With the Annual Kingfisher Stock take a thing of the past we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their patience.  With some lovely weather conditions and the wind playing its part the last week has seen a lot more Anglers taking to the beaches and it is a good sight to see the family unit on the beach together. With mixed catches both North and South, those in the know have read the wind patterns and fished these to their best advantage.

Plea from the Pleb €“ Whilst our best efforts are put into composing this report should there be anybody out there in your local stomping ground, please feel free to contact The Kingfisher and share your knowledge so that we can improve the content of our report. Any info about fishing, fish caught or competitions in your area please send to mike.pereira@kingfisher.co.za.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Fishing has been quiet with only a few Bonefish and Wave Garrick on the shoreline. The lakes have been fishing really well with lots of big Grunter being caught.

Tugela €“ Both North and South bank have seen some action in the form of Skates, mostly Browns and a few smaller Sand Sharks. The odd Blackfin Shark on a slide bait with big Mackerel or Bonito being preferred.

Mtunzini Banks €“ This very popular summer spot has not really lived up to its reputation and has blown hot and cold. On some days every bait is an on, yet the very next day could see you holding pole for hours. Weather patterns are paramount for this area, so pay careful attention to wind direction when planning a trip here.

Mapelane €“ Still very quiet and with cooler conditions coming in, hopefully the fish will turn on the bite again as the last week saw very few fish, with a few small Skates and undersized Shad.

Cape Vidal €“ Lots of small edible fish mainly 3 Spot Pompano or Wave Garrick, Stumpnose and juvenile Kingfish. This is probably a good spot for drop shot enthusiasts to pack a light bag and fish the numerous reefs along this pristine coastline.

Richards Bay €“ Has produced lots of small Flat fish, predominantly Brown Skates and Sand Sharks in the 10 to 30kg range, a few Diamond Skates in the 50 odd kilo range were also beached.

Ballito €“ Not much activity reported for this area. The odd Grey Shark has made its appearance at dusk on throw baits. The unlucky Shad Angler has also picked up some small Spinner Sharks.

Umhlanga €“ With water temperature fluctuating the same has happened with the bites in this area. With cooler water temperatures the fish have been feeding well, Spinner Sharks, Grey Sharks and a few Stumpnose have been landed. The exception to this is a Pompano of just under 4 kilos which was caught at 10 o€™clock on a Sealice to the right of the lighthouse.

Durban Piers €“ Last week saw a lot of activity on the new pier near a popular hotel. Predominantly bigger Grunter in the 3 plus kilo range caught on Sardine belly using the trusted Mustad 1.0 Kendall Round hook. Anglers using lighter tackle found the Red fish and very small Blacktail a pest as majority of these fish were under sized.

Beachfront €“ Where oh where have the Grunter been? For once the Rock and Surf Anglers have been able to sink their teeth into decent size Grunter from the beach without having to invest in a boat to fish for them in the Bay. Some lovely fish ranging from 2 to 6 kilos were caught last week in the early morning and way into the dark at night. Sadly under sized Shad to have been caught and filleted with the remains left on the beach leaves a sour taste in the mouth for conservation.

Isipingo €“ Ledges have been fishing really well especially in the late afternoon and evening sessions. Big Blacktail as well as Stumpnose have been caught on light tackle although locals in the know have trusted Kingfisher leader line especially the 0.70 breaking strain to ensure they land their catch. 

Toti/Warner Beach €“ The Acid pipe area near Toti main beach has some lovely banks and on the correct tide with water rolling over them, small Brown Skates and the odd Pompano have been landed.

Umkomaas €“ With better conditions this area came back to its former glory with lots of smaller Grunter caught mainly on Cracker Shrimp using a Mustad no 1 Baitholder. For Anglers targeting bigger fish, Prawn and Chokka combos saw a few Brown Skates and juvenile Sand Sharks. 

Scottburgh €“ Reports of the odd Brown Skate with some nice Grey Sharks on a good cast meant a somewhat quiet week for Scottburgh. With better conditions hopefully more fish will be landed.

Port Edward –  Giant Bronze Bream are the order of the day with fish over the 3kg mark being caught in our local waters here all taking prawn baits. Fishing has really improved and while night fishing from the beach I landed a Blue Skate of 16kg and a Grey Shark of 8kg in just one hours fishing time. Rock Salmon are still eating well with some fishermen being smashed up by these estuary monsters.


