With very hot days over the past week and a large amount of rainfall, the sea has not been at its best but is still somewhat fishable. The North Coast area seems mostly affected with lots of dirty water while the Central and South areas fared somewhat better. With the first of this years€™ competitions coming up this weekend, it is going to be a really tough call as to where to fish.

Rock and Surf

Cape Vidal €“ The ledges have been fishing very well with some Shad still around although smaller than size. This area is still one of the best areas for Drop shotting with McArthy Paddle tails especially the chartreuse pattern. This seems to be working very well for various Kingfish species. Low tide and incoming tide being the preferred fishing times.

Mapelane €“ Has seen some nice fish, predominantly the usual Skates and Sand Sharks. Although trying to source slide baits seems somewhat more difficult than usual.

Richards Bay €“ With the large amount of rain in the area, the water is off-coloured and should clean up in the next few days which is very promising for the non-edible Anglers. The harbour is still fishing well with a few Skates and some nice Grunter, especially off the piers.

Zinkwazi €“ Seems to be a bit of here today gone tomorrow with fish not seeming to be consistently there. Reports received are that the water in this area is somewhat dirty at the moment and should clean up in time for the weekend. A few Brown Skates and Grey Sharks in the 10 to 15 kilo range were caught during the week. 

Salt Rock €“ In the bay to the right of the swimming pool saw some Brown Skates and small Kingfish in the 1 to 2 kilo range. Slide baits off the main pulpit area had a few Sand Sharks, one of which tipped the scales at just over 25 kilos.

Ballito €“ There are still some nice edibles in this area mainly Stumpnose and some Pompano in the mix. Sealice and Prawn/Chokka baits seem to be the best for this region. Low tide and just on the change of tide are the best times to fish.

Umhlanga €“ Anglers fishing on the beach to the right of the Lighthouse saw some action from Brown Skates and a few small Spinner Sharks. A Honeycombe Ray was also lost in the shore break on the weekend.

Virginia €“ With deeper water, some nice fish have been caught especially late last week; some Pompano and a few big Shad although the Shad seem to be bachelors and definitely not shoal fish. The late evening and early night producing a lot more bites than the early morning sessions.

Blue Lagoon €“ North bank in the absence of the pier area is still seeing a few fish – Grunter on Sealice or Cracker Shrimp and a few small Grey Sharks during the night.

Durban Piers €“ Pick of the week is definitely the Sunkist pier. For some unknown reason the Grunter seem to like this area and have made it their home. Cracker Shrimp, Japanese Mackerel and Sealice are all working very well to catch these fish. Opinions vary as to the size hook, it seems that the Mustad Big Gun size 1 or its bigger brother the 1.0. is the favourite to most

Beachfront €“ Being a more protected spot, although with the recent wave activity there is not much beach left. This popular spot has still produced some nice fish €“ notably a 90 odd kilo Honeycombe Ray caught near the hospital as well as some Stumpnose on the banks and some Brown Skates just behind the banks. Once again fresh Sealice and Chokka baits proving deadly.

Bluff €“ The rocky area to the left of Anstey€™s beach towards Sloan road has been most productive this week, with Stumpnose and Wave Garrick being the most popular species. The best times seem to be high tide or pushing tide.

Toti €“ Acid pipe has been fishing very well with lots of Wave Garrick €“ perfect for Drop shot specialists and light tackle Anglers. Shad although not in abundance are definitely over the size limit.

Winkelspruit €“ The stretch between the swimming pool on the left and the rocks on the right has as usual for this time of year produced some larger Stone Bream, a few Blacktail and a rare Pompano. Chokka blob baits and Sardine fillet or cutlet baits are the best bet.

Umkomaas €“ The river mouth saw a bit of action last week in the form of Grunter and smaller Stumpies. The ledges still producing smaller Skates although reports of some bigger Skates have yet to be confirmed.

Scottburgh €“ This popular westerly wind spot did not let people down. Grey Sharks in the 5 to 10 kilo range, smaller Spinner Sharks and a few Brown Skates were all reported during the last week.

Rocky Bay €“ Although a somewhat smaller €œPier€ than most other areas. Some nice edible fish such as Blacktail and a few nice Stone Bream were reported being caught on very small Mustad no. 8 and no. 6 hooks, using fresh Mussel as bait.

