Weekly Fishing Report 2nd November

That funny blue, green, white thing aka the sea €“ has more resembled a washing machine on a triple rinse and spin cycle. Strong winds, lots of rain and yet fish have still come out. What a crazy world we live in but all Anglers alike we love it! Conditions haven€™t been fantastic yet those that put the time in have been justly rewarded with various species. Before we get into the fishing report, a reminder that the Crayfish season is closed and only opens on the 1st of March and those who ignore this restriction will face heavy fines as it is illegal to even be in possession of any of these.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Various Kingfish species such as Green Spot, Blue Spot, Yellowtail or Black tip have made a tentative appearance. These fantastic fighters can be targeted on plug, drop shot as well as the modern day Maria casting lures, when retrieving allow the lure to form a zigzag pattern and also try erratic patterns. Blues, Greens and Sardine type patterns as well as the good old white chisel nose plug are your best bets.

Cape Vidal €“ With the spring tides this week and hopefully a small gap in the weather the reefs and gullies could provide a good hunting ground for Kingfish species. There are still a few Shad around but it€™s a definite tag and release until the 1st of December.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ Both of these spots – the bays would be a definite hunting ground, try Prawn and Chokka baits for Bonefish. The Mustad bait holder hook in size 1.0 really keeps the Prawn and Chokka combo perfectly presented. Working or rolling white water fished with a McArthy Paddle tail could provide Kob on the braai for Saturday.

Tugela €“ With some small specimen Guitar Fish or Sand Sharks and more frequently Grey Sharks, for the non-edible Anglers a definite must go to place. The Sand Mackeral flap bait fished with a standard saltwater Grey Shark bite trace could definitely get a few pics for the album.

Richards Bay €“ Although not many have been caught some beautiful Kob and Garrick in the 10 kilo plus range have favoured those brave enough to tackle the weather. The majority of the fish are being caught in the early morning before the wind really picks up, so make the coffee the night before as the sunrises a bit earlier as we get closer to summer.

Zinkwazi €“ Like most of the unprotected spots the sea has been unkind to this area when targeting bigger fish. Drop shot as well as Chokka blob baits fished in the working waters has produced some nice Stump nose as well as some larger Black tail.

Salt Rock €“ With the Pulpit area being heavily sprayed a lot of Anglers fished to the right in the Bay area. Some nice juvenile Stump nose as well as a bigger brother of 2.8 kilos was caught during these adverse conditions.

Ballito €“ When the going gets tough the tough go scratching and Ballito has provided some pleasant surprises; juvenile Kingfish, the odd Bronze Bream and some big Shad have kept this area ticking over nicely.

Umhlanga €“ Reports of big Shad caught mainly at night on live or dead Mullet as well as the odd Brusher caught on either Ghost or Muscleman Crab. The rocks to the right of the lighthouse seem to be the preferred vantage point.

Virginia €“ If you are going to fish this area, make sure you use a wire trace. Big bruiser Shad have moved in and seem to like the area. Anglers fishing without wire have had the dreaded on-off whether it be Redeye, Sardine or Jap Mackeral all have suffered the same fate. For the non-edible Anglers try some ground baits to target Skates moving in and out of this area.

Durban Piers €“ With the strong winds and high seas there was not much fishing done on the piers €“ for the lucky few smallish Grunter and Shad seem to sum up the catch with only a 6 to 10 kilo Honeycombe Skate giving someone an €œOn Dad€.

Beachfront €“ Seems like the liquorice all sorts€™ man paid this area a visit. Stump nose, Lesser Sand Sharks, Grey Sharks, Shad and Maasbunker all being caught in the past week, a truly mix and match set up to match the weather.

Bluff €“ Good news for residents it seems a few Kingfish have made their appearance, although in the smaller region, these fantastic fighters can be caught on drop shots, plug as well small live baits. A lovely fish of 3.4 kilos was caught in wishy washy conditions on a McArthy 5-inch Paddle tail fished with a medium to fast retrieve.

Toti/Doonside €“ Toti has risen to its claim to fame with a lovely 3.2 kilo Stump nose caught by an inland visitor on Sunday afternoon at approximately twenty past five. Although the fish was landed the equipment was definitely tested to its maximum.

