With the one or two days of lovely weather that we have had summer is definitely here. As proof of this a lot of Sand Sharks were caught along the entire coast this past weekend as well as Diamonds, Brown Skates and some Honeycombs. For the edible Anglers there are still big Shad and Kingfish around. With a better weather forecast for the coming weeks the winter preparation of Reels, knots etc. will definitely pay off for those who heeded the warning.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ This was also one of the areas which produced some fine fishing. A lovely Bonefish of 5.2 kilos was caught over the weekend. This spectacular fish was caught on a Fly Rod of all things while the Angler was targeting €œwhatever he could get€. Some nice GTs ranging from 2 to 4 odd kilos were caught on small live baits and Chokka baits as well.

Cape Vidal €“ Speckled Snapper are definitely around, these strong fighting fish are prolific feeders and unwary anglers beware as your rod can be ripped out of your hand. Not a fish you want to leave your rod on the rod stand for. Also at the party have been Kingfish species which the Drop shot fundi€™s have put Mcarthy Jerk Minnows and Strike Pro Stick baits to good use for.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ Both areas are still producing the odd Garrick on live baits and some lovely size Shad especially early morning sessions and preferably with a high or incoming tide. A stray Kob of 3 kilos was caught just off the old St Lucia mouth. 

Richards Bay €“ Like its neighbour Mtunzini, the Flat fish in the form of bigger Skates, Sand Sharks in the 20 to 40 kilo range and particularly on Saturday some nice big Shad were caught. A lengthy fight with what was presumed to be a big Skate, possibly Honeycomb, ended abruptly when the steel wire scythed off. This leaves a question €“ how big is big?

Zinkwazi €“ This area was alive on Saturday with many Anglers reporting a shot for shot result, this is typical just before the barometric pressure drops that the Flat fish will feed well and on Sunday this area produced far fewer fish. Baits used were Sand Mackeral, Redeye and the ever popular Prawn and Chokka combo.

Ballito – In the vicinity of the old tidal pool Anglers have been getting a few Kingfish just before sunrise and in the late afternoon just before dark. Once again live baits would be first choice and failing which artificials such as bullet spoons and McArthy Drop shots.

Umhloti €“ Left its name on the map after some really good fishing on Sunday, plenty of Skates, big Sand Sharks and one big Shad. These fish were caught in the afternoon with many Anglers using a €œheavy gym€ excuse early Monday morning work day.

Umhlanga €“ A Brown Skate of 14 kilos was caught off the beach on Saturday morning, strangely this fish was caught on a traditional Saltwater Shad trace by a visitor from up country.

East Moore Crescent €“ Had a blitz of big Shad on Saturday evening and for approximately 30 minutes there was absolute mayhem, those without bait also got their fair share on the Kingfisher S-bend spoons. As if called to supper these fish disappeared into the deep as quickly as they had come.

Virginia €“ Although not as active as East Moore slow steady and sure is the way to fish Virginia. Baits left for longer periods have produced sizeable Shad and it€™s a case of slowing down during the silly season.

Blue Lagoon €“ Now days a construction site those prepared to walk and leave their cars in a safe spot have been rewarded with some nice Grunter. Snowbee polarized sunglasses have also allowed Anglers to spot Kingfish in the shallows, especially on the outgoing tides coming up close to the points on the left and right hand sides.


Durban Piers €“ On the left hand side of the Sunkist beach pier Grunter from 2 to 4 kilos have been caught on Cracker Shrimp. Shallow water has meant a good cast is necessary and the effort is often rewarded. Remember the size limits for these fish.

Beachfront €“ Lots of small Brown Skates juvenile Honeycombs and just undersized Shad were caught during the week. Dusk has seen more Grey Sharks. The Sharks have been targeted with Redeye cutlet baits on a simple bite trace. Close to North pier in the calm bay some big Black tail were also caught.

Bluff €“ Early morning spinning specialists have seen a few Shad although nothing to really write home about. On Sunday afternoon a handful of skates were also caught predominantly Brown Skates and juvenile Honeycombs.

Doonside €“ Saturday afternoons€™ results were as follows: Anglers without wire 0, Grey Sharks and Milkies €¦. Reports indicate that it was only non-edible fish feeding and anyone fishing for edibles either landed the fish by luck or was bitten off.

Umkomaas €“ The Ledges have been fishing very well, with a lot of Skates and a big bruiser that has been giving the guys a rough time if they not prepared for it. The river mouth saw some nice Sand Sharks also in the 20 to 40 kilo range and this would be my spot to watch in the upcoming weeks.

