As can be expected the westerly came through slightly earlier than was anticipated, which left Saturday morning for the early risers an ideal opportunity to fish. For those that did get up early there were a few fish and it seems that with the change in temperature of the water some spots experienced lock jaw while other spots had fish feeding ravenously.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ The change in weather did not have much effect in this area. There were a few Bonefish and smaller Kingfish caught in the bays. With more stable weather conditions, i.e. less wind perhaps the upcoming holidays could see a family outing in this beautiful fishing spot.

Tugela €“ Prior to the weekend postal KZNCAU competition some small Sand Sharks and a rare Black tip Shark were all caught off the beach. The edible Anglers fishing on lighter tackle in the estuaries managed to land a good few Grunter, mostly in the 2 to 5 kilo range and it is so good to see the estuaries are alive and healthy. 

Mapelane/St Lucia €“ Morning sessions have produced some smallish Shad yet amongst these fish have been those that have made the legal size requirement. Smaller Skates have been caught in the shallower areas probably coming in seeking the warmer water. Drop shot enthusiasts have also had a good time targeting the small Shad on the 3 inch McArthy Minnows fished with a ¼ ounce jig head.

Mtunzini Banks €“ It seems you can pick em but you can€™t choose em. After a good few days of easterly and the west coming through quicker than expected the conditions weren€™t favourable to targeting the big Diamond Skates this area is known for. A handful of fish was all that was reported.

Richards Bay €“ With mixed results from the beach and off the piers, a lot of the local Anglers€™ have been happy to target the bay and have seen some good results. Small Kingfish of various species, as well as Grunter have been caught throughout the day. The ever popular Daiwa Megaforce 2 piece Rod with the Daiwa Crossfire Reel was put through its€™ paces when a junior Angler fought and landed a Black tip Kingfish of just over 3.7 kg€™s. It is lovely to see Junior showing Dad just how it is done.

Salt Rock €“ Even the lazy can get lucky. Once again another visitor from up country staying at the Salt Rock hotel decided to put a bait out right in front of the hotel, after a short wait  and a long fight a Diamond Skate of approximately 30 kilos ensured a memorable visit to the KZN coastline.

Eastmoore €“ Although more popular for the Paddle-ski enthusiast in calmer water an easy launch is capable, this small stretch can often surprise unsuspecting Anglers. Towards the end of last week some Grey Sharks between 5 and 7 kilos were beached as well as Anglers not using the Saltwater Sport Bite Traces had a brief struggle and were soon bitten off.

Durban Piers €“ Once again a deep water access point often results in better fishing. The locals put good use to whole small Redeye baits which resulted in Grunter, Stumpnose and some Flatfish being caught on the various piers.

Beachfront €“ Sea lice as well as Cracker Shrimps got the bite yet at a much slower rate.   With the large amount of smaller fish known as Peckers, many Anglers threw in the towel as the baits were picked off quicker than could be put on. Those in the know that opted for a Chokka bait landed a few Milkies and a rare Grey. 

Toti/Warner Beach €“ Acid Pipe in Amanzimtoti saw activity over the weekend especially Saturday morning with some small Brown Skates, Shad and Wave Garrick. With some of the KZNCAU teams staying local a slide bait resulted in a hook-up with a large fish which bit through 120 pound carbon coated wire.

Umkomaas €“ As ever green as ever Umkomaas has seen a lot more Anglers, predominantly those targeting edible fish, such as smaller Grunter, Snapper Salmon and a few small Skates. The ledges also produced some small Lessers yet very seldom fished for.

Scottburgh €“ As always a very popular spot, this predominantly westerly spot saw some activity on Saturday. Some Grey Sharks and a few under size Shad were all that was landed.

Port Shepstone €“The Sandspit area has reportedly had some activity with regards to Kob or Salmon with fish in the 2 to 3 kilo range being caught on Prawn and Chokka baits. For the artificial Anglers the 6 inch McArthy Paddle tail with the Kingfisher 1 ounce 6.0 jig head has also beached some nice fish.

