With the recent cold front now behind us the Rock and Surf Anglers can once again look forward to better weather and more fishing. The forecast for the next few days looks good as there are four days of North Easterly winds. Some lucky Anglers were lucky to get in before the bad weather set in and managed to land some nice fish all along the coastline. A reminder to all the Rock and Surf Anglers of the Grunter competition which will soon be taking place on the Durban Beachfront – entrance fee is R100 and we hope to see you all there.

Rock and Surf

Sodwana €“ With the stronger winds the weekend Anglers were less plentiful and it seems the colder weather also gave fish here a case of lock jaw. Small fish in the 500g to 1kg range were all that was caught.

Tugela €“ Similarly to last week the Brown Skates seem to be the most popular species. Early morning Anglers got a few small Wave Garrick on artificial lures such as the McCarthy 3inch Jerk Minnow in Chartreuse colour. 

Mapelane/St Lucia €“ Has seen some small Kob and Grunter just as it starts to get dark. For the non-edible Anglers here, slide baits have resulted in some Sand Sharks although not as many as we would like.

Mtunzini Banks €“ This would be my pick of the week, as the weather patterns especially the North Easterly winds can really get the banks to work. Last week a few Diamonds as well as Brown Skates were caught just prior to the cold front moving in.

Richards Bay €“ Anglers fishing the shore have had a number of small Hammerhead Sharks and in the late afternoon/early evenings some Milkies. The odd Shad also came out in the early mornings for the spinning enthusiasts. The Harbour has also produced some fish; mainly Grunter with one or two tipping the scales at just over 2 kilos.

Salt Rock €“ Some recent visitors to KZN whilst staying at the hotel were really pleased when a €œquick€ session landed 2 lovely Blacktip Kingfish of 2 and 4 kilos respectively. These fish were caught using the Kingfisher Saltwater Pompano trace and a Prawn and Falkland Squid combo bait.

Ballito €“ The deep water points have proven good exercise for the early morning spinning enthusiasts. For those not so early to rise some Pompano have been caught on the beaches using whole Sealice as bait. A reminder to all Anglers is that they need to be in possession of the correct permits when they are harvesting bait.

Umhlanga €“ Not much to report for this area with only the odd Grey Shark caught on mainly soft bloody baits such as Redeye and Mackerel. With these baits now becoming slightly more accessible it€™s a good idea to check with your local tackle store if they have in stock.


Virginia  – The locals fishing this area were treated to a rare delight when a shoal of Snoek came in chasing some very small Redeye. Fish could be seen jumping and the water €œoiled€ for a short period whilst the Snoek were feeding. One prepared Angler managed to get a Spoon on in time landed a Snoek of just over 3 kilos.

Durban Piers €“ With access to slightly deeper water from these vantage points, Anglers that can put in a good throw on light spinning tackle have also tried their luck at catching Snoek on Spoons. Those not spinning have also been rewarded with some Grunter and Pompano especially in the Blue Lagoon area.

Beachfront €“ Although there have been a number of Anglers on the Beachfront this argues the point as to the number of fish to have come out. The fishing has been a bit slower with only undersize Shad and a very lonesome Grey Shark being reported. Hopefully with better weather this area will also improve.

Isipingo €“ Once again the ledges have been producing some fish. With the majority of these fish coming out in the early morning sessions, wave Garrick or 3 spot Pompano, Blacktip Kingfish and some nice Kingfish were all caught last week.  

Toti/Warner Beach €“ Just like Umhlanga and the Durban Beachfront, the Toti/Warner Beach area produced very few fish with the odd Skate and Grey Shark being caught on fleshy baits. The Kingfisher S-bend Spoons are a definite weapon for your arsenal as there have been some Shad caught here although not quiet making size yet.

Umkomaas €“ It seems as if Umkomaas is still fishing well with Brown Skates, small Sand Sharks and for the edible Anglers some Snapper Salmon to boot. A variety of baits have been used and it seems the Prawn and Chokka bait is working very well. 

Scottburgh €“ Some nice Diamond Skates in the 50 to 60 kilo range were landed, while some big Sand Sharks created the €œon Dad€ but just never seemed to be stopping or coming anywhere near the beach.

Umdoni Point €“ Another deep water point that has also produced some Snoek for the spinning tackle enthusiasts. This somewhat quieter point can really produce some good fish especially when passing shoals of Sardines migrate up the coast.

