Talk about unpredictable conditions, this last weeks€™ weather has been something straight out of a Freddy Kruger movie.  Lots of wind, big seas and strong currents have had most Anglers swearing at the popular weather sites. Not many fish were caught due to these adverse conditions but there is always hope for this coming weekend.

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Not much really to report, the odd Bonefish and Speckled Snapper were all that came out. The Speckled Snappers are really giving guys a hard time on light to medium tackle. The Poseidon HMG Medium 5-7 ounce rod with the Daiwa Saltist BG40 is a wonderful combination to target these fish. Make sure you use a strong leader and make sure you are ready to pull the fish off the reef in order to land it.

Tugela €“ With the river flowing fairly freely there has been a lot of weed in the water as well as very dirty water. The odd Skate has been caught with not much else due to poor water conditions.

St Lucia €“ The reef areas have been producing some Eel-tail Barbel at night, the odd Raggie has also come out on bigger slide-baits and smallish live baits.

Mission Rocks €“ Once again another area affected by the change in weather. Not many fish were caught, some smaller Cave Bass in the 1 to 2 kilo range and some undersize Shad. 

Richards Bay €“ There are still some nice Grey Sharks and Milkies about, obviously they prefer the discoloured water, and only a very few edible fish except for a few small Shad. 

Ballito €“ A few lucky Anglers got in before the bad weather and managed to land some small Kingfish species. Most of these fish were caught on Onde lures with light Spinning tackle. The best period for fishing was early morning, just on sunrise for an hour or two.

Tongaat/La Mercy €“ Tongaat produced mainly non-edibles in the form of small Skates and Milk Sharks. The edible fish were smaller Kingfish species and Wave Garrick. La Mercy mouth which is a good hunting ground for Anglers using bait boats was quiet except for one Sand Shark of about 25 kilos.

Umhlanga €“ With a large contingent of Anglers fishing this area, there were somewhat disappointing results with a handful of fish only – Brown Skates, Milk Sharks with a few small Wave Garrick. The ratio of fish to Angler being somewhat poor, this could be attributed to fluctuating barometric pressure as well as strong currents and seaweed in the water.

Durban Piers €“ Being exposed to the winds fishing conditions on the Piers was somewhat trying. Yet some fish were caught and like most areas after a continuous North-easterly wind Flat fish were the order of the day – small Honeycombs, Brown Skates and the odd Lesser Sand Shark in-between.

Beachfront €“ Wednesday night was just like fishing in the good old days! Those in the know put the weather patterns in their favour and it was a case of every throw was an on. Some nice size Diamond Skates and Sand Sharks were beached whilst in-between big brother gave Anglers using heavy tackle, a real hiding with reels smoking and arms being stretched and finally admitting defeat when being cut off either at the nets or on deep reefs.

Toti/Warner Beach €“ The Toti swimming pool saw some action in the form of some Brown Skates and small Grey Sharks. Whilst Warner beach was very quiet with some small Black tail and Wave Garrick being the only fish reported.

Winkelspruit €“ It is confirmed! Two Garrick were caught last week using live baits. Although these fish were not very big, it is a wonderful sign for the upcoming Sardine Run and hopefully a bumper Garrick season for 2013.

Umkomaas €“ There are still a few Snapper Salmon about although not as plentiful. The smaller Grunter are more prevalent and for the non-edible Anglers there are some Brown Skates and the odd Diamond around. Surprisingly Anglers are all using smallish hooks, the 1.0 and 2.0 Mustad sizes with the Kendall round still proving as deadly as ever.

Scottburgh €“ With a fair number of spinning enthusiast crowding the point in the hopes of catching a Snoek on the good weather days, only a few have been rewarded.   For the traditional bait Anglers there have been a few Grey Sharks and undersized Shad. The early morning sessions being a lot more productive than late evening and there is a definite nip in the air for those doing a sunrise stint?