Transkei €“ Mpolompo point is definitely by far the pick of the week. Excellent reports of Hammerhead Sharks ranging from 10 to 20 kilos. A few big Grey Sharks in the 20 to 30 kilo range. For those prepared to fish at night, some nice Kob and a beautiful Mussel Cracker of just over 7 kilos was caught just on nightfall.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Like the Rock and Surf Anglers both Paddle and Horsepower have benefited from the mercy of the weather with some good results on both sides. The Durban Ski-boat club recently hosted a Marlin Competition. Unfortunately no Marlin were boated, yet 2 lovely  Sailfish and a huge Yellowfin Tuna (unusual for Durban water) ended up in the top 3.

North €“ The North Coast has seen a large number of Snoek and as per usual either on backline or in the so-called €œDead spots€ where all of a sudden fish are boiling. In amongst these fish have been some Couta although somewhat deeper out. The Snoek falling mainly to fillets and artificial lures, the new Kingfisher Rattler 10cm, Colour in L36 and L02 Patterns have been working really well. The Maphelane and Richards Bay area have also seen smaller Snoek with a rare Couta in between.

Central €“ Ones and Twos describes the supply of viable Mackerel and Redeye baits being caught at majority of the live bait depots. These baits are worth their weight in gold and have definitely been put to good use. The Blue Lagoon/Umgeni area has also been producing some Snoek and near the Shark nets some legal size Shad have also been caught. Excellent bait when fished deep for a marauding Couta. Dorado have also been predominant with the Ski-boat X-factor boating a good few over the past few weeks.

South €“ The Protea banks seems to have slowed down somewhat with not many fish coming out. Certain unnamed spots are still doing well with Snoek, Couta and some nice bottom fish also being boated. Far south has seen a fair share of Tuna and the occasional croc Couta catching an unwary Angler by surprise.

Durban Bay

With pristine conditions this past weekend and those lucky enough to possess a boat the Bay did not disappoint. Although a number of smaller fish were ready to bite the bigger fish took their time and only a few above the 2 kilo mark were landed. The coaling area saw some Kingfish activity whilst central bank had a hodge podge of different sized grunter, Sand Gurnitts and small Skates. From the side there were also small Stumpnose, bigger Sand Gurnitts and undersized Grunter.



Fly-Fishing €“ With the water cooling down there has been a lot more movement on the Trout side. A few of the established waters have been reporting good catches of Rainbow Trout. A beautiful fish of over 5 kilos was caught at Carpet Baggers. Most common used flies have been large streamer patterns and Dragonfly nymphs. The afternoon catch has been stronger in the southern berg with fish falling to dry nymphs and emerger patterns.

Bass €“ Inanda has seen plentiful fish in all areas caught on soft plastics and jerk baits. Albert falls has seen some big fish on surface lures in the bays. Larger baits could possibly produce larger fish from now until April. Goudetrou seems quiet at the moment with the odd big fish coming out on jigs and crank baits. Shongweni saw some good action with 2 lovely fish of over 3 kilos coming out on surface lures.

Carp €“ During this time of year most of the smaller fish are plentiful. This is an excellent time to start practicing different techniques like jigs on the surface or floaty fishing, perhaps try stalking the margins. Hone your skills for the winter as it could be a very good one with some real monsters being caught. Conventional Carp or bank angling has had Albert falls and Inanda, popular sports to keep you busy during this time of year. The fish will be feeding hard to fatten up for the winter season. Keep your feeding area concentrated and you€™re in for good fun.

Tiger Fish €“ A frank discussion with a Jozini local revealed some rather interesting information. Copper spoons with a small fillet are deadly in the early morning especially when fished on a slow retrieve. During the day deeper water fishing in the channels and river inlet is a definite must. When using steel wire the tiniest swivel possible is paramount as the Tiger fish will often target the bubble trail behind the swivel.  The Daiwa Megaforce Tiger Tamer 7ft Heavy rod has been used extensively with great results as it allows a good hook set and is not too cumbersome on the boat.


Majority of fish can see in colour and use these same colours to camouflage themselves and/or defend their territory. Their eye sight is the best possible for their habitat and most can definitely see you peering at them in a fish tank. Some fish can even see polarised and ultraviolet light.

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