It seemed the Rock and Surf Anglers had a battle of the North vs. the South, preliminary results received from this weekend Postal round showed a tale of two equally hard fought battles. The sea was generally calm during the week but towards the weekend suddenly got up on its head creating a fair bit of confusion as to where to fish and what to target. The winter species have also started to make their appearance and this sets the scene for a bumper winter fishing programme.  

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ With not many people fishing this area it was nice to see that there were a few Speckled Snappers and edible fish in this area.  Although for the non-edible Anglers, somewhat disappointing as no big Sharks or Flat fish were reported.

Tugela €“ The water has definitely cleared up in this area so those lucky enough to take a break outside of the popular holiday periods should definitely fish this area. Early morning sessions and late afternoon, probably the best fishing times as we move now closer to winter.

St Lucia €“ Very promising to see larger numbers of smaller Shad which is perfect timing for the June/July Shad run in this area. Some smaller Kingfish have also been caught amongst the Shad by Anglers using McArthy Dropshot and the Kingfisher Falcon spoons.

Mission Rocks €“Although a somewhat difficult area to fish; once you have got to know the spot this area can really produce some lovely fish. This weekend saw a lovely Kingfish of 25 kilos as well as a big Ragged Tooth Shark and so this spot is the pick of the week.

Richards Bay €“ The beaches have seen some action with smaller Skates, Milk Sharks and a few Spinners, mostly coming out on small Chokka and Prawn baits and for the lucky few who could get their hands on some Redeyes. The Harbour has seen a few small Grunter and Snapper Salmon. Hopefully the bigger Kingfish will move in and some Kob to boot.

Ballito €“ A fair amount of Blue Skates and small Grey Sharks were caught over the weekend – most fish coming out in the late afternoon with small Kingfish species being caught in the early morning on the Kingfisher Pro Jet Bullet spoons and Dropshot. 

Umhlanga €“ For a lucky few there were some Grey Sharks although most of them in the 5 to 8 kilo range, these fish coming on either Mackerel cutlet baits or belly and Chokka combo baits. Anglers targeting Snoek off the point, using Bullet spoons did not have much luck with only a small Kingfish being landed by the Spinning fraternity.

Durban Piers €“ It would seem that the lack of bait fish is also having an effect on Anglers fishing the piers. The Pompano and Grunter of previous weeks have gone somewhat quiet. A couple of Skates and small Red fish were all that was reported.

Beachfront €“ Reports of juvenile Shad in the early morning sessions have been catching out Anglers not using wire. The smaller Mustad hooks such as no.1 or 1.0 with Cracker Shrimp baits have produced undersize Grunter and juvenile Stumpnose.

Isipingo Ledges €“ Unfortunately no Snoek this week although there have been reports of Blacktip Kingfish, small Shad and the odd Spinner Shark coming out at this popular spot.

Toti/Warner Beach €“ The Pipeline beach in Toti saw a fair amount of action with a few Spinner and Milk Sharks, a handful of Skates were also caught with competitive Anglers targeting bigger fish and using heavier tackle, definitely not conducive for fishing for the smaller fish which were biting.

Winkelspruit €“ An unconfirmed rumour of two Garrick coming out have yet to be confirmed. It seems that these were small fish and if true this is an excellent sign for what is in store for the annual Sardine run and winter fishing months.

Umkomaas €“ The Snapper Salmon seem to be quiet at home here as a fair number were also reported during the past week. The Grunter have also become less plentiful. The ledges to the right yielded some small Skates and hopefully the fishing in this area will pick up as we move on into winter.

Scottburgh €“ Still a popular spot for Anglers trying their luck at catching Snoek on light spinning outfits. The competitive Anglers covered this area quite well in the hopes of catching some Grey Sharks, alas they were not richly rewarded with only two coming out and somewhat small, in the 5 to 7 kilo range.

Transkei €“ The battle of North and South continues. A number of Anglers took the trip down; some were richly rewarded with lots of Kob whilst others were lucky to get a stray Hammerhead. Most of the popular points such as Mpame, Sistsonge and Brazenhead were all covered, but not many fish in the in-edible class were caught. Some of the clubs managed to really get stuck into Kob and took good advantage, racking up some big points.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

For the paddle-ski and Ski-boat enthusiasts some good news is the abundance of small Shad in the basin area. Some lucky Skippers managed to land a few Mackerel and there was even some Sada-Sada on Saturday off North Pier. Hopefully the bait drought will soon come to an end and Paddlers and Skippers can get their fair share of bait in local waters.

