Some areas experienced some large swells during the neap tide period and although the weather wasn€™t fantastic some lovely fish were caught along the coast. The typical summer species Pompano, Stumpnose, some Skates and a Sand Shark in the mix as well.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Lots of Bonefish on Chokka baits with a sliver of foam fished in gullies and troughs seemed the best bet for this area. Very few big fish were reported, however there were a number of the smaller Kingfish species caught.

Cape Vidal €“ There still seems to be a lot of juvenile Sharks in the area which is perfect for throw bait Anglers using 4.0 and 6.0 Mustad Kendall Rounds. Lots of Kingfish species such as Blacktip, Green spot and juvenile GTs were caught on the ledges in low tide or using the traditional white plug. For great fun the Poseidon Megaforce rod and Regal 4000 reel with 26 pound Triple Fish Gator Braid really throws plugs and spoons a long way and this outfit won€™t cost an arm and a leg.

St Lucia/Mapelane €“ The lack of big slide baits of late has often seen heavy tackle Anglers scratching to catch live bait or a big enough bait to slide. When live bait has been caught the Sharks and Sand Sharks in this area have been happy to oblige the Anglers by stretching their arms. A few nice size Raggies and a Blacktip of 20 plus kilos was caught last week.

Richards Bay €“ Is still fishing very well and both harbour and beaches have produced some nice fish. A lucky Angler fishing off the pier landed a 3 kilo Blacktip Kingfish using very light tackle and 10 pound (4.5 kg) Kingfisher line. The Angler who was targeting smaller bait fish was very surprised that his no.10 Mustad bait holder hook could land a fish of this size.

Zinkwazi €“ With bigger seas not too many Anglers fished this area. Info received was that of Spinner Sharks in the late afternoon and a few Stumpnose in the early morning. With neap tides done this area should definitely pick up and is well worth a look at, maybe try using natural baits such as crab, molecrab or sealice and if you€™ve got the licence for it Octopus.

Salt Rock/Ballito €“ The Salt Rock area produced some lovely Kingfish on Sunday ranging from 5 to 9 kilos with mixed species making up the bag. These fish falling mainly to Chokka baits and €œmushed€ Redeye. The Ballito tidal pool area has also seen some fish with a few Pompano and Stumpnose, Anglers make sure you use a good leader when fishing these areas with a lot of rock.

Umhlanga €“ There seems to still be a few Grey Sharks in the area, the Pompano being replaced now with Stumpnose ranging from 3 to 4 plus kilos, Mole crab or Sealice is definitely the bait to use unless you want to be left €œholding pole€.

Virginia €“ The recent big swells seem to have scoured out the shallow trough; the water seems slightly deeper now and will probably be my choice spot in the next couple of days. Oily baits such as Sardine, Mullet or if you do have some hiding in the freezer some Redeye €“ a definite must.

Blue Lagoon €“ As predicted in a previous report construction has resumed and unfortunately this is now a no-go area. We at The Kingfisher have been informed that when this area reopens it will be catering to Anglers and will be offering cleaning areas etc. so come on guys make an effort and keep this new area beautiful

Durban Piers €“ Pierre€™s pick of the week is definitely the New Pier constructed by a popular beachfront hotel. Stumpnose, Pompano, a handful of Grunter and Skates were all caught at varying times during the day on predominantly smaller baits.

Beachfront €“ With Shad being non-existent fewer Anglers have been frequenting this area. With everyone back at work these sandy beaches are a definite go to for novice Anglers. There are fish to be had when fishing around the banks and troughs. Best time to fish this area is definitely an incoming tide. Some nice Brown Skates and the odd Grey Shark were caught recently.

Bluff €“ The popular Cave Rock area has seen some Kingfish species. Plugs, Bullet Spoons and live baits have proven to be most popular when targeting these specimens. There seems to be more activity on a low tide in the early mornings, evening sessions seem to be ruled by small Sharks and less edible fish.

Toti/Winkel €“ The Toti pool area has seen a number of slide baits put out and only a Grey Shark of about 15 kilos was caught. Blacktail and three spot Pompano or Wave Garrick have been caught by light tackle Drop shot enthusiasts and although called Shad Place there don€™t seem to be any Shad here.

