With the neap tides a thing of the past and two spectacular fishing days namely Saturday and Sunday, if you didn€™t put a line out you were either watching rugby or had no excuse. Towards the end of last week everything came together although the waves were somewhat bigger there were still a number of spots that Rock and Surf Anglers could try. A real bonus is that some small Mackerel and Redeye although in very limited quantities have been coming out, this bodes well for future bait supply. A reminder to all Anglers that The Kingfisher will be closed on the 4th and 5th of March due to the annual stocktake, think of us guys while you€™re off fishing over the next weekend.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ With very warm conditions this area is still producing Bonefish as the featured species. The bigger waves also took their toll especially towards the end of last week. February being traditionally hotter could also mean warmer water temperature and more species.

Mapelane €“ For some strange reason the typical warm conditions in this area which usually produce Sand Sharks and other big non-edibles has not really produced lots of fish this year. Once again smaller Skates and a few Shad was all that was beached last week.

Tinley Manor €“ The Annual Grant Robbins Memorial fish was held on Sunday and although the participation was good, this area did not produce many fish, yet a good time was had by all during this event.

Blythedale €“ Like most of the areas to the north is a here today gone tomorrow, some small Stumpnose, and undersized Shad were the only fish that came out.

Sheffield €“ The spinning enthusiasts are definitely still trying their luck, predominantly the Dave€™s Rock area. The Daiwa Exceler Salt Water Rod especially the 10ft version together with bullet spoons has accounted for some Snoek, yet these are definitely condition dependant.

Umhlanga €“ Info received has been of some small Grey Sharks in the early evening. While those prepared to invest in a good torch like the LED Lenzor H7R have put this to good use targeting the 15 to 20 odd kilo Grey Sharks during the dark hours. The drop shot pundits have practiced their trade in the gullies on the left of the new pier and have accounted for juvenile Stumpnose, Blacktail and the odd Shad.

Durban Piers €“ Nicknamed the Blue Waters pier this popular pier is still fishing very well. Early morning sessions have revealed small Shad while during the day natural baits such as Sea lice fished on 1.0 and 3.0 Mustad Kendall hooks have produced the odd Stumpnose and bigger Grunter.

Beachfront €“ With a mixed bag reported last week the warmer water definitely did not help the edible Anglers due to very shallow water even with a good cast. Smaller bait fish such as Sand Mackerel and Maasbanker were caught on small hooks. A lucky Angler landed a beautiful Queen fish obviously which was not invited to Vivian Reddy€™s party which closed off most of the beachfront.

Bluff €“ It seems the warm water helped the Bluff area somewhat with a few Brown Skates and a large shoal of Blacktail over the weekend. These fish ranging in size from 10 to 12cm to right up over 30cm were caught on various baits such as Prawn, Squid and freshly picked Mussels.

Isipingo €“ The ledges at Isipingo are still producing some fine fish notably a 5 kilo Cat face Rock Cod which was caught on a Kingfisher Saltwater Pompano trace on either Sea lice/Mole Crab. There also seems to be some nice Stone Bream in this area, so the light tackle enthusiasts have a spot to test their prowess.

Toti €“ The Pipeline area still seems to be full of 3 spot Pompano or Wave Garrick and some of these fish have been caught well over the kilo mark. Although they are fairly aggressive, small hooks and the McArthy Bloodworm on a very light Jig head which allows it to move with the waves are your best ammo to target these feisty fish.

Doonside/Warner Beach €“ In front of the Bowling Green at Doonside saw action earlier in the week with a few Spinner Sharks. The right hand side of the swimming pool at Warner beach has had a mixed bag with a Brown Skate, juvenile Shad and a Pompano which was tagged and released. This fish was foul hooked by an Angler throwing the Bullet spoon in and around a sand bank.

Umkomaas €“ Suffering the same fate this area was basically washed out by the big waves. The weekend saw some activity by locals with some smaller Grunter and Snapper Salmon although unconfirmed sightings of a Shark in the river mouth area were also received. 

Scottburgh €“ For some a very lucky spot although recently Scottburgh has only accounted for some Spinners a few Grey Sharks and the odd Skate. Hopefully with better conditions expected for the next week this spot can be rejuvenated to its former glory.

Port Edward – The Shad are back and hopefully soon reports of game fish will be received as sea conditions are perfect for launching Shad off deep water points. Fishing has improved considerably over the past week as cleaner water is a welcome sight along the coastline here. Large Bronze Bream are on the bite and sizes reaching the 3kg mark are being reported by reliable sources. Evening fishing produced a spotted Grunter of 1.5kg (delicious eating) off Silver Beach here and Kob are also on the bite a little north. Estuary fishing is all about Rock Salmon at the moment and there have been sad stories of fishermen being smashed up by these powerful fish. Thanks Terry from Tacklenet for this report

Transkei €“ With the large contingent of local Anglers headed on their annual pilgrimage to Mazeppa, hopefully they will return with tales of the one that never got away. Like most spots during the warmer weather Mazeppa Bay can produce lots of Hammerhead Sharks, big spotted Ragged Tooth and a surprise edible. Big Slide baits or a throw bait to target a nice size Swim bait are your best bet for this time of the year. All Anglers need to take care on the rocks and make sure of a sturdy pair of rock Boots. With the summer in full swing a UV protected Kingfisher quick dry shirt is an absolute must have.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Just to fire you up on some fishing news, the Marlin club of SA held its annual tournament over the last weekend, and although the bill fish side was slow, Glynn Williams fishing on Jeremy Ferrows boat €œDohazari€ caught an 80.6 kg Yellow fin Tunny.  This ounce in a lifetime fish, is going to be mounted by Grant Thompson and will soon appear at the Durban Ski Boat Club. It is a €œbomber€ of a fish and took 45 minutes to boat. Glynn was fishing with 80lb line, and it was a stubborn fight from the start to the end. It was caught about 80km straight off Durban and the water temperature was 26, 5 C. Thanks to one of the team members Hilton Kidger for the info.