Banana Beach €“ This popular upcountry holiday maker spot was put back on the map with a Kingfish species and a Pompano of 7 odd kilos being landed during the last week. Just goes to show don€™t forget an €œout of the way€ spot as there could be a few bonus fish lurking there.

Margate €“ Somewhat quieter this week with not many fish being caught, some Wave Garrick or 3 Spot Pompano and a lonely Shad were all that was worth talking about.

Port Edward – A variety of different fish species are on the bite there and rock and surf fishermen are catching Thorntail Skates, Grey Sharks, Lesser Sand Sharks and Bronze Bream, but still no sign of any Shad. The river mouth has produced species not too common for the river and include Thorntails, Lessers and large Blacktail. Also caught there have been Pike, Perch, Bumpnose Kingfish and many river Tigers. Dorado are still biting offshore, the  Kingfisher Rattlers being the most popular lure for them at the moment. Thanks to Terry Net from Tacklenet in Port Edward for this report.

Transkei €“ Many of the points have really come to the fore during the past week. Info received has been of Hammerhead Sharks, a few spotted Ragged tooth Sharks and also some nice edibles. Nice size Shad are being caught in the bay at Ebolel. The estuaries produced some Rock Salmon, juvenile Grunter and various small Kingfish species.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

If you haven€™t been out on the water by now, no doubt the various pictures your mates have shown you have got you pulling your hair out. Snoek, Yellowfin Tuna, Couta, Dorado and some big Bonito seem to be plentiful. Some nice bottom fish were also boated during the week.

North €“ Mapelane, Cape Vidal and St Lucia would be my go to areas if I was a resident here. The new Wild Dog lures which have recently arrived have really been put to good use, some nice Yellowfin Tuna caught on Poppers and Dorado on these small to medium size stick baits. The deep water marks have produced bigger Yellowfin Tuna while the colour line has seen some nice Dorado.

Central €“ Some good news for the vessel fisherman in the central region is that some Mackerel and Redeye have been caught. This coincides with the more frequent catches of Snoek, Couta and Yellowfin Tuna. The Backline area is still seeing some Shad and these fish make excellent Couta baits while the good old Sardine strip bait is a treat for catching Snoek. Be sure to check out the new Kingfisher range of €œSkirts€ that have just been unpacked. There are some really great colours and patterns and have proven themselves in test situations.

South €“ Tuna are the most abundant species at the moment in this area, along with a few Croc Couta being hooked on deeper trolled baits. Some nice Rock Cod and Lantern fish being caught on bottoms with Red fish and Slinger also in the mix. Unconfirmed reports of some Yellowtail have also been received.

Durban Bay

The hottest topic for the bay at the moment is the Sea pike being caught on StrikePro top water lures, mainly small Poppers and Arc Minnow 75. For the purists the Cracker Shrimps are still producing some nice Grunter and the sizes seem to be on the increase. The Olive Pearl McArthy Drop shots are a must have to target the smaller Kingfish species mainly on the drop-off and around the jetties. Typical of the summer months the Bartail Flathead or Sand Gurnard seem to be a lot more active.



Fly-Fishing €“ With the recent rainfalls and more oxygen in the water the fish should be a lot more active. Walkers Killers in the dams as well as Dry Fly€™s for the streams are the way to go. Some Yellow fish have also made an appearance at Sterkfontein and fingers crossed for a great Yellow fish run.

Bass €“ Pick of the week for the fresh water guys is definitely Shongweni Dam. The area in front of the fisherman€™s cottage produced a large number of fish although not very big fish. Info received was of the typical 500g €“ 1.1kg range caught mainly with flukes and worms. During the warmer periods the local gurus fished deeper and got slightly bigger fish. 

Carp €“ Midmar Dam has by far been better than the other dams. On a weekend outing a lucky couple of Anglers managed to land three nice Carp of over 2 kilos. These fish were all landed after dark while trying to have a braai and definitely kept them on their toes.

Tiger Fishing €“ With the dam level rising slightly due to the rainfall, the river inlet would be the number 1 spot to fish. A slower trawl using artificials near the inlets would be my A Game plan, should this not produce fish then definitely live baits or strip baits on spoon will do the trick.



Fish use a variety of low-pitched sounds to convey messages to each other. They moan, grunt, croak, boom, hiss, whistle, creak, shriek and wail. They rattle their bones and gnash their teeth. However, fish do not have vocal chords, so they use other parts of their bodies to make noises, such as vibrating muscles against their swim bladder.

ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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