Scottburgh €“ As predicted there were a number of Sharks and Flat fish due to the better weather conditions. Sand Sharks, Brown Skates and a lovely honeycomb of 30 kilos were all beached. Bonefish on lighter tackle were also landed if a Flat fish didn€™t pick the bait up first.

Hibberdene €“ Main beach although somewhat crowded with beach goers produced some lovely Brown Skates. For the edible Anglers undersized Shad with the odd size one, early evening feeding only on bait.

Margate €“ The Pier is still fishing better than the beaches with small Kingfish mainly Black tips being caught. The odd big Shad tipping the scale at 3 odd kilos, on slide baits with a whole big Redeye Sardine.

Transkei €“ After early reports of some bigger Sharks many hopefuls made the trek to test their luck. Although the bites were not as plentiful, many personal bests were achieved. The plentiful big Shad used as live baits produced some good hook-ups; this also left the juniors feeling a sense of accomplishment when Dad had to ask for a live bait. The estuaries have also started to fish well, once again on outgoing tides when using Strike Pro surface lures on 7-ft Rod and Reel combos.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

The Yellow fin Tuna have arrived en-masse with all three areas sharing equally in the bounty. The previously mentioned Rattler lures were put to the test by Laird Shooter in Mozambique and he was happy to report a small Blue Marlin was lost close to the boat in Mozambique on one of these lures. There you have it tried and tested and at a very reasonable price. With the better conditions both Skippers and Paddlers have been able to get out to their favourite spots and have boated some lovely fish.

North €“ Mapelane, Cape Vidal and St Lucia all produced some lovely Tuna. Majority of the fish caught on Poppers and live baits. The biggest specimens were found in deeper water with bigger live baits. Some small Couta were also in the catch and lighter tackle also got a few Snoek for the Skippers. Reports of nice catches of Dorado were also received.

Central €“ Dorado have been more prolific deeper out, live baits as well as smaller trolled lures have also been working well. Blue and White, Red and Black as well as €œRainbow€ lure colours being most preferred. Yellow fin Tuna seem to have also moved somewhat closer with plenty of Paddlers also getting on the board using smaller Rattler lures with a steady paddle to keep them swimming straight. For the bottoms boys there are still some lovely Rock Cod and some nice Slinger around if trolling is not your scene.

South €“ With the large amount of Yellow fin Tuna being boated, it seems the tax man is definitely in to get his fair share before the end of Feb tax season closure. Many Skippers have reported many catches of nice sizes getting taxed under or near the boat. As previously mentioned a solid retrieve in order to get the fish on board is definitely required. The Aliwal Shoal area and the banks have also landed some nice fish with Wahoo and Kingfish in the mix as well.

Durban Bay

Centre bank area was the most productive last week, some nice Grunter were caught on light tackle. Saturday afternoon was probably the best period with three or four fish weighing in at just over 2 kilos. The Coaling Station area has seen some Kingfish and also some small Queen Fish up to about 30cm from eye witnesses. All Anglers fishing from the side must keep in the mind the fishing forbidden areas especially during the holiday season.



Trout €“ With the temperature on the increase in the early mornings a definite sunrise fishing session is on the cards. Still on a slower retrieve and the usual summer suspects could possibly see Trout on toast for breakfast. The rivers, due to recent rainfall, may still be a bit quick flowing, yet quiet pools and eddies are a good hunting ground for fish.

Bass €“ Suffering the same fate/fortune as the Trout Anglers, the dam levels have risen. This means previously shallower areas will be deeper and hide in some nice fish. The tried and tested early morning fish the shallow water and top water lures and midday to late afternoon fishing deeper lures and around structure is the best advice for this time of year. Careful attention should now be paid to lure colours, patterns and size. Albert Falls seems to have been the most productive this last week especially on darker lures in the late afternoons.

Carp €“ True to form mainly smaller specimens have been caught this past week. In the weeks to come there should hopefully be bigger fish that are not as fussy on bait presentation and have also built up a fair appetite. The river inlet area at Midmar dam has been the most consistent with fish caught daily. Although nothing spectacular a definite go to spot for the day Angler or novice to learn the trade.

Tiger €“ With more light in the early mornings, it seems the striped water dog have developed the eyes of the tiger. The Copper spoons seem to have lost their shine with small live baits and trolled lures being more popular. With the water slightly discoloured from the recent rains, maybe when it clears the artificial could work. All bets are on live bait and trolled lures for the meanwhile.


Here are a few cool facts about Yellow fin Tuna. The world record for length for one of these monsters is 280cm and the heaviest recorded has been 400kgs. They are also one of the only fish that can control their body temperature and do this through a network of arteries and other blood vessels which trap in body heat. Yellow fin Tuna are also one of the fast fish and can swim up to 28mph and swim further than most other fish.

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