Port Shepstone €“ The reef area in front of the station has seen some activity with some nice Rock Cod and a few Kingfish species.

Margate €“ Has been seeing some Shad off the Pier although at this time of the year they are very small and not making size, yet they still prove to be great fun on light tackle such as the Megaforce range of rods with the Crossfire reel and light braid. Early morning sees these fish come out with the sun and the late afternoon sees them go to bed.

Transkei €“ The Port St Johns€™ area has been producing some nice fish. Skimmingtons to the right of the river mouth saw some nice Shoal Kob as well as some bigger Grunter. The non-edible Anglers have also had fun with some spotted Raggies on slide baits.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Towards the end of last week, we had some bigger swells and strong winds, which didn€™t help launching at all. For those brave enough to take on the bigger seas and winds the effort was well worth it. There were a number of species of fish caught in the deep by Ski-boaters and on backline by the Paddlers.

North €“ Both Skippers and Paddlers alike that fished the Northern area relied mainly on Rattlers, Halcos and Rapalas to target smaller Yellowfin Tuna, a few Couta and a fair number of Snoek. Dead baits such as Redeye, Mackerel and Sand Mackerel also did their fair share of damage whilst fillet baits and live Shad landed more fish. The smaller Rattler lures have proven very effective for Snoek. Ski-boaters in the Maphelane Vidal area got some bigger Tuna in deeper water and a few Dorado near the ships.

Central €“ The Umgeni River mouth as always a popular spot for Paddlers and brave Skippers, saw a lot of Backline activity. The Vetchies reef or Limestone as it is known held a good couple of Snoek for Paddlers on Sunday last week. This is an excellent area for Paddlers new to the game to practice their techniques as the swell is a lot calmer and the water not too deep.

South €“ The Sardine fillet fished with a duster up front produced a number of Snoek whilst the Wilddog Stick baits accounted for some Yellowfin Tuna lower down on the South Coast. Some good bottom fishing was reported from Park Rynie and the Rocky Bay area with some Slinger and good size Rock Cod.

A reminder to all Skippers for the upcoming Durban Ski-boat Club Couta comp, makesure you have your entries in as this is surely going to be a wonderful competition.

Durban Bay

A couple of us here at the Kingfisher do a fair amount of Bay fishing. Lots of Grunter have been around and one doesn€™t just have to focus on using traditional baits. Light tackle spinning in the early morning before work as well as after work can be very productive. Kingfish, Springer and Torpedo Scads make for great entertainment on light tackle. These species have been more prolific in the last week, while dropshot enthusiasts are still having good fun tackling the Sand Gurnitts with small jigs and McCarthy plastics. For more information on techniques etc come and visit us as the shop as we are more than happy to share information and give you advice as to what works.



Fly-Fishing €“ With the recent drop in temperature there has been an increase in Trout action in the Midlands area. The rivers have also been more active and some nice fish have come out.  The Streamers, Nymphs and Emerger patterns are still working their magic. The rivers as usual are producing smaller fish, yet more plentiful bites in the early morning and late afternoon. This is the perfect time to get in some good practice before the colder weather sets in.

Bass €“ As an alternate to the traditional Bass fishing style, a number of Anglers have been targeting Bass on fly-rods in the Hazelmere dam which has surprising resulted in a lovely catch of a 4 kilo Bass being caught in the last week. The preferred flies have been bigger Woolley Buggers with bigger hooks as well as some of the more skilled Anglers tying their own €œBass Patterns€.

Carp €“ At Albert falls dam the Carp seem to be feeding on the surface and some of the €œBass€ Anglers have started carrying fly-rods in order to target these surface feeding fish. Some fine specimens have been landed during the week. This is a new €œFacet€ of angling for fishing for these fish, so limited information is currently available, however we will endeavour to provide more details.

Tiger Fish €“ The ever popular river inlet is still by far the most productive fishing spot. With the thermometer not reaching the higher levels fishing can now be done for longer periods and keep in mind that when it is warmer the Tiger fish will usually be caught deeper down around structure as opposed to the surface.


Talk about follow your leader but with fish it€™s more like €œIn the centre Mr Venter€, as the fish in the middle of the school actually control the rest while the fish on the outsides are guided by those in the middle and only bony fish swim in highly co-ordinated groups. Most fish cannot swim backwards and those that can are mainly members of the Eel family.

ASFN Season 2 premiers on Monday nights on Super Sport 6 at 19h30 be sure not to miss it, there will also be six rebroadcasts during the week.

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