Umkomaas €“ The river mouth area has been the hotspot with some Skates, small Snapper Salmon and a lucky Kob or two. Try fishing the white water areas or darker patches where there is deeper water; don€™t curse the rip as it may drag your bait into a feeding spot.

Scottburgh €“ Was a graveyard last week due to the large sea, all investigations revealed a lonesome Grey Shark probably washed onto the hook and not much else, with better weather predicted hopefully better things to come.

Margate/Trafalgar €“ With washing machine type seas the Bronze Bream seem to prefer the spin cycle and the Kob the rinse cycle. Pink and Red Prawn have slayed the Bream while long thin Chokka baits have sorted out the Kob.

Port Edward News of fish being caught down there are few. There have been hardly any fishermen out there trying in the bad weather conditions. The sea has begun to clear although the wind conditions do stir the dirty water up now and again. Confirmed reports of only two fish caught by the same angler are a Bronze Bream  of over 2kg and a Hammerhead Shark around the 10 kg mark.


Transkei €“ The more protected bays during the past week landed Kob, a few nice sized Bronze Bream and the perfect closed season Shad. Although fishing was hard €“ if you do the time you get the prize. With better conditions forthcoming it is not an area to forget about in a hurry.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With both the Paddle and Horse Power Gurus, suffered the same fate with big waves, choppy seas and a terrible shore break, unfortunately you are in the same boat and are reported on together.

North €“ Not many fish were caught in this area, a few Snoek and for those brave enough on the Ski€™s Shad on backline. Some Skippers further north were lucky enough to encounter a Couta fished on a deeper bait. Some Paddlers fishing amongst shallower reefs were also lucky to get a Rock Cod or two.

Central €“ The Lime Stone area, somewhat more protected had a few Stump nose, Kingfish and nice Lantern fish or Cave Bass. Even this area was still somewhat choppy especially in the later part of the week. 

South €“ Skippers lucky to launch from Rocky Bay caught the odd Yellow fin Tuna and trolling lures was really difficult. A 4.8 kilo pick-handle Couta was probably the highlight of the week for this area. Hopefully both Paddlers and Skippers have spent their time wisely checking rods; reels and making some extra traces, cause remember no sacrifice equals no reward.

Durban Bay

With the harbour haven always providing an alternate spot no matter what the conditions, this area has meant light and ultra-light tackle Anglers have been able to do their thing no matter the weather. Whether it be casting hard plastics, smaller drop shots such as 3 and 4-inch McArthys or fishing the usual running bait trace with a no. 6 Mustad Big Gun Hook and Cracker Shrimp for Grunter, it is always game on in the Harbour. For those fishing from the side, there are various Kingfish species which are easily spotted/heard when targeting smaller bait fish on the surface or up against the side. When working a top water lure give it a tweak or two and let it rest for a few seconds before retrieving again, this will often result in a big swirl and smash onto your lure.



Fly-Fishing €“ Yellow gold aka Yellow Fish have been the order of the day, the most prolific fly being a Zacks. Like the Rock and Surf Anglers C.P.R (Catch, Picture, Release) and let these beautiful fish fight another day.

Bass €“ Shongweni dam has been by far the most consistent producing a number of fish despite the windy conditions. Funny enough most fish were landed in and around deep structure with bigger plastics fished with heavier sinkers and a slight twitch and jerk retrieve.

Carp €“ With the sun not allowing a second cup of coffee for those Anglers trying to get a first light line out, smaller floaties predominately the fruit flavours as well as a well-mixed sticky mealie bomb could definitely make the difference between the one that was landed and the one that was dreamt about.

Tiger Fishing €“ Unlike most other facets of fishing the Tiger Anglers welcome the rain as it fills the dam and the inlet to Jozini dam is more productive than ever. Live baits as well as Africa lures Copper spoons and strip baits attached to various spinner bait type variants have led to many a fire side story with a €œCup-a-Joe€. Viva la Tigre!


To lighten the load of the heavy weather I thought a few of these would be fun.

A tuna was pulled in my boat
One day while at sea and afloat
I said €œWhat a fish!€
He replied: €œWell, I wish
you would get this big hook from my throat!€

My lure was the best you can buy
I flicked my rod and let fly
my knot though was slack
it never came back
I sat down and had a good cry!

One thing about fishing I hate
is not all the boredom and wait
it€™s heading for shore
with a story so poor
cause the biggest thing hooked was your bait!


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