It has definitely been a tough week for any Anglers trying to fish off the beach, the water has been cold and a lot of spots had a lot of seaweed to contend with as well. Generally the weather now for this time of the year starts to settle and is more predictable so fishing should definitely improve. With a slight nip in the air rather think twice about turning the alarm off and get up in the morning and go have a throw, you never know what might happen.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Still some nice Bonefish here, although starting to quieten down a bit with the cooler water. One would be lucky to catch a rare big GT as it seems they head off higher up the coast when the water temperature drops.

Tugela €“ Unfortunately the heavier rainfalls meant that the Tugela river has been pumping out a lot of dirty water, which resulted in a number of Anglers being somewhat disappointed for their Easter holidays. The water should clear up soon, and it will be back to business. There have been some smaller Shad and a Triple Tail which came out early last week before the dirty water set in.

St Lucia €“ Not really sure why there are still Shad in numbers here at this time of year. Traditionally it is the June, July, August period that has them running. Reports received are that some of the Shad had bite marks on them and we are not sure as to exactly what was chasing them.

Richards Bay €“ The beach area has seen some small Skates and Lesser Sand Sharks while the Bay area fairing much better with Grunter, small Kingfish and Snapper Salmon. It is unusual to note these fish all seem to be taking the same bait which is Chokka in either a strip bait or blob bait fished on 1.0 and smaller Mustad Kendall hooks.

Ballito €“ Having an influx of up country visitors to this area, there was obviously a lot more fishing activity. Smaller Black tail, a few under size Shad and a Milk Shark were caught by our up country neighbours. Most Anglers that know this area well, generally fish in the late evening or very early morning to avoid the bathing fraternity. Evening sessions produced the odd small Grey Shark and just on dusk the ever present juvenile Shad.

Umhlanga €“ Just like Ballito a larger contingent of up country Anglers took to the shores, there were mixed results and it here it seems the late evening, cooler periods, produced more bites. Small Snapper Salmon and small Grunter were the main species with Drop shot enthusiasts fishing small McArthy Minnows on very light jigs caught some nice size Wave Garrick.

Durban Piers €“ Any deep water vantage point is often fished no matter the weather. This has allowed some of the local Anglers to target Southern Pompano, a few Grunter of size and lots of smaller bait fish.

Beachfront €“ It would seem last weeks€™ competition together with last weeks€™ weather has done it is best to try and scare away all the fish. Not many fish were reported, majority of these were in-edibles, such as small Skates and Lesser Sand Sharks. Perhaps this is because there are a large number of banks on the beachfront and Anglers are battling to get over them.

Isipingo Ledges €“ A definite Sunday Morning treat for those that chose to rise early, were some Snoek caught with spinning tackle off the rocks at Isipingo Beach river mouth. Although not plentiful, these fish fell to Kingfisher Bullet Spoons, to those lucky enough to have them in their tackle box and lighter spinning outfits allowing a further cast being the advantage.

Toti/Warner Beach €“ The hotspot of last week was unusually quiet this week; with not many fish coming out with the exception of only a few small Wave Garrick being caught. Local Angler Faiz landed a Honeycombe Ray just before the heavier winds and colder water set in.

Umkomaas €“ The river mouth area is still producing lots of small Snapper Salmon and the odd Grunter. These fish caught mainly on Sardine, Chokka and/or Cracker Shrimp combinations. The Pier to the right of the river which allows access to deeper water although fished profusely resulted in only one small Brown Skate.

Scottburgh €“ Saw a number of Anglers possibly testing water for the next comp. It was somewhat quiet except for Sunday morning which saw a few Grey Sharks in the 5 €“ 8 kilo range caught on Mackerel head and Mackerel cutlet baits.

Port Edward €“ Terry Nel reports that the heavy rains last week brought the rivers down and caused the sea to become dirty but fishermen were landing a number of Hound and Hammerhead Sharks but not much else. Further north in the Munster area, some Shad and a few large Cave Bass have been caught. The water is clearing up nicely and by this spring tide this area should be productive again. The Jet ski competition went off very well  with mostly Tuna of around the 13kg mark being weighed in and only one Couta which took 35th place, the winning fish a Tuna of 15,2kg.


