Don€™t forget to watch the action packed fishing shows on TV. These shows feature both saltwater and freshwater fishing and are aired on Super Sport 6 as well as on Kyknet. ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it. “Hier Gaan Ons Alweer” is on Monday evenings on Kyknet, channel 144 at 21:30, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week. €œHier Gaan Ons Alweer€ will also be featured in “Stywe Lyne€ magazine, they are doing a series of articles on this fishing series. Petri and his team fish all over Southern Africa, fishing in salt and fresh water and will be fishing with The Kingfisher products, reels, rods, lines lures etc. this series will run for three months.


Now on to the fishing report, with the unpredictable winds, heavy rainfall and the sea resembling a double thick chocolate shake with extra debris has meant fishing for the Rock and Surf Anglers is a real hit and miss affair. Those in the know have watched the barometric pressure and fished just before the pressure falls. Although not all doom and gloom some decent fish have been caught, in areas away from the rivers and seaweed infestations.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ This is one of the luckier areas with a fair amount of clean water. Kingfish, some Pompano and plenty of Bonefish are still being caught. The Bonefish seem to have beefed up a bit and are great sport on light and ultra-light tackle. The bigger GT€™s are still being caught on whole Chokka slide and live baits.

Cape Vidal €“ Lots of under sized Shad on Drop shot and early morning Spooning sessions. The late afternoon has produced some nice Kingfish caught on Strike Pro surface lures and bigger Drop shot lures. The Kingfisher Buck tail jigs have been reported as working well.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ Discoloured water seems to have chased a lot of the edible fish away and this has made way for Sand Sharks and Skates. Target these fish with cutlet baits or flapper baits. Fish have ranged from 4 to 30 kilos and the Poseidon HMG Medium Rod and 40 sized Reel are up to the task.

Mtunzini €“ With a fair amount of activity on the banks many Anglers have taken the trip up there with just rewards. All the regular suspects in the form of Skate species, some big Sand Sharks and a few unstoppable i.e. no licence plate were all caught and hooked during the past week.

Zinkwazi €“ has still seen some activity, reports indicate a fair amount of seaweed making fishing a bit more difficult. Hopefully with better weather and clearing seas, the weed will disperse and this popular spot will be fished some more.

Ballito €“ With the holiday season in full swing potential Anglers must be aware of restricted fishing times and try to fish €œout of the way€ areas. There are Kingfish, some Shad and a few Skates in this area. History has shown early morning and late evening are the most productive for this area.

Umhloti €“ With off colour water not many edibles have been caught, late afternoon has produced some smaller Grey Sharks and a handful of Shad, this is another area that in a few days could definitely yield more fish with favourable conditions.

Umhlanga €“ A double helping of seaweed and frothy chocolate water has meant not much fishing could be done. Debris in the water seems to snag a lot of lines. Perhaps a trip further north or south could be a better option.

Virginia €“Suffering the same fate as most areas with river outlets in the vicinity. Dirty water and debris has meant not much fishing. It would seem if you put in the time and preserver you can still catch fish as a lovely Shad of 3.4 kilos was caught in the trough just behind the shore break.

Blue Lagoon €“ The north bank prior to the rivers flooding, some lovely Grunter were caught on Mustad Red Tarpon 2.0 hooks with a few Sealice cottoned onto the shank with a long Siglon fluorocarbon hook snoot. With dirtier water it might be a better idea to save the fluorocarbon for cleaner water.

Durban Piers €“ On the right hand side of Sunkist beach pier some nice Shad, the odd smaller Skate and a few Stumpnose were all caught during early morning sessions. Typically the dirty water containing sediments which irritates edible fish€™s gills has jeopardised this spot. With the water cleaning up it should be back to peak performance in a few days.

Beachfront €“ Lots of weed although cleaner water has been a case of looks good but translates to shiny on top but shabby underneath. The current has also been deceiving and only a 5 or 6 ounce grapnel sinker would hold.

Bluff €“ The north side of the Bluff still produced some Kingfish although lesser numbers. With the water warming up after the last couple of day€™s warmer weather, this popular area can definitely hold a holiday surprise or two.

Amanzimtoti €“ This popular holiday destination has received its fair share of uptown visitors with mixed results. Those rising early before winds and rains came caught a few Shad and Wave Garrick or Three Spot Pompano on Aquapak combo€™s. This is probably a good sign of what Santa may have on his list.

Winkelspruit €“ The somewhat protected area to the right hand side of the swimming pool had some summer surprises for novice Anglers. Some nice size Stone Bream, bigger Black tail and Karanteen were caught on various methods from Drop shot to Squid and Prawn in the mix for good measure.

Umkomaas €“ The double delight of the chocolate world with seaweed for vermicelli has unfortunately for the Rock and Surf Anglers reduced this area to a no go zone, for the Skippers a total different story.

Scottburgh €“ The dark brown water has meant that even those Grinder and Braid enthusiasts have battled to reach cleaner water. This popular point would best be put on the back burner for a few days in order for the water to clear up and the debris to reveal itself. I would rate this spot for a pre-Christmas fish for my Christmas bonus fish.

Hibberdene €“ Finally some fishable water, not discoloured, no debris, a slight ginger beer colour and if the wind Gods play along €“ my number 1 spot for this week. With Shad for the edible Anglers, Black tail and smaller reef fish for novice/junior Anglers and the possibility of a big On-Dad for the non-edible Anglers. For those on holidays further up the coast towards Durban a definite idea for a day trip, with an early start. Umzumbe however is a different story with plenty of debris in the water.

Margate €“ The inland holiday maker€™s choice destination is still producing a number of juvenile Shad which has got the reef fish hunters perplexed as the rod bends, line goes tight and is immediately followed by slack line. To corner phrase €œNo wire €“ no buyer€ these sharp tooth juveniles will bite through most nylons so be prepared when fishing this area.

