Summer weather is in full swing although the winds have not seemed to have their patterns right. There has been no predominant wind to either blow away the seaweed or wash it up onto shore. Hopefully the Neep tides will have helped settle the sea and more fish will be caught. The usual summer suspects are in full swing; namely Skates, Raggies and Zambies, rare Shad and some Pompano. The majority of the coast has performed well with some popular spots coming back into form.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Unusually quiet with not many reports of fish – Bonefish and a handful of small reef species were all that was heard of.

Cape Vidal €“ Still seeing some nice Shad although not as frequently, the Onda Lure being used to good effect, especially at sunrise. Small Spinner Sharks have been feeding just on the dark. These small pests have created a big problem for Anglers targeting their bigger brothers.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ For the non-edible Anglers there were a few Raggies and Zambezi€™s, these fish mainly caught on slide-baits and if you€™re really lucky or know someone on a Ski-boat, beg, borrow or steal Mackerel. Make sure when targeting these fish you make use of strong hooks and at least 150 pound carbon coated Fishmate fishing wire.

Richards Bay €“ Richards Bay Harbour is still fishing well, with Kingfish species caught on McArthy Dropshots and small live baits. The beaches have also picked up with some Flat fish and small Sharks. Majority are Spinner Sharks and a few small Grey Sharks, also in this vicinity have been a few Sand Sharks €“ so if it€™s your game to target these species then this is your best home ground.

Zinkwazi €“ This area has really come on the boil of late, lots of small Sharks and Skates (both Brown and Blue) caught mainly on Prawn/Chokka baits and the bigger fish on Redeye Belly/Chokka or a whole small Chokka slide.

Salt Rock/Ballito €“ With the festive season over, parking is no longer a problem and the locals are now able to strut their stuff on the beaches. Small Grey Sharks in the 5-8 kilo range as well as Blue Skates have been most prevalent.

Umhlanga €“ Umhlanga Lighthouse seems to be a beacon for Grey Sharks and a number of Skate species; small Honeycombs and Stumpnose have been coming out in the evenings, while the early morning has had punters praying for Pompano. Best to use 3.0 Mustad Kendals, a small amount of foam and a long thin Chokka bait.

Virginia €“ With only a very rare Shad being caught, the beaches are somewhat emptier, this has not stopped the non-edible Anglers who have enjoyed more space and managed to pick up some Skates and a small Sand Shark of about 20 kilos. Japanese Mackerel is still the most prominent bait. Non-edibles being caught on Chokka throw baits.

Blue Lagoon €“ With the construction crew on their Annual holiday Anglers have parked in the old Palm grove area and have had a daily walk hassle free to fish off the points. Some nice Shad, a Pompano or two and Brown Skates were all caught last week. When construction resumes, it can be assumed that this will once again be a no go area, but for the time being a definite go to spot.

Durban Piers €“ Some Grunter caught on Cracker Shrimps in the late afternoon just before dark have kept the regulars at their posts. Some nice Pompano in the 3-5 kilo class were also caught on days when the wind and seaweed went out to Tango. Some small Skates and lots of smaller bait fish were also caught using very light tackle.

Beachfront €“ With heavy traffic over the Christmas and New Year€™s periods, not much area was left for Fisherman. The brave few managed to land some small Stumpnose, the odd undersized Shad and a few Brown Skates. The area in front of Addington Hospital having been the more productive.

Bluff €“ A number of juvenile Kingfish mostly Black tip or Yellow spot have been caught on smaller live baits and a GT of 8 kilos was caught on a Karanteen slide bait. The Drop shot enthusiasts have also made use of the McArthy Red Coral Worm imitation to target Blacktail, juvenile Stumpnose and a few Stone Bream amongst the gullies in this area.

Toti/Winkel €“ Both of these areas being privileged to have points have seen a number of non-edible Anglers sliding baits. A Brown Skate of 15 kilos was caught on a small Chokka slide at Winkel, with Toti offering up a Sand Shark of about 32 kilos. Both fish were caught in the early morning before 6am. So make sure you get down to the beach early.

Umkomaas €“ The water colour seems to have cleaned up nicely and fishing can once again resume. A few Grunter as well as Brown Skates were caught on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. Sardine, Japanese Mackerel and Chokka proving themselves to be the top three baits.

Scottburgh €“ The bay area in front of the hotel has produced some Skates and a nice Honeycomb estimated to be 30+ kilos was caught. The deep water points have seen some Grey Sharks and a few Spinners which have happily grabbed their bigger brothers€™ baits. Perhaps this is a better area to fish the banks with small Prawn and Chokka baits in the hope of targeting a Pompano or two.

