driving anglers and crew crazy!! The main reason for this is that there are tons of white bait and sardines for the sailfish to feed on. Anglers were seeing amazing sights of schools of up to 40 sailfish “balling” up sardines and white bait and feeding on them. Sailfish feeding on balls of these bait fish has got to be one of the most incredible spectacles to witness out at sea. The manner in which they round up the tiny fish in to big balls is mesmerizing. Then they turn – one by one – to dart in to the middle of the ball and get their fair share of bait fish. And, at the same time, not disturbing the perfectly round shape of masses of bait fish. Within a matter of minutes, what was once a large ball of bait fish is annihilated by the schools of sailfish.

The five teams managed to tag and release 24 sailfish – every angler tagged and released one or more sailfish. Ten of the anglers released their first sailfish. “Tag and Release” is the main priority of the Extravaganza and has been for the past 19 years. During these 19 years anglers have tagged and released 913 billfish. I am hoping that next year – which will be the 20th occasion of this tournament – and which is already fully booked with ten teams – the Extravaganza will reach 1000 billfish tagged and released. This would certainly be quite an achievement.

The winning team this year was “Zabra” with 1113 points.  Team members were Dawie Pretorius and Dean Auby. Second team was “The Jiggers” with 1065 points. Team members were John Brownrigg, Richard and Craig Atkinson and Chris Huddy. Top angler was Dean Auby; Top boat was “Unreel” with skipper Rob Hellier€

Durban Bay

After the recent rains it would seem that there is a large amount of fresh water in the Bay as fish have been very scarce. A handful of Grunter, some Sand Gurnitts and the odd Skate the only fish getting the odd rod to bend. Conditions should be perfect for the Christmas Bay Classic as the salinity will increase due to the tidal flows.



Fly-Fishing €“ Yellow fish fever is still rampant. The Snowbee 5 €“ 6 weight rods using either an intermediate or floating line depending on your fly are fantastic for this time of year. A slightly slower retrieve and a well-positioned cast will definitely get you the thrill you have travelled there for.

Bass €“ Early morning sessions using top water baits are still proving very effective in most dams although recently Nagel dam has come to the fore. Some lovely fish caught on June bug, Watermelon Red Fleck as well as the Strike Pro Popper baits have been working well.

Carp €“ Let the Banjo play as this is the flavour of the week. A number of Anglers visiting the store have remarked on how well it has worked for them. The fish although not fantastic have been consistent especially when fished with the new Korda rigs in conjunction with a well prepared feeding area. For a relaxing weekend why not try a fresh water stint.

Tiger Fishing €“ Recent rainfalls have had the dam levels picking up and with this the fishing has also improved. The inlet area is still the most productive and deeper structure is your next best bet. Artificials on a slow trawl (somewhat deeper diving) and the live baits or spoon/strip bait being more preferred.



Ode To Starving Fish

In waters deep as an abyss

On ledges, on rocks, on shelves

In bays that are mud-lined and weedy

The fish are starving themselves

The ravenous pike€™s got his jaws clamped

The bass have all gone to bed

Rather than chance being caught by me

They€™ve decided they€™d rather be dead

They know I€™m up there, the devils

They sense the stomp of my feet

And rather than risk being taken

They refuse, completely, to eat

O fish, I ask, is it worth it?

To lie there growing so thin

I€™m not that super a fisher

I can€™t pull many of you in

I load my gear back in the trunk

For I can tell when I€™m beat

Time to go home to the wife and kid

So the fish can have something to eat.

~ Lenny Everson 2011

Don€™t forget to watch the action packed fishing shows on TV. These shows feature both saltwater and freshwater fishing and are aired on Super sport 6 as well as on Kyknet.

ASFN Season 2 will start broadcasting on the 19th of November 2012. They will remain on a Monday night spot for our viewer€™s convenience. Super Sport will confirm the broadcast time this week for either 19:30 or 20:00 on Monday nights, will keep you informed.

Free Spool Angling premiers on Thursdays also on Channel 206, 19:00 to 19:30.

“Hier Gaan Ons Alweer” is on Monday evenings on Kyknet, channel 144 at 21:30, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week. €œHier Gaan Ons Alweer€ will also be featured in “Stywe Lyne€ magazine, they are doing a series of articles on this fishing series. Petri and his team fish all over Southern Africa, fishing in salt and fresh water and will be fishing with The Kingfisher products, reels, rods, lines lures etc. this series will run for three months.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007, attention, Mike. For the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.

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