Transkei €“ Should perhaps be named Hammerhead points as reports received are that there are plenty of Hammerheads. These fish mainly being caught on smallish whole Chokka slide baits using Fishmate 150 pound Carbon Coated Wire with Mustad Big Gun hooks as a slide trace. For the non-edible Anglers a few Bronze Bream as well as Shad were caught especially during periods of incoming and outgoing water.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

A reminder goes out to all Skippers of the Durban Ski-boat Club Annual Couta competition coming up shortly. Make sure you don€™t miss out as there are fantastic prizes up for grabs. The recent Winkelspruit Paddle competition was a great success and congratulations to all the winners. As frustrated as the Rock and Surf Anglers by the weather conditions it has not been a good time for the Skippers or the Paddlers either. The water has been cold and green in colour.

North €“ There have been a few Snoek, Couta and Yellow fin Tuna but alas few and far between. Most fish have been caught on live baits and there are still lots of bait fish far North (Cape Vidal, St Lucia Area) making fishing very tricky.

Central €“ Durban Ski-boat Club recently held the SADSA nationals and with a fair amount of boats on the water, it seems as they also battled to find the fish, only a few Snoek, Yellow fin Tuna, Couta and the odd Kingfish made it into the weigh in. A lot of smaller fish were also released.

South €“ It would seem to be faring a lot better, more encouraging reports of Couta coming out more regularly on baits such as Sardine, Walla-Walla and Bonito. The cutting has also produced some nice size Snoek on bait and plastic lures such as the smaller Rattler lures.

Durban Bay

My definite pick of the week, the Bay has seen plenty of nice size fish, especially Grunter in the 4-6 kilo range. It would seem that the Grunter season although somewhat later has produced better quality fish for those Anglers seeking a bit of shelter during the windy periods. These fish have not been limited to a particular time period as to when they were caught. Fair catches of Walla-Walla have also been made so perhaps Skippers targeting the up and coming Couta competitions could do a bit of time and catch some good bait fish for the comps.



Fly-Fishing €“ There seems to be a large number of Trout being caught during this period as the weather is starting to settle down nicely. The Swartberg area has really started to produce some nice fish after having a fairly quiet summer. The big streamer patterns such as Hamels, Mrs Simpsons and Papa Roach are working really well. In Underberg on the Umzimkulu the fishing has been good with a group getting twelve fish on the road back down to town. Overall this is a good time to fish with water temperature dropping and the fish becoming more active.

Bass €“ It would seem that Albert Falls is on fire at the moment with quality fish taking bait fish patterns such as Flukes and Crank baits. A lovely fish of 4.5 kilos was landed on a Heddon Zara Spook on the weekend, definitely making the trip up well worth the effort. Inanda Dam still producing smaller fish, but those fishing in the deep have been producing bigger specimens. Shongweni Dam has felt the effects of the recent rainfall and the water colour has left Anglers puzzling. Very few quality fish have come out. Shongweni has suffered the worst fate from the recent rainfall, resulting in poor clarity and temperature fluctuations. Talapia/Blue Gill are also still biting well on the gravel beds and inlets.

Carp €“ With the water temperate cooling down the Carp should definitely start feeding a lot harder in order to fatten up for the upcoming winter. Try to mix things up with light attraction in your ground feed, with Hemp seed and even crushed Tiger Nuts. With cooler conditions, stronger more potent flavours can also be used. Specimen Anglers break away from the norm as there are so many under-utilised methods and one of my favourites are Zigs fished with a PVA bag. This bag allows a slow release of Sub buoyant and floating food items which cloud up the water. Using these methods can reduce the amount of Barbel and catch more Carp.  For more information come and visit us at The Kingfisher.

Tiger Fish €“ With a large catchment area this Dam is susceptible to cooler up country water pouring into it. Last week saw mediocre Tiger fishing with both baits and artificials yielding the same results. The river inlets producing more fish as the Tigers were happily feeding on up country visitors. Baits were more productive here than anywhere else.


Some quick fishy facts, for you €œdid you know€ buffs:

A Sea Slug has 4 noses.

Octopuses have 3 hearts.

A Gold fish can live up to 40 years.

A starfish doesn€™t have a brain

Killer Whales are the only sea animal that outranks the Tiger Shark as the top predator of the sea.

The lung fish can live out of water for as long as four years.

A giant Squids eye can be as large as a Basket Ball.

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