With the weather Gods playing their part, a lot more fishing time was had this last week; and Sunday was an absolute pearler of a day. Typical for this time of year, fishing seems to be an on €“ off affair. The North Coast has still got a lot of dirty water and is expected to clear next week. The mid and lower South Coast seem to fishing quite well with only one or two spots on the North Coast producing some fish. KZN recently hosted the National Juniors Competition, well done to all the teams and we hope that a lot of new tricks were learnt.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Reports received of some Kingfish although small and a few Ragged tooth Sharks, the heaviest of which was approximately 90 kilos. It would seem the absence of big slide baits is really having an effect on the fishing.

Cape Vidal €“ Small Shad were caught near the Ski-boat launching area. Blue spot Kingfish as well as Blacktip Kingfish seem to abound on the reefs and very few Speckled Snappers have been beached.

Mapelane €“ Has seen some action during the last week. A notable catch was a Honeycombe Ray of approximately 70 kilos using the weight to measurement system. Sand Sharks and a few Blacktip Sharks summed up this area. 

Richards Bay €“ With the water clearing somewhat a lot more Anglers have taken to the water. Some nice Sand Sharks in the 10 to 20 kilo range were caught off the beaches. The harbour seems to have had mixed results as the fish seem to be here today and gone tomorrow. Grunter and small Kingfish of various species were the main fish caught.

Blythedale €“ Is one of the few spots on the North coast that has been more consistent. There have been a number of Grey Sharks in the early evening and a few small Shad in the early morning. The Grey Sharks being mainly targeted on Chokka baits and Shad falling to Sardine fillets in the morning.

Zinkwazi €“ Seems to have gone off the boil for the moment. Only a handful of Spinner Sharks and an occasional Brown Skate were caught during last week. Reports received also indicated a fair amount of seaweed in the water.  

Salt Rock €“ The stretch in front of the hotel seemed a lucky spot for a recent visitor who caught two lovely Lantern Fish (Cave Bass) ranging from two odd kilos to a beauty of just over three. These fish were caught on a Saltwater Pompano trace using Pink Prawn for bait.

Ballito €“ Where have the fish gone? Last week there were a number of fish caught in this area and it seems that these fish have moved to the lower South Coast. Although this area was €œtested€ quite a bit by Competition Anglers, not many fish were caught.

Umhlanga €“ Umhlanga Lighthouse seems to be the beacon of hope. Information received is of Grey Sharks in the evenings and amongst these fish a big Shad of 3.4 kilos was also caught. Fresh Mullet seems to be their preferred meal of choice.

Virginia €“ The Virginia Beachwood area although still as popular has seen fewer fish in the last week. Shad being caught on whole Sardine in the early mornings while a lonely Pompano was the only fish caught in the late morning sessions.

Durban Piers €“ Sunkist Pier is still a very popular spot and there is still plenty of Grunter up for grabs. It seems these fish have now chosen Mole Crab or Sealice as their number 1 choice followed by the Cracker Shrimp. The turning tides seem to have become the best time to target these fish.

Beachfront €“ A somewhat protected area and although big seas were predicted, this area still remained the pick of the week. Some Brown Skates, small Spinner Sharks, Pompano and Stumpnose were all caught at various times and on various tides. 

Bluff €“ With some big Kingfish around the Cave Rock area many Anglers have tried their best to land one. Due to the rocky terrain and these fish knowing every nook and cranny, it is definitely not an easy task. Try using the Kingfisher leader line in a .80 diameter to have a better chance with the rocks.

Toti/Doonside €“ Is probably the best spot at the moment for the Drop shot Anglers. There are lots of Wave Garrick and the smaller McArthy 3 inch Minnows on a light jig head can be great fun in the early morning or late evening.

Winkelspruit €“ Rumours are of some Shad being caught off the high rocks area, yet they are still to be confirmed. The bay to the left of the pool saw small Brown Skates and a lonely Pompano during the week.

Umkomaas €“ The fishing here seems to have picked up a bit with good catches of Snapper Salmon. These fish are easily identified with their silver bodies and three large Canine type teeth in the front of their mouths. Remember the size limit is 40cm so make sure you stick to the size limits.

Scottburgh €“ With many clubs not travelling due to inclement weather predicted this area was tested regularly leading up to the weekend. Some Grey Sharks, a few Brown Skates and a small Honeycombe were the only catches that were reported.

Hibberdene €“ Has been good to the local Anglers in the form of Stumpnose, some bigger Pompano in the 4 plus kilo range and for the non-edible Anglers some Brown Skates and Grey Sharks. The sandy beaches are also great for novice Anglers that would prefer to catch fish rather than donate tackle to reefs etc.

