Last week saw some rather interesting weather conditions with some beautiful mornings and wind during the day and the most perfect evenings. For the Rock and Surf Anglers it was an ideal time to get up early in the morning €“ try and target some pelagic species from deep water points and take the kids down for an evening drop shot session. With the cyclone off Madagascar Friday, Saturday and Sunday developed huge swells; although the wind was low it still made fishing pretty tricky. The Toyota Annual Meet was fished this weekend and we would like to congratulate all the winners.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Part and parcel of the warm summer months in Kosi Bay is the predominantly Bonefish catches with some bigger Kingfish species and the occasional big Shark. With the recent Postal competition fished in this area it€™s just proof that even the prodigal son can return to Kosi Bay for a skilled Angler.

Cape Vidal €“ Juvenile Shad, some Lantern fish (Cave Bass) seem to be all that came out during the last week, except for a lonely Speckled Snapper caught on a Prawn and Chokka combination bait in the early morning session.

Mapelane €“ The last week saw some juvenile Sand Sharks up to about 20 kilos with an early morning session making an Anglers dream come true with a 15 odd kilo giant Trevally. The Poseidon Gold Class Slide Rod and Saltist 50BG reel was used to slide a Shad and definitely made this Anglers sunrise session well worth it. 

Blythedale €“ Still the most consistent spot on the coast, regular catches of Grey Sharks which seem to be chasing smaller Shad into shallower water and a lovely Pompano of 8 kilos was caught in the late evening.

Sheffield €“ The Snoek seeking specialists using light spinning tackle have put the Mucho Lucir Spoons to good use and  have been able to beach a few of these fish especially when tides have allowed and with only a gentle breeze.

Salt Rock €“ There was not much activity in the last week in this area, very few fish with only some Spinner Sharks and a single Grey Shark being reported.

Umhlanga €“ Still as popular as ever €“ the rocks in front of the Lighthouse and slightly to the right have been a happy hunting ground for most Anglers. Some Stumpnose in the morning as well as evening coupled with Grey Sharks can surely mean a quick throw after work before dark is on the cards.

Durban Piers €“ The newly erected Pier although nice and comfortable to fish from seems to not be the spot as Anglers fishing to the left and right off of the beach have reported a number of Grunter, some Pompano and smaller Brown Skates and Honeycomb Rays.

Beachfront €“ Previously reported this €œprotected area€ also felt the wrath of the big seas. The early part of the week saw some Brown Skates and very small Shad. Anglers targeting smaller fish with Mustad No.6 hooks also caught a few Maasbanker.

Isipingo €“ Although somewhat quiet over the past few weeks has seen some activity with a large number of juvenile Shad being caught throughout the day, these fish are fantastic fun on ultra-light tackle throwing Falcon Spoons or any small S-bend shaped Spoon.

Warner Beach €“ The recent common venue round saw some good results and put this stretch on the map. Charlie Rosevere landed a fantastic Honeycomb Ray of 74 kilograms while not to be outdone Lloyd Laxton came up with a 34 kilo specimen. Well done Guys on a fantastic catch.

Winkelspruit €“ From Winkelspruit to Karadeen there is a large amount of three spot Pompano/Astronaut/Wave Garrick or whatever you want to call them, available to Drop shot, Ultra-light tackle and Novice Anglers. These fish are easily caught in the really shallow white waters and really give a good fight especially on the lighter tackle.

Umgababa €“ Although not a popular spot due to some safety issues large numbers of Brown Skates have been caught off of €œBlack Rock€ and it is good to see some individuals not prepared to give up a once very popular fishing spot.

Umkomaas €“ From North to South it seems that any white bait in the form of Prawn and Chokka or Prawn or Langoustine resulted in a Brown Skate bite. Typically Anglers will feel slack line and this is the indication of the bait being picked up and it€™s at this point that you need to wind hard to pick up slack line and then strike to set the hook. 

Hibberdene to Transkei Coast €“ With the recent Toyota Annual Meet fished over the weekend this area was host to 200 odd Anglers. Bronze Bream, Stone Bream, small Kob, a rare Shad (that made size) and some Grey Sharks were basically all that this lengthy stretch had to offer. Suffering the fate of big swells on Saturday fishing was not easy at all. Rumours of a 50 plus kilo Hammerhead Shark caught near the Orange Rocks area are yet to be confirmed.