Umkomaas €“ The Umkomaas ledges area saw a few Brown Skates and a Stumpnose. The river side has been fairing a bit better with some Snapper Salmon and a few small Grunter and one or two Spinner Sharks, Grey Sharks and Skates which is typical for this time of year. A Sea Barbel of just over 3 kilos was also caught just prior to a sudden rain storm.

Margate €“ The regulars are somewhat relieved as they can now get a chance to fish in their favourite spots. Not many fish were caught last week, mostly smaller edibles such as Blacktail, Karanteen and a few undersized Shad. This time of year perhaps the early morning sessions are about all that counts.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that the eestuary fishing has headed the local news there. Spotted Grunter are on the bite and some nice sized fish over 400mm have been taken there. Rock and surf fishing has been very quiet with only a few reef fish around and a fair sized Kingfish taken off Splash Rock by a visiting fisherman.


 Transkei €“With a lot of out of Towner€™s back to their daily grind the locals have resorted to targeting estuaries and river mouths in the hope of catching some Kob, Grunter and Rock Salmon. The Port St Johns€™ mouth area produced a lovely Grunter of 4.2 kilos, caught on a Cracker Shrimp with a running trace. The big bruisers are still around for the non-edible Anglers and many a report of €œI got a hiding€ were received from returning visitors from this area.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With only a few days of favourable weather and smaller seas the Paddlers and Skippers have had limited time to be out on the water. For those that did manage to get a chance Snoek, Couta, Dorado and plenty of Yellowfin Tuna kept the wolves from the door.

North €“ The hotspots for the last week were Cape Vidal, Sodwana and Mapelane. A fair amount of Snoek, lots of Couta on deeper rigged baits and Yellowfin Tuna on poppers, many fish seemed to be targeting the bait balls as usual and the brand new Kingfisher Poseidon Offshore Plugging rods in the 8€™ 6€ lengths really working very well to throw these artificial lures a good distance.

Central €“ Umdloti, Zinkwazi and Umgeni being the most popular. All of these areas producing lots of Tuna, a few Snoek and nice Couta. For the lucky few who got some Mackerel, these live baits proved deadly. Along with some Dorado on the colour line and in deeper water.

South €“ The lower South Coast is fishing very well with some Wahoo, lots of Yellowfin Tuna and some big Couta. Early morning trolling with plastics and live baits seems the best time. With the sun coming up a bit earlier during the better light conditions, live baits are probably a definite must. Hopefully the taxman will stop auditing as there seem to be enough auditors in this area.

Durban Bay

Seems to have shrugged off its cloak and come to the party with cleaner water and virtually no debris, both top water and bottom fishing have really picked up. Grunter ranging from small to two and a half kilo specimens, Seapike on top water lures (Mike Pereira landed a very nice Seapike on a Strike Pro 4.5cm Sprat Stick) and Sand Gurnards eating anything from McArthy Dropshot to Cracker Shrimp. Small Stumpnose, Pompano and Perch have also made themselves known. This is definitely my choice spot for the week as besides it being protected you know you can have a fun outing €“ no matter what facet of fishing you enjoy.



Fly-Fishing €“ As per usual for summer the smaller fish are still biting with a lot of the dams all reporting good catches. Some nice trout are being caught in the Midlands area predominantly in the early morning.  The best time seems to be sunrise and just later.

Bass €“ The Nagel Dam, although not as big as most dams seems to have come to the fore this past week. Early morning top water lures have seen some nice fish yet fishing structure in the later morning produced bigger fish. The Watermelon red fleck flukes as well as dead ringer worms fished with a light sinker to get it amongst the structure is really working well.

Carp €“ With a number of bank Anglers getting a final throw before the back to work syndrome sets in, many of the dams were fished extensively. Shongweni dam seems to have proven tops overall with a number of fish being caught per session – although these fish were smaller in size at least the steady bite kept boredom away.

Tiger Fishing €“ Due to very warm conditions not many Anglers have fished throughout the day so like most, the early morning and late afternoon cooler periods have produced more bites. The spoons with strip baits still doing their job and for those going on the water live baits trolled slightly deeper are working slightly better than surface trolled lures.



There are five species of South African Turtles; they are the Green Turtle, Leather Back, Loggerhead, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley Turtle. Of these the heaviest is the Leatherback Turtle which can get as big as 1000 kg and 2.5 meters long. While the smallest, the Olive Ridley Turtle which grows to 80cm in length and a maximum weight of 50 kilograms. 

ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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