Margate €“ With the large volume of holiday makers flocking to this popular spot a lot of fishing was done, some small Shad, Black tail and a very rare Bronze Bream were all captured. Majority of these fish being undersized were returned.

Transkei €“ As popular as always this summer holiday destination has not disappointed, some Spotted Raggies, Hammerhead Sharks and €œdon€™t know what it€™s number plate was€ has meant good time for the non-edible Anglers. For those targeting the edibles there are still some Kob as well as Bronze Bream although the latter €“ not as plentiful. Some Shad as well mainly on the low tide in the white water around reefs and rocks which no doubt leaves you donating to Neptune€™s Lead collection.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Typical for this time of year, early risers, careful planning and a definite pattern have got some just results. Yellow fin Tuna, Snoek, some Couta and Dorado have all been in the pool and it is definitely a case of who wants it most.

North €“ The Westbrook Zinkwazi area has seen some activity along the backline in the early morning sessions. The Kingfisher Rattler lures working very well. In the far North Cape Vidal, Mapelane and St Lucia areas, Couta on deeper rigged baits and Dorado and bigger Yellow fin Tuna in the deep. The Daiwa 30 pound rigs and Daiwa SLT50W Reels have been working very well for bigger Tuna in deeper water. Mixed results of success on artificial as well as live baits have been received. For those using Paddle-Power it is also your time to get your fair share of the spoils, just watch water colour and water temperature.

Central €“ The Blue Lagoon/Umgeni River mouth pasted the Pick €˜n Pay Hyper has seen Snoek in the early morning caught mainly on live baits and some Yellow fin Tuna in the 4-7 kilo range on Kingfisher Sprat spoons and Bullet spoons. Poppers on a lighter Poseidon Offshore Flickstick have been put to good use in the same area to target Yellow fin Tuna. Live baits on a down rig rigger system have worked well for Couta and for the very fit a fast paddle could definitely land a Dorado.

South €“ Good catches of Yellow fin Tuna, some Couta and Snoek were recorded along most of the Southern coast. On Sunday a fantastic 40 kilo Yellow fin Tuna was caught near Margate. A number of Skippers and Charters have been able to come home smiling with supper in the bag. Bottom fishing also seems to have improved although lots of fish have been lost to the €œAuditor€.

Durban Bay

With most of the debris gone, Bay fishing has really picked up and Anglers are anxiously awaiting the bigger Grunter to come in. Top water lures have seen some Sea Pike as well as various Kingfish species. The fishing from the side has also been good with 5 year old Keaton Germishuizen landing a nice Sand Gurnard caught on a McArthy Chartreuse Jerk Minnow. Plenty of Black tip Kingfish have also been scattering the smaller bait fish, in and around the drop-offs and up against the jetty€™s.



Fly-Fishing €“ With warm summer days the fish have become a lot more active and good reports from most dams in the Midlands area have kept the fly-tie-ers on their toes. Typical for this time, early morning sessions are more prolific with more aggressive bites although somewhat smaller fish. It is definitely worth your while to get to know the territory and water as well as structure to target the bigger fish.

Bass €“ Albert Falls dam is definitely firing on all 4 cylinders but does not compare to Goedetrou€™s V8. A number of nice fish have been coming out at Albert Falls both from the bank and off the boat. Goedetrou would be my spot of the week for fresh water Angling, some lovely size fish have been caught throughout the day and it seems the bigger the lure the bigger the Bass.

Carp €“ Shongweni Dam has seen some smaller fish and although less frequent for the bank Angler who hasn€™t got too much time, it is definitely worth a look-see. The inlet at Midmar dam has produced bigger fish although much slower on the bite and catches mainly coming at night.

Tiger Fishing €“ Although somewhat out of bounds a number of customers at The Kingfisher have raved about the Tiger Fish at Kariba dam. Plenty of 10+ pound fish have been caught on various lures from StrikePro right through to the range of Africa Lures. On the local front Jozini dam has also produced some fish and it seems that during the hotter period, live baits can€™t be beaten. These baits should be trolled a fair distance from the boat well out of the wake and during the hotter periods rigged up to swim deep in the cooler water.



Sea Stars or Starfish have a minimum of 5 arms and some can have up to 50. They frequent many different marine environments but are likely to be found on rocky beaches. These sea predators hunt for mussels, snails as well as sponges and corals. Majority of these species can regenerate a limb that is lost.

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