Transkei €“ Pick of the week in my opinion. The points were really working a treat with various different species of Sharks. Small, medium and large Greys, Raggies up to 80 kilos and in the dirty water towards the end of the week, prior to the big waves, lots of Kob.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

The beginning of the week leading on from the week before fantastic results, really had Paddlers and Skippers chomping at the bit to get out on the water and prove their manhood. As always fortune favours the brave and the early bird does indeed catch the worm. The first few days of last week saw plenty of Snoek, Yellowfin Tuna, and small Couta with the odd Croc hiding in the deeper water. With the swells coming through launching was not easy and the early birds enjoyed the lovely weekend weather with a fish braai at home, before the big swells as a result of the cyclone.

North €“ The Cape Vidal, St Lucia, Mapelane area has been full of Tuna and the odd shoal Couta coming out with better fishing on the cards in the next week a definite target area for Skippers and Paddlers alike. Reports of some bigger Yellowfin Tuna in deeper water off the pinnacles and it seems that the Auditors seem to be more central and south giving Skippers and Paddlers a break in the north.

Central €“ The Seabelle area has been the happy hunting ground for producing the odd big Snoek. While Umhloti has seen some good size Couta and Blue Lagoon smaller shoal Snoek. These fish have been caught by both Skippers and Paddlers alike. The Skippers being able to venture deeper have found lots of Tuna and good catches of Dorado in and around the ships.

South €“ Shelley beach has seen some Dorado action as well as Yellowfin Tuna while the bottom fishing has also been very good. Some of the Skippers fishing shallower reefs along this stretch have also boated some nice Bronze Bream and Red Fish.

Durban Bay

Has seen a bit more activity especially around centre bank and the drop-offs. Some Walla-Walla were caught in the late evening. Better size Grunter are still being caught on Cracker Shrimp. Mike Pereira from The Kingfisher caught a lovely 5.5kg Grunter on Thursday evening fishing in that big South Westerly wind just goes to show even in bad weather, give it a go. The top water/artificial lure Anglers have had their fair share of smaller Kingfish, Sea Pike and a few Springers. When fishing the Bay careful attention must be made to the tides as the fish tend to feed on incoming or outgoing tides mainly.



Fly-Fishing €“ Unaffected by the Cyclone the fresh water Anglers have really had a ball in the deeper waters which has meant that there is more structure under water and the fishing has been really good. A lovely 1.5 kilo Rainbow Trout caught in a dam was a novices pride and joy and after a quick photo was released into a private dam in Bulwer.

Bass €“ Mixed reports of smaller fish although a lot more consistent were received from the majority of dams. Shongweni dam seemed to be the most popular with flukes and spinner baits being the top two choices. 

Carp €“ Inanda is still fishing well although with safety a questionable issue, it is advisable to keep alert when fishing here. Albert falls is always a lot of fun in summer especially with smaller fish which will keep you busy the whole night if you are able to camp. Shongweni Dam gets a bit tricky this time of year as the large amount of Barbel can be a pest if the incorrect hook baits are used. Some good hook baits for any of these dams would be Sweetcorn, Supercast FX, Banjo and Oxblood. A word to the wise is the stay away from strong flavours for example Garlic and Cinnamon as these seem to attract more Barbel.

Tiger Fish €“ The past few days€™ rain has seen a lot more activity in the river mouth entrance area as any good Tiger Angler knows the smaller fish from up river get washed in and the ever present Tigers on the prowl are happy to snap them up. Live baits as well as strip baits on the ever green Tiga-waka spoons are the way to go. Due to the severe heat in this area it seems only early morning and late evening is what Anglers can handle.



Talk about the common Anchovy. For those of you who think of it as just a bait fish – how are these for some facts. Anchovies are a family of small common salt-water forage fish. There are 144 species in 17 genera and are found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. They are small, green fish with blue reflections due to a silver longitudinal strip that runs from the base of the caudal fin. They range from a mere 2 centimetres to a whopping 40 centimetres in adult length. So just think about this when you next think of it as just a snazzy pizza topping or a bait fish.


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