With unpredictable weather last week it was definitely a case of fish when you can. Some small Shad, Skates and Grey Sharks were the main species caught. The dirty water now could mean a good time for the non-edible Anglers. The Edible Anglers can fish around the banks and moving water for Grunter and Stumpnose. Shad season is open and although some of the fish are undersize, remember the big brother could be just around the corner.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ The Kingfish are still in the area. Lots of Bonefish and a lovely fish of 4.8 kgs was caught during the week on a Prawn and Chokka combo. Light tackle is by far the best way to target these awesome fish.

Cape Vidal €“ Lots of smaller Kingfish species. Speckled Snapper have also made an appearance on the North ledges. Bonefish and small Sand Sharks have been caught on throw baits.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ Night fishing has produced the odd Grunter and some Kob. Grunter have been feeding on thin Redeye belly baits. The Kob are favouring Chokka baits.

Richards Bay €“ Diamonds, Sandies, Browns €“ the typical summer species have been caught. Sand Mackeral and Bonito being the best baits for this time of the year.

Zinkwazi €“ Grey Sharks caught on cutlet baits using the Kingfisher Salt Water Sport throw bait traces.  Brown Skates on Redeye and Chokka combo baits.

Umhloti €“ Blue and Brown Skates have been caught on beaches. The odd Grey Shark from 20-30kgs has also been landed. This is a great spot for novice Anglers to practice.

Umhlanga €“ The Lighthouse area on the right has yielded some Stumpnose and a few Grey Sharks. On the left between the gullies there are some nice Blacktail and a few Bonefish to be had on Drop shot.

Virginia €“ For non-edible Anglers a nice slide bait could get you stretched with a big Flatfish. Smaller Shad and the odd Stumpnose have also been caught here.

Blue Lagoon €“ The north bank of the river mouth has recently landed some Kob in the evenings. Grey Sharks and a lonely Stumpnose were also beached. This area is sure to produce nice fish in the coming weeks. 

Durban Piers €“ A lovely Pompano +/- 6 kgs was caught by Darryl Oliphant on the weekend. The fishing was better on the piers with bigger Shad and some Skates as well.

Beachfront €“ Lots of juvenile Skates and small Shad were caught last week. The Sardine and Redeye baits being used to good effect. A definite place to watch in the next week.

Bluff €“ Kingfish species mainly the Blacktip or Yellowspot were caught on small Blacktail and Karanteen live baits. A strong leader and good arms are needed to prevent €œreefing€.

Toti/Winkel €“ A bit quiet last week with only some Shad and one good hook up and bite off. The area should pick up soon and the banks could work on a higher tide.

Umkomaas €“ Grunter, some Snapper Salmon and Skates were all in the pool for this popular spot. Snapper feeding in the evening as well as the Shad. Skates all day and night.

Scottburgh €“ Bonefish and the small Diamond Skates were all that was recorded for this area. With warmer weather expected the Sharks and Flatfish should also move into this spot.

Margate €“ Shad, Bronze Bream and the occasional Garrick were caught last week. Like most areas the Shad were small. Bronze Bream on Prawn baits have kept some fish on the table.

Port Edward –  Terry Nel reports that a  fair amount of excitement has been experienced by anglers in the Port Edward area and although shad are few at the moment, bigger fish or rather, ragged tooth sharks are on the prowl and smashing up fishermen on the rocks here. One afternoon this week, a very experienced angler,  Dean Pretorius, who has landed many giant fish off Splash Rock had his arms stretched by raggies exceeding reasonable sizes and on four occasions had pulls to talk about. One fish was seen and confirmed these giant sharks are here. Another remarkable catch also from Splash was a Springer of 14,6 kg. caught measured and released by Cassie de Klerk (Port Edward’s catch and release icon). This would have been a new record but unfortunately as he was on his own and in order not to injure the fish was unable to take pictures. Dorado have come on the bite and are large the biggest being around 15kg taken by Warren Wood on the colour line here who took on lure from the side of the boat. Reports of Rock Salmon, Perch and Sea Pike are in from the estuary so it looks like our Summer season is going to be a good one.