Port Edward – Even though the weather conditions are not good and the sea dirty some good catches have been reported. Bronze Bream are feeding readily yet there are still no signs of shad here. Cassie de Klerk of Port Edward tussled and landed a 173kg ragged tooth shark from Splash Rock. Two days later while helping another visiting fisherman land a large skate he was lanced through the foot by its thorn and has had to have treatment for the wound. Des Davis, also of Port Edward landed a +- 5kg kingfish at Salmon Bay and the fish was released again. Kob are on the quiet side and this is strange as the conditions typically suit the fishing for them at the moment. No news from the estuaries yet, the flood waters have certainly made sure of a late season this year.

Transkei €“ Certain spots have also been flooded by the great chocolate shake. Those areas not affected are still producing some nice edibles in the form of Shad, a few random Kob and something that resembles €œI don€™t know what the hell that was€.  For the non-edible Anglers fishing cleaner water €“ Hammerheads and big Grey Sharks have been landed on either throw bait traces  using cutlet baits with lots of flotation or a whole Bonito slide with the Gill plates opened up. The Estuaries in full flow are a definite target area for various Shark species targeting Mullet etc. being washed out to sea.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Dirty water, big waves, howling winds and the call of the Yellow fin Tuna has turned many a frank discussion into an earnest debate €“ to launch or not to launch being the question. For the Paddlers – do I get dumped on Shore break, for the Skippers €“ do I offer up my Props to the debris. Either way you look at it, as usual fortune favours the brave with Yellow fin Tuna, Snoek and Couta at the end of the day it is probably worth it.

There is lots of Debris floating around, inshore the water is turbid and still cool, out deep there is warmer water now up to 26 deg.C. Be careful when running your vessel through the debris as the are many large trees floating just under the surface and all other manner of junk, Mikes boat from Blue Water Charters got a swimming pool net caught in the props which ended in a sheared shaft and expensive repair.

Last week saw a pumping NE wind and a SW buster with some more rain to add to the mix, but in between we have seen a few lovely days also and it looks like things are settling down for some good summer fishing and I think we will have a bumper season even though it came late. Many boats are now catching Dorado, and there are many large schools of Yellow fin Tuna around, including some with very small Tuna. We must remind everyone that the minimum size for Yellow fin Tuna is 3.2Kg, so put the little ones back PLEASE. A lovely Black Marlin was caught and released on Monday off Durban. The shoal Couta have started arriving and there have been several fish in the 6-7Kg range have come out.

North €“ Behind the caramel and chocolate swirl Dorado, Couta and sly Snoek have all been caught. The bigger Yellow fin Tuna are still hiding out in the deeper water and the majority of the Couta being caught on live bait. Snoek seem to favour the early light conditions, although launching in bigger seas with low light can be a bit precarious. Make sure you lures are tuned and swim true.

Central €“ The popular bait spots are producing a lot of Tuna ranging from 5 to 15 kilos; keep your eye out for birds and boiling water. The Kingfisher bullet spoons, red head, silver and silver pink are deadly for the Bonito to troll as a live bait. For those not using paddle power or the super fit, The Kingfisher Daisy Chains are working a treat for catching Bonito. Some Couta fished on deeper trolls have also kept the reels screaming, in cleaner water, slightly further out.

South €“ As usual for this time of the year still one of the best spots and worth a trip down south. Heavier leaders and an extra session in the gym working on the arm muscles in order to boat fish quicker is what is needed. Large amounts of Yellow fin Tuna are still being caught. Reports have indicated that even in cases of bottom fishing, you will still need to get the catch up quick in order not to be taxed.

Durban Bay

Due to the Bay receiving a large amount of inland water and debris, this area has not fished very well. For the lucky few fishing from the side, small Kingfish, the ever present Sand Gurnitts and the odd Grunter were all that was reported for the last week. There is a rumour going about of a big bruiser cruising around and evidence of this is a deep dark shadow, a bending rod and completely slack line -definitely a case of keep everything on the boat.



Trout €“ Just like last week with more rain flow the dams are slightly fuller and the rivers quicker flowing. For Anglers targeting the dams, try to find more still areas and once again, slower retrieves for the river Anglers look for more recently flooded pools and eddies and with a well-aimed cast you should be on the money.

Bass €“ With a recent influx of inland water, the water colours will vary from dam to dam. Fish the lure colours and patterns to match the water colour i.e. dark water, dark lure €“ lighter water, lighter coloured lure. The little mentioned Nagel Dam has been the most consistent this week with smaller fish; it can still mean a great day out. With Shongweni Dam also being your ace up your sleeve.

Carp €“ Typical of most fresh water Anglers, your recent rainfall has meant a change in tactics for the Carp Anglers. With more sediment the bait presentation is not of paramount importance yet consistency will prevail. Fish an area methodically for the best results. Shongweni Dam is probably your best choice, due to only non-motorised craft being allowed here and a large amount of €œfishable€ areas open to the public.

Tiger €“ Par for the course, Jozini Dam has also risen due to recent rainfall. Those lucky enough to fish this area should be targeting the river mouth entrance with live baits in order to mimic fish being swept down from the inland areas. Early morning in lower light conditions with a strip bait onto a spoon fished on a medium/slow retrieve should prove deadly.



The Dorado also known as the Dolphin fish or the Mahi Mahi is a warm water fish with firm white flesh. This type of fish is not only popular with Anglers for its size and strength but also for its beauty €“ sporting golden scales with grey speckles. This fish is low in calories so a smart choice for a low calorie diet.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007, attention, Mike. For the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.

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