Sunday is D-Day, the annual Durban Beachfront Shore Fishing Festival starts at 05H00, what does the O stand for, OH MY GOSH ITS EARLY! The briefing is on the Saturday and this competition is open to all. With R50000 cash prize for the biggest Spotted Grunter. The R150 entrance fee is well worth it. There will also be free fishing clinics so get down to Suncoast between 9 and 4 on Saturday. Last week has seen some ups and downs with a bit of rain on Saturday with very strong Westerly winds, a great Sunday and then along came Tuesday.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Typical for this time of year the juvenile Kingfish species are prevalent and a few Honeycombe Rays were also caught during the week. This time of year can be somewhat unpredictable as Kosi is traditionally a more summer fishing spot.

Tugela €“ With only a few small Sand Sharks and undersized Shad coming out, not much really to report. With the recent rainfall the dirty water could bring in some non-edibles so definitely a spot to watch for the future.


Mapelane/St Lucia €“ With the odd big Raggie still in the area, a big Mackerel Slide bait is probably the best bet to target these fish. The edible Anglers can target the Kob towards the late evening on Chokka baits.

Mtunzini Banks €“ With last week€™s weather pattern being what it was, a number of Anglers crossed this area off their list. For one lucky Angler the trip was well worth it landing 2 Diamonds, the smallest of which was approximately 40 kilos.

Richards Bay €“ With the odd Diamond still around, many Anglers fishing the beach have tried their best to catch one of these and have been happy to get away with its younger cousin the Brown Skate. Early morning and late evening have seen lots of Spinner Sharks whilst the edible Anglers have targeted a fair amount of Grunter using mainly Mustad no.1 and 1.0 hooks. With a fair amount of Anglers targeting the Bay, some smaller Kob and Blackfin Kingfish were also caught. The Kob on Chokka baits while the Kingfish preferred Drop shot and quarter ounce plugs.

Ballito €“ My definite pick of the week with some lovely Ridgeback Grey Sharks up to 30kgs. These fish mainly caught on Slide baits and preferring small to medium size Chokka slide whole. For those not willing to slide there have been a few Diamond Skates on throw baits, preferably Chokka and Prawn mixtures. Weather permitting for those with a good arm, a long cast off one of the points could possibly land a Snoek, with a fast retrieve on a bullet spoon.

Zinkwazi €“ For those in the know there are a few definite spots to fish in this area. The non-edible Anglers landed a few Spinner Sharks and a fair number of 3 Spot Pompano or Wave Garrick were caught by a Drop shot enthusiast.

Umhlanga €“ Umhlanga Lighthouse saw a fair amount of action this weekend in the form of Grey Sharks round about the 10 kilo range, with a few Skates and a 2.5 kilo Pompano in the mix. There were also a large amount of small Shad in the mornings and a handful of Spinner Sharks in the late evening. Perhaps the rule of thumb should be to use wire in the morning and evenings to prevent either the Shad or Sharks biting you off.

Durban Piers €“ With the strong winds and the sea on the upside many Anglers took refuge on the beach. The low tides allowed Anglers to fish off these vantage points. A few undersized Shad, Grunter and smaller bait fish were the only catches during the week.

Beachfront €“ With the odd big bruiser Grunter lurking in the water, some of these fish tipping the scales at 4.5 kilos, it€™s definitely worth putting a line out. Although Pompano have been more numerous they are still on the small side and lots of juvenile Shad have been caught by spinning enthusiasts or Anglers using smaller hooks. Anglers fishing to the left of the New Pier on the High Tides have also landed some Black tail with a few Rock Cod, although small coming out right next to the pier.

Bluff €“ The Kingfisher bullet spoons, mainly pink and white or red head have been used to good effect targeting Kingfish in and around the rocky areas, especially Cave Rock and off the swimming pool walls.

Toti/Warner Beach €“ Late last week saw a few Grey Sharks in the 3 to 5 kilo range, probably due to the fact that there was a large amount of small Shad happy to take any bait which was presented to them, with many Anglers getting bitten off who didn€™t use American fishing wire.

Winkelspruit €“ Has seen some nice Stone Bream being caught in the early morning session, using Mustad no.10 baitholder with a thin strip of Squid or Chokka as bait. Due to the small mouth, a long thin bait is preferred, but be ready for a good fight on light tackle.

Errol Hayes €“ This little known gem can often produce some lovely fish and local Angler, Alan Botha landed a beautiful 60kg Diamond Skate on Sunday Afternoon. What a wonderful way to end the long weekend.