North €“ Some good catches of Natal Snoek were reported, majority of these fish due to lack of live bait were caught on the Strike Pro Magic Minnows and Kingfisher Rattler lures. The Tinley Manor area has been more consistent with Snoek between 4 and 7kgs last week. Blythedale relinquished one or two Yellow fin Tuna also on trolling lures. The popular bait spots saw mixed results whilst there are still a few Sharks to the north. Both Richards Bay and Mapelane were somewhat quiet with only the odd Couta getting caught.

Central €“ The Umgeni stretch has been very quiet, perhaps this is due to the major construction going on in this area, although Paddlers have reported sightings of Snoek along the beachfront area, especially along the backline in the early morning sessions. The annual Durban Ski-boat club comp is up in two weeks, so make sure that you have entered as this fantastic competition is not to be missed.

South €“ With a number of competitions fished this weekend the Ladies took a step forward and showed the Gents how it is done, with a lovely Couta of 29 kilos and another one of 18 plus kilos in the Warnerdoone Ski-boat club competition. Well done to all the winners. Shelley Beach is still fishing well with plenty of Yellow fin Tuna, these fish have been feeding on the surface and the top water lures such as Kingfisher Wild Dog stick baits and poppers are probably the best bet for this type of fishing. The Couta seem to have slowed down a bit with the odd fish coming out between the Cutting and Umkomaas areas. Due to lack of live baits the majority of the fish have been caught on lures or dead baits.

Durban Bay

It seems the smaller fish are getting to the baits quicker than their bigger more sluggish friends. Lots of small Grunter were caught last week and a very pleasant surprise is to seem the larger number of winter species such as Stumpnose, Blood Snapper and Kingfish. The evergreen Sand Gurnards or Bar tail Flatheads prove great fun for some junior Anglers and their Dads alike when fishing Saturday afternoon to avoid the windy beachfront areas. This argues well for better fishing in the bay during the colder winter months with the early arrival of these winter species.



Fly-Fishing €“ With more settled weather patterns there have been a number of Trout landed in the Midlands. Traditionally April and May are very productive months as far as Fly-fishing goes. Good reports of fish coming out at Naverone Estate, Giants Cup and majority of the waters in that area. The rivers have also settled down nicely and fish being caught on dry flies such as Adams, Royal Wulff and DDDs. Sinking fly€™s like the GRAF and Sandjuan weighted as well as the Zacks all producing fish. In the lower reaches the water has cleaned up well and several reports of Natal Scalleys were received. Albert Falls dam saw numerous Carp mouthing in the Scumlines and these fish are always susceptible to a fly.

Bass €“ Albert Falls with slightly colder water on its way has seen fish in definite feeding mode and fattening up for winter. Most of these fish have been caught on soft plastics. Inanda rewarded Anglers brave enough to tempt the cold with some decent fish. Two lovely specimens of over 5kgs were also landed. The Headdon top water baits are the definite weapon of choice for this dam. Shongweni has seen smaller fish coming out but only to those with lots of patience and attention to detail. It is definitely time to get on the water as the majority of the fish were all on the bite prior to the winter periods.

Carp €“ Just like the Bass these fish are feeding fairly well to fatten up for winter. In the cooler months more potent flavours, make use of Zigs and PVA bags with less ground feed could definitely do the trick. Once again with all Carp fishing a well-planned feeding area, near your swim will always get the best results.

Tiger Fish €“ Par for the course with the recent rainfalls, the inlets into Jozini dam were the definite hotspots. Although not many big fish were caught the bites were consistent on the Red and Copper Africa

lure spoons. The Kingfisher live bait trace with the red bait holder hook was put to good use for Sardine strip baits as well as small live baits. The majority of the fish that were caught were between 800 and 1.1 kgs. Small but consistent is good in my books.


The Blue Whale is the largest animal to have ever existed. It is 96 feet long and weighs 125 tons. This is as much as 4 large dinosaurs (Brontosauri), 23 elephants, 230 cows or 1800 men. Talk about Man Power! And to top that off the Blue Whale also makes the loudest sound produced by any animals at a massive 188 decibels.

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