Port Edward  Fishermen visiting Port Edward have had a great time here catching a number of fish species and locals together are enjoying the action. Visitors on Splash Rock on Saturday morning hooked and landed a Mussel Cracker (poenskop) of 18kg. A fish like this from the side is a master catch and does not happen often here as it normally frequents reefs in deep water areas,(one less for the boats). Hound sharks and Greys are also on the bite and the daytime anglers are finding good sized Bronze Bream and Yellow Belly Rock cod off the rocks here. Estuary fishermen too are into large sized Perch and the fishing has improved much there. Thanks Terry Nel for the info.


Transkei €“ With a number of clubs travelling down to this popular spot to target the inedibles, there were some mixed results as both popular spots and some well hidden spots offered up a mixed bag of successes. Hammerheads as well as some unnamed species due to being reefed or bitten off were the order of the day.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski.

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With the large number of Ski-boat and Jet-Ski competitions coming up in the next few months, a word to the wise to check your local fishing tackle store and make sure you get your entries in on time in order to qualify for the freebies and early entry discounts. With the winds not playing ball over the last week there were not many days that both Paddlers and Skippers could launch safely. The early morning sessions being more preferred before the winds picked up during the day.

North €“ Sodwana, St Lucia and Mapelane had a good fair share of fish. The Yellow fin Tuna being caught in the deep were of a good size whilst the smaller boats were content with Snoek; shoal Couta and a few smaller Dorado. The Kingfisher Wilddog Stick baits have proven their worth when thrown across or into boiling bait fish to entice the Tuna.

Central €“ Most of the action has occurred in the Umhloti area with lots of Snoek, Yellow fin Tuna and a few big Crocs in the mix. Skippers have put their horsepower to good use and have found Dorado in the deeper water as well as around floating structures.

South €“ Although somewhat plagued by lots of Taxmen, the Skippers and Paddlers have had a brief respite with the ever popular Yellow fin Tuna, Snoek and a beautiful Couta of over 26 kilos coming out when the weather permitted. The wind conditions seem to be improving and this spot would be a definite one to possibly plan a family holiday.

Durban Bay

With a number of Charters fishing the bay at various times during the day and night, there have been mixed successes. The centre bank area produced a few Grunter in the 1 to 1.5 kilo range whilst the Anglers targeting fish from the bank have seen a lot smaller fish. Artificial lure Anglers have put the StrikePro Top water lures to good use targeting small Kingfish and a few Sea pike.



Fly-Fishing €“ With both rivers and dams producing some lovely fish the Anglers have the benefit of cooler weather and should take advantage of this before it gets too cold. The Streamers and Nymphs are still top of the list, whilst beginners should spend a few minutes looking around to see what is on the water and match their fly patterns in order to mimic the bugs and larvae that they see.

Bass €“ There are a number of Bass competitions being held on various dams in the next few months, so make sure that you are well aware of what is happening where. Mixed results have been reported from most of the dams in regards to Bass. This week has seen a lot more activity at Shongweni Dam especially in the shallower water in the early morning and for those lucky enough to possess a boat, deep water in the late afternoon.

Carp €“ Midmar Dam has seen a number of fish caught mainly in well baited areas, where lots of ground feed in a concentrated area resulted in a number of bites over a shorter period. Although this tactic may not always work, bank Anglers must be aware of winds as well as barometric pressure fluctuations.

Tiger Fish €“ Beware not the winds as the striped water dogs are not afraid of choppy water. If you are able to put a bait out in a choppy water in and around structure or near popular feeding spots do not hesitate. This last week saw a number of novice Anglers on a team building trip land some nice fish literally on a hope and a prayer on a bait put out during windy conditions.


Unlike most other fish, the ocean Sunfish does not have a tail. A female Sunfish can lay 300 million eggs each year. Each egg is smaller than the period (full stop) at the end of a sentence.

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