Umkomaas €“ The river mouth area is still producing lots of small Snapper Salmon with the odd Grunter in-between, unfortunately the majority of these fish are undersize, perhaps this is a great time for the Ultra lite and Drop shot fundi€™s to test their skill against these lovely fish.

Scottburgh €“ This deep water point has seen its fair share of activity, especially when the weather has played its part. Spinning specialists throwing bullet spoons have targeted Snoek with mixed success. Michael Rogers from the Kingfisher was lucky enough to land one of these beauties.

Pennington €“ Just like Scottburgh, a deep water point when the sea conditions are good with a slight breeze or no breeze at all can also produce the Snoek. The Daiwa Regal 4000 reel which is very affordable seems to be the weapon of choice for Anglers in this neck of the woods.

Port Shepstone €“ This area still seems to be producing some Kob yet not as plentiful, the weather obviously playing a big part. A few small Skates were also beached last week.

Transkei €“ Reports of a number of Diamond Skates and the ever present Hammerhead Shark, although these are bigger specimens in the 50kg range. It seems the Hammerheads have taken a liking to a Chokka slide and prefer a smaller Chokka that they can swallow in one mouthful.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Skippers and Paddlers having both been let down by the weather had a few occasions to launch. Those that did got their just rewards although there weren€™t much fish around some Skippers made the best of the conditions and boated some nice fish.

North €“ The Mapelane area has produced some bigger Yellow fin Tuna in the deep, whilst shallower waters produced some Black Marlin, Snoek and Couta. The Couta being caught predominately on smaller Shad fished deeper. Drop shot enthusiast also landed some Kingfish on the Kingfisher Bucktail jigs.

Central €“ The game fishing seems to have slowed down a bit, with only a few big Couta being caught in the Westbrooke area. These fish have also been caught all the way down to Umkomaas, especially on big baits such as Bonnito, Walla-Walla and Mackerel. The Snoek and Yellowfin have started to make their way South and places such as the cuttings are producing some nice fish. 

South €“ There are still a fair number of Yellow fin Tuna, bigger Snoek and the odd Croc Couta coming out. With the number of Ski-boat competitions happening down South, it€™s definitely worth taking the boat down and giving it a try. Bottom fishing has also picked up with Catface Rockcod, Yellow-belly Rockcod and various Red fish. All sports have their injuries and it seems as that the Sharks are also taking their fair share of any Rebel fish.

Durban Bay

With a number of Die-hards fishing from the side as well as those lucky enough to be on a boat, saw a fair amount of activity in the Bay. Mixed bags were reported with some 2 to 4 kilo Grunter coming out as well as a fair number of Sand Gurnards and some small Stumpnose. The Cracker Shrimps were still the number 1 baits, while Sardine and Redeye ran up a close second.



Fly- Fishing. The Underberg Dams have been producing nice fish with big streamer patterns doing most of the damage. Inanda has been putting out lots of Bass. The guys have been float tubing and getting lots of fish on top water sliders. The best flies for this time of year are the Speed Cop, Redeye Damsels, Hammals Killer, Jamesons Dragon and the Peacock Woolley Worm.

Bass €“ Albert falls produced a lot of good fish on the weekend, despite the lack of Anglers. The flukes being most productive with some good fish also coming out on top water lures. Inanda Dam was a pleasure to see lots of smaller fish around, which sets the scene for the future of this dam. Not too many fish came out, with only 2 over the 3kg mark. Midmar saw not much fireworks and the only fish coming out were caught mainly on Crank baits. Shongweni has seen mainly Barbel and Carp while the Bass are slowly moving into the deep. A few Bass were caught on soft plastics. All the dams are nice and full so we can really expect some good fishing in the colder months to come.

Carp €“ This time of year sees a number of Carp feeding on the surface and although usually targeted by Fly-fisherman, pop-ups and floaties can be used to target these fish, especially the brighter colours such as pinks, yellows and white.

Tiger Fish €“ Like most dams the recent rainfall has upped the water level. This would definitely be the time to fish the inlets as the bigger fish will be waiting for smaller fish washed downstream. A small live bait on a well sharpened hook with a stiffish rod is defiantly the way to go. 


The rare and endangered Hand-Fish uses its fins in order to literally walk along the seabed. This distinctive fish is almost pear-shaped and the Pectoral and Ventral fins are used to walk. They are cream in colour with dusky brown and occasional yellow-brown spots. The pattern of each fish is unique. These fish grow to approximately 15cm and are related to the Angler fish.

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