Margate €“ Has picked up from last weeks€™ report with plenty of small bait fish like Blacktail and Karanteen being caught on Mustad Baitholder hooks. A handful of Pompano and one solitary Stumpnose seeming to round off the area.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel reports that a variety of fish species have been caught over the last week and during the weekend, Kob, Bronze Bream, Black tail, Eeltail and Fishtail Barbel, Grey Sharks, Hound Sharks and Stone bream have all headed the list. A Stone bream caught at Palm Beach by a Marlin member fishing the first postal N.C.A.U. round Cobus Smit weighing 2,9kg is a new record, well done Cobus.


Transkei €“ As popular as ever the Transkei coast is as usual a very popular spot for Competitive Anglers. Hearsay is that there have been plenty of Sharks, Raggies, Hammerheads and a few Black tips as well. At the time of writing these cannot be confirmed yet it€™s a definite possibility for this time of year, judging by the amount of Chokka bait sales.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Unlike the Rock and Surf Anglers the Ski-boat and Paddlers have been spoilt for choice over the last week. Big Snoek, nice size Couta, abundance of Yellowfin Tuna and some very small Mackerel and Redeye have all been on the high seas. The small clear Onda lure is a definite must in your arsenal as these mimics the smaller bait fish to a T.

North €“ The North Coast predominantly Cape Vidal, St Lucia and Richards Bay has really produced some beautiful fish for both Paddlers and Skippers alike. Big Yellowfin Tuna in the deeper water whilst closer to shore the Paddlers got nice Snoek. Very early morning sessions as the sun comes up has been the most prolific whilst during the morning the odd big Couta has been boated on a deeper trolled live bait or lure.

Central €“ The Umhloti Umhlanga area still producing lovely fish and these fish have mainly been caught in and around river mouths. The Umhloti area has been the most prolific and also the most popular. It€™s definitely time to set the alarm earlier and make sure you€™re on the water at first light. Snoek, smaller Tuna as well as some nice size Couta have all been hooked this last week.

South €“ The Umkomaas area has had its fair share of Snoek, Couta, Yellowfin Tuna and some Wahoo. Smaller Bonito fished €œdown rig style€ proven deadly for the big Yellowfin Tuna. This is the same for the Pennington and Margate areas as well. Where there are profits you will find the tax man so try and get your fish to the boat as soon as possible.

Durban Bay

The StrikePro Arc Minnows have been put to great effect targeting Sea Pike. McArthy Jerk Minnows especially Chartreuse Olive Pearl have proven deadly for juvenile Kingfish. The ever popular Cracker Shrimp still working well for Grunter yet these fish seem to be smaller and hopefully with less fresh water coming from inland the Bay will be back to its usual best.



Fly-Fishing €“ With the weekends€™ rainfall and a bit of rain prior to that don€™t let it dampen your spirits. A number of dams which are now slightly fuller have produced beautiful fish on slightly quicker retrieves using Redeye Damsels, Walkers Killers and Olive Woolley Buggers.

Bass €“ Albert Falls Dam saw a number of lovely fish during the week with a few bigger fish caught in what seemed to be open water with very slight structure. Watermelon Redfleck and Dunebug patterns are definitely a must have.  

Carp €“ Shongweni Dam seems to be the most consistent with a number of day Anglers catching 4 to 5 fish. The FX flavour as well as soft floaties being the most productive at this dam. Reports of bigger specimens from Midmar dam using unknown attractants were also received.

Tiger Fish €“ It seems that the fresh water Anglers have taken a tip from their Salt water counterparts and have made good use of shallower diving Halco lures as well as Rapala lures. These lures on a slow to medium trawl have steadily produced the bite, predominantly the Redhead as well as Fire Tiger patterns being most sought after.



1.     A biologist who studies fish is called an ichthyologist.

2.     The most poisonous fish in the world is the Stone fish.

3.     The more sardines that are placed in a can, the greater the profit as sardine oil costs more than sardines.

4.     Minnows have teeth in their stomach; the better to digest their food.

5.     The Sturgeon is considered the largest of all freshwater fish and weighed in at 2250 pounds.

6.     All Sturgeon caught in British waters are the property of Queen Elizabeth II.

7.     Atlantic Salmon are able to leap as high as 15 feet.

8.     The largest known fish in the sea is the whale shark. It weighs up to 20 tons and can grow to a length of 40 feet.

9.     Fish can get seasick when kept aboard a rolling ship just as much as people.

10.                        The Red Fire-fish can fly and emits sounds like a Crow.

ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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