We are half way through February and it seems as the weather is not playing the game, the winds are not consistent, the rainfall has been higher and as a consequence there is a lot of dirty water around and plenty of weed. This has not deterred some Anglers from putting a line out with mixed results all along the coastline. The best possible target areas are your north easterly points making use of Mackerel and Bonito to fish in the dirty water.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Some nice Kingfish in the 15 to 20 kilo range were caught during the fair weather period. Most of these fish caught on live Bonefish either as a slide or swim bait. Due to inclement weather the latter part of the week saw very little fishing.

Mapelane €“ Is usually one of the spots where Sand Sharks abound during this time of year, but for unknown reasons they seem somewhat scarce. Info received is of a few small Skates and a Honeycomb of about 30 kilos.

See picture below of some Diamonds that Lloyd Pereira and Dean Pretorius caught on Monday while filming for ASFN in the lower Zululand area. This awesome fish was Dean’s first on the Grinder reel. It looked too fun for Lloyd to ignore and so he had to have a crack at it… and managed to get two out after that on his Daiwa Windcast grinder. The new style of grinder angling has its pros and cons like anything else… but bottom line it€™s really fun!

Blythedale €“ Is one of the spots that seem to blow hot and cold, like the weather it seems to be experiencing a cold streak. Only some smaller soup plate size Skates and a juvenile Stumpnose to report for this area.

Sheffield €“ For the real early birds there are still Snoek to be had. The Kingfisher Pro Jet bullet spoons, pink and white and silver on a very fast retrieve have managed to put an early morning smile for the guys using spinning tackle.

Umhlanga €“ A hop, skip and jump down the road from Umhlanga is a little spot called East Moore which is seriously coming to light, especially in the early part of the week during better weather conditions. Small Shad, Brown Skates and a Honeycomb of approximately 20 kilos were all caught at various times of the day. Drop shot enthusiasts have also had great fun targeting small Shad just behind the shore break.

Durban Piers €“ The ever green Grunter still seem to be in and around a number of the piers with a number of good catches near the EThekwini beach pier. 

Beachfront €“ Durban Beach front although not being fished as much, there have still been a few fish up for grabs. Mainly some Stumpnose as well as smaller Red bait fish. Juvenile Blacktail have also made their appearance and can be a real handful as they can literally pick your hook clean.

Isipingo €“ The Isipingo ledges are fishing quite well and seems to have a large amount of bait fish; some Karanteen, juvenile Stumpnose and Sergeant Majors.

Warner Beach €“ After last week€™s fantastic Honeycombs, a number of people flocked to the area with not as much success. There were a few Spinner Sharks and a Grey Shark with not many other fish being reported.

Winkelspruit €“ This stretch is still the Drop shot pick of the week, as there have been a number of Anglers targeting the Wave Garrick as reported last week. Although on Ultra light tackle these fish can be really good fun – for Anglers targeting bigger fish, they can be somewhat of a pest.

Umkomaas €“ With plenty of Snapper Salmon the local Anglers have really had a good time. Amongst these fish have also been a few small Grunter and mixed bag of Skates. A proverbial Pot Pourie of fish when majority of the locals have either used Cracker Shrimp or Prawn as bait. 

Scottburgh €“ This popular spot has been somewhat out of sorts during the past week. Bigger baits have resulted in smaller Spinner Sharks and smaller baits a few Brown Skates and the odd Grey Shark.

Transkei €“ With big seas at the end of the week, those lucky enough to get to this area before that saw some action in the form of Hammerheads, bigger Grey Sharks and a Raggie which kept an Angler busy for 3 hours but was lost at the gaff. This lovely fish was estimated at more than 2m which is definitely in the top 180 plus kilo range. Hopefully with better weather more Anglers will target this area in search of their personal bests. Judging by the amount of Kingfisher Salt Water Slide traces being sold this is a definite intention.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With adverse sea conditions and bait being a real problem, both Paddle power and Horse power have been slightly stumped. With a few good days where both Paddlers and Skippers had the opportunity to launch safely there were some lovely fish to be had with Snoek, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and Couta being caught up and down the coast it was definitely a case of you snooze you lose your shoes. For those using the strip baits for Snoek, why not check out the new Kingfisher range of squids that have just arrived.

North €“ Some good catches of Couta off the North coast, while the Mapelane, Vidal area has seen some shoal fish arrive, which is always a good sign for things to come. Bigger Yellowfin Tuna are being caught in the deeper water. With lots of Marlin competitions coming up in the next few months we can only hopeful a fruitful season and lots of bait fish around in the deep warm clean water.