Transkei€“ Most of the points have produced some nice Sharks on either a big slide bait or swim baits. There are still lots of edible fish around as well. Big Shad, Bronze Bream, Garrick and big Blacktail have been caught, the edibles on Prawn and Chokka combos or Mussels. The early morning sessions produced the most Sharks and late evening has seen a lot of Shad and Blacktail feeding.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Like most Anglers – Skippers and Paddlers were also forced to fish when the weather permitted. Some big swells and dirty water also made conditions more difficult. The best thing about discoloured water is probably being able to fish the colour line. Dorado, Kob and some Snoek and a few nice bottom fish were caught during the week. For those that did get a chance to launch it was in most cases worth the effort.

North €“ Some Marlin €“ Stripies and Blacks were boated at Vidal and Richards Bay. These fish were caught on artificial lures in deeper water. Live bonnies were also used to a lesser extent. The Kingfisher Salt Water Sport Daisy Chain has been working really well to catch Bonito for live baits.

Central €“ Lots of Redeye in the water. Some Sailies were caught on the bait marks. Yellow fin Tuna in the deep water on the new Kingfisher Rattler lures. Dorado have started to come out in better numbers last week. A few Snoek for the Paddlers in the early morning sessions.

South €“ The main species down South has been Yellow fin Tuna with some Amberjack on vertical jigs. A rare Wahoo has also been boated. This area seems to have more bait fish and even the elusive Mackeral are there.

Durban Bay

Just like last year there was a lot of rain the night before the Christmas Classic. With a large contingent of hopeful Anglers fishing the Bay comp, not many fish were caught. The large amount of fresh water content, debris and tough fishing conditions meant you had to bring your €œA Game€ with you. Congratulations to the winners and from what was heard this was a great event. Grunter, some Sand Gurnards and smaller Kingfish and Stumpnose were all caught during the competition.



Trout €“ Notties area has produced some nice fish during the adverse weather conditions. Fishing early morning with the summer patterns like Damsels and Minnows. Lots of the dams are discoloured so use slower retrieves for more hook ups.

Bass €“ Dam levels have risen with the recent rains. Now is the time to fish these flooded grass areas with frog patterns and top water lures. Also fish the verges and shallow drop offs as the Bass will be feeding in these areas. Flukes are working very well.

Carp €“ Smaller fish are being caught now after the spawning session: Albert falls saw a club competition this past weekend. It started off great with some nice fish and unfortunately as the barometer dropped so did the bites. Inanda also had a similar situation with a nice 7kg Carp caught in the early morning.

Tiger €“ Plenty of fish coming out near the river entrance to Jozini Dam. Live baits being more predominant and the ever popular Copper Spoons with Sardine fillet on the hook are doing their bit as well.



The Clown fish or Nemo to any child under 10 years old is a common reef fish. These bright orange and white fish are usually found near a specific coral/weed. They are the only fish that can swim around these stinging weeds due to a coating on their skin. These fish also have the ability to change sex as well. So next time you see one of them ask yourself is that a Nemo or a Nemette?>

Don€™t forget to watch the action packed fishing shows on TV.

These shows feature both saltwater and freshwater fishing and are aired on Super Sport 6 as well as on Kyknet.

ASFN Episode 2 of Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it.

“Hier Gaan Ons Alweer” is on Monday evenings on Kyknet, channel 144 at 21:30, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week. €œHier Gaan Ons Alweer€ will also be featured in “Stywe Lyne€ magazine, they are doing a series of articles on this fishing series. Petri and his team fish all over Southern Africa, fishing in salt and fresh water and will be fishing with The Kingfisher products, reels, rods, lines lures etc. this series will run for three months.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007, attention, Mike. For the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.

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