The recent Ski-boat interclub competition was hosted by Rod and Reel was very well attended. Congratulations to Pennington who managed to boat four species which earned them Triple points. Well done to the guys from the lower South Coast. Plenty of Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado the occasional Wahoo have kept Skippers and Paddlers on their toes and early to bed so as to be early to rise.

North €“ Sodwana, Cape Vidal and Mapelane seem to be the few areas blessed with some live bait other than Shad. Skippers have put these baits to good use targeting Snoek, the odd Couta and some nice Yellowfin Tuna. With the early morning sessions and late afternoon producing the most fish. The Rattler lures still making a good account of themselves, especially those lures in the 5 odd metre depth range. As per usual darker colours in the morning such as Purple and Dark Green have been the better colours.

Central €“ For the Skippers a trip out to the deep in and around the shipping lanes saw some lovely Dorado. Majority of these fish caught on strip baits and smaller plastics on a medium to fast troll. The ever popular wrecks and bait spots producing some lovely Yellowfin Tuna. The Paddlers have been spoilt for choice with various size Snoek in their usual hiding spots on the backline off the river mouths. My spot of the week is definitely the Umhloti area with small Rattlers and strip baits being my go to guns.

South €“ With very small bait fish along the southern coastline, a lot of artificial lures have been put to use. Some nice Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna were caught over the weekend. Paddlers in and around Winkelspruit right down to Scottburgh had a mixed bag of Snoek €œdarts€, some lovely Gas Bottles (Yellowfin Tuna). For those targeting the bottoms some nice Red Fish and a few bigger Rock Cod were all boated. With better conditions expected maybe those sleepy heads will see the need to rise with the sun.

Durban Bay

Fishing seems to have picked up in the Bay with a number of small Kingfish being caught in and around the centre bank area, the coaling terminal and Pelican Island also seeing some Sea pike and Walla Walla. The latter being caught at night and beware the Angler not using steel wire. Artificial enthusiasts using Drop shot and small spoons from the side also got into the action with smaller Kingfish and Sand Gurnards being the 2 top species.



Fly-Fishing €“ It seems that the fish like the Anglers have avoided midday heat and gone to ground during the warmer parts of the day. Woolley buggers, Red eye damsels and the typical summer patterns are still working a treat. The dams seem to be cleaning up nicely and this definitely means a future weekend trip is on the cards.

Bass €“ With virtually no wind over the weekend most dams were inundated with weekend warriors out to prove themselves. Majority of the dams produced mixed results. Bass in the range of 0.5kgs to just over a kilo were the norm. Whilst Inanda dam produced the pick of the week with a lovely fish just over 2 kilos.

Carp €“ Like the Bass Anglers near perfect weather conditions saw an influx of Anglers on the banks. The Midmar dam was unusually quiet and perhaps this could be attributed to the recent Midmar mile. With Shongweni dam being a lot more active. A weekend session resulted in 7 fish ranging from 1 to 3.5 kilos with the bigger fish being landed during the late nice session.  Most fish were caught on €œfruit€ scents.

Tiger Fish €“ It€™s too damn hot! With blistering decks during the day the only option has been early morning sessions and very late afternoon. With the dam level slightly higher the river inlet has definitely been producing more fish. The preferred fillet / strip baits on Africa Lure spoons cannot be beaten. For those braving the heat of the day, deeper trolling lures in the channels have produced a few bites although the fish seem very lethargic.This report came in from Johannes Steyn €œthe past weekend saw us head up to Jozini and its Tigers. Saturday was a scorcher and saw water temperatures touching 30 degrees Celsius. This did not bother the Tiger fish in the least. We managed half a dozen above average fish €“ best being about 2.5kgs.

A 7.2 kg barbell had me thinking I had the new SA record tiger hooked! On Sunday we slipped away at dawn for a few hours and were rewarded with another 12 Tiger fish although smaller than the boys we boated the day before. The water is still quite muddy with only about 200 €“ 300 mm visibility. Spinners, plastic swim baits, spoons and crank baits yielded no takers. All our fish were taken on sardine or sardine/liver combo€, thanks Johannes for the feedback, looks like you guys had some fun in the heat.


Ever thought of the lowly Catfish as a ground feeder swishing around in the mud? This mud sucker bottom of the food chain as expressed by mouth unhappy Anglers to catch one, should stop and think of the following€¦the lowly Catfish has over 27000 taste buds which the high and mighty human averages around only 7000. Food for thought?

ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za or fax 031- 368 4007, attention, Mike. For the latest KZN fishing news presented by O.J., tune into East Coast Radio at 5.40am Monday – Friday.

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