Central €“ A few small Snoek and Couta were caught off the Beachwood, Blue Lagoon area. A few good size Couta coming off Umhloti on the deeper ledges. A local Charter, Lynski reports 2 Marlin off Umhloti/Umhlanga fished at about 70 fathoms. Also for the bottom fisherman, some lovely Captain fine in the 5 €“ 6 kg range and it seems that the Slingers are hiding very well while the other reds are easier to catch.

Hilton Kidger the Festival Convenor of the Durban Ski Boat Competition sent us this info.

€œAs you read this there are only 70 odd sleeps before we all hit the throttles to compete for the amazing array of prizes we have arranged for you.

Importantly there are under 15 days left for you to qualify for two tickets

in the Lucky draw category. Once again we will have some super lucky

draw prizes for you to take home. Remember that from 1st March you

will only get one ticket. Enter now and get two tickets!

The €œGoodies Bag€ will also be a winner—–we have had amazing

support in these collections and an early thank you to Sibaya Casino

who has really made a substantial contribution to our sporting weekend.

Moving on to the prize line up we all know the prize for the biggest

cuda (King Mackerel) is the 510 Seacat powered by 2×60 Yamaha

engines, plus electronics, plus rods and reels—-Value R400000

The word is also out that Metalian Trailers in Cape Town have

sponsored an Off Road trailer to the value of R50000 (second biggest

cuda) and a bakkie canopy valued at R20000 (third prize). I have been

down to Cape Town to their factory and can comment that the

engineering quality of both is absolute precision, and strength————

—-for more detail visit their web site.

We have also secured our very own Dolphin€™s Captain, Darren Smit

who will be our Master of Ceremonies for the weekend. Not only will

we be able to meet Darren but he is bringing along a jersey/ shirt that

will be signed by the whole team and the one and only €œZULU€

Kluesner. Zulu is also a mad keen angler so we hope his entry is in! I

have no doubt we will see other Dolphin faces!

As you know we had to turn away many latecomers last year as we limit

the entries to 400 ski boats and 30 jet skis. So please get your entries in

ASAP————-you can even pick entry forms up at The Kingfisher, 53 Hunter Street, Durban. Tel 031 368 3903

Also visit our new website www.dsbc.co.za.

When entering please remember a little extra for the NSRI€.

South €“ Shelley beach is still the Tuna fishing ground of note, with large numbers in the 15 €“ 25 kilo range being the norm on the boat. Although bait fish is not plentiful the Rattler lures seem to make the Skippers day with consistent catches. A stray Wahoo or 2 has also been lurking so definitely worth a slightly faster troll when looking for these fish.

Durban Bay

Due to recent rainfall, the weekend didn€™t produce as many fish and this could probably be attributed to larger amounts of freshwater. Local Anglers fishing from the banks have got some nice fish in and around the 2 kilo mark; mainly Grunter with some bigger Sand Gurnard or Bartail flatheads in between. The artificial Drop shot Anglers have put the McArthy Jerk Minnows to good use as well hard plastic top water lures like the Strike Pro as well as smaller Kingfisher Sprat spoons. There also seems to be a fair amount of juvenile Stumpnose and a few small Perch as well.



Fly-Fishing €“ The Midlands dams are fishing somewhat slower with not many reports of big fish coming out. There has been some good fishing in many of the rivers after the good rains and the majority of Anglers seem to be going this route. Sterkfontein has been fishing well with a lot of surface action on Hoppers and Beatles on the edges.

Bass €“ Inanda dam although fishing slow has produced larger fish with reports of fish of 4 kilos plus and one of over 5 kilos this past weekend. It seems the Rock and Surf Anglers need to have a sly Bass Rod for when Saltwater is not as good. Albert falls dam is producing many fish, the Bass are active and the Bream are feeding well. Target the Bream with earthworms and a small float and this can lead to hours of fun. The dams closer to Durban seem to be somewhat dirty due to the rain we have recently experienced. 

Carp €“ This time of year excellent margin fishing can be had with subtle presentations. With a good stalking technique, good catches can result right at your feet. Look for jumping Carp that give away their position and fish to them. In a proper feeding area, Albert falls dam could keep you busy the whole night. Inanda River is still fishing well, yet safety is a question.

Tiger Fish €“ With more water in the dam, careful attention needs to be made when choosing colour of lure and making sure you pinpoint structure very accurately. Artificial lures which dive slightly deeper are a good option while live baits are possibly the best bet. These baits should be trolled a fair distance from the boat as normally they provide the bigger fish.



Agar weed, remember this name the next time you tuck into a yoghurt. Agar is a sticky substance found in this weed that is used in many different foods like yoghurt and even in ladies cosmetics.


ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007, attention, Mike. For the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.

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