Trafalgar €“ With wishy washy white water, your best bet is to use Chokka bait on a 4.0 hook to try and target the smaller Kob which prefers long rolling white water in which to hide and ambush their prey. There are some rumours of small Kob being caught on the lower South Coast.

Margate €“ Has been a bit quiet over the past few weeks and we have received information of a few legal size Shad coming out and a small Garrick. This is a good sign from the lower South Coast so maybe it is time to take advantage and get your rods and reels checked and serviced to ensure your winter session goes off without a hitch.

Transkei €“ After blowing hot and cold over the last two weeks, the fishing seems to have settled down with some Kob being caught on McArthy 6-inch paddle tails with 1.5 ounce jig heads. These fish averaging up to four kilos have mainly been caught in working white water around most of the points. For the non-edible Anglers there have been some nice Hammerheads and a few Raggies with Bonito becoming somewhat more available, perhaps the next holiday destinations should be the Transkei.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

With bigger swells and big winds €“ life for a Paddler or a Skipper has not been a bed of roses.  Fish have not been a plentiful and the Couta have not been that plentiful either. This weekend sees the annual Durban Ski-boat biggest Couta comp and we wish all competitors tight-lines.

North €“ Mapelane, Richards Bay and surrounds have seen a few Couta and a rare Snoek with some Yellow fin Tuna also about. Majority of these fish have been caught on Maasbunker, due to the rarity of Mackerel and Bonito. The plastics fanatics have still been doing well with Rattler lures as well as dead baits. Hopefully the bait situation will improve and if all else fails try using Walla-Walla. St Lucia has by far been the best producing some good numbers of Snoek and Couta, some Super-Skippers getting around 15 per boat whilst Charters in the 20€™s.

Central €“ A few larger specimens of Tuna have started showing up off the popular bait marks off Durban, with some big Couta also being caught off the Bluff and Windy Corner. There also seems to be some Redeye, the odd Mackerel and small Bonito available, so it looks as though the bait situation in the Durban area is on the up. Toti and Winkel have seen a few fish, although the majority have been Yellow fin Tuna with a few Snoek and Couta in the mix.

South €“ The Aliwal Shoal has started to see some nice Couta as well as Yellow fin Tuna around the 10kg mark, these fish caught mainly on live baits and plastics trolled at a slow to medium pace. An occasional Wahoo has also been boated. Shelley Beach has remained the best area to fish with consistent catches of typical shoal Tuna, round about the 5 kilo range. Pennington has also faired pretty much the same although Sharks are still somewhat troublesome.

Durban Bay

Saw a lot more activity, with a number of Skippers using this sanctuary to at least get their boats on the water. For some it was lucky and for other it wasn€™t so lucky. Early in the week some nice Grunter in the 2 and a half to 5 kg range were caught, mostly to the boating fraternity. Whilst a lovely fish of 3.8kgs came out near the BAT centre. A few Skates were also caught and a number of Anglers using light tackle spinning outfits caught some lovely Kingfish especially on Strike Pro Minnows and small Paddle tails. The Walla-Walla saw a number of Anglers get an on-off as no wire was used.



Fly-Fishing €“ Prior to the bad weather settling in last week, there was a fair amount of action in the Midlands as far as Trout fishing goes. The fish must have felt the uncanny weather and fed well. The Underberg area had lots of fish falling to Mrs Simpsons and large Hammels Killers. Papa Roach fly€™s seemed to be the order of the day for Kamberg with plenty of fish coming out to that pattern; even the smaller Stockies were eating the big fly. The bad weather certainly put a damper on the weekend€™s fishing and only a few warmly dressed Souls putting out a fly.

Bass €“ Waters in the Midlands such as Alberts and Midmar are already starting to feel the chill. For most this means a break from Bass and a move to the Trout waters. Both these dams fish particularly well in winter despite the freezing conditions. A slight change in tactics is required. Bigger baits fished somewhat slower can be the trick to ensure fish hiding in thick cover are prompted to bite. Inanda is less affected by temperature change but still needs attention to presentation changes. The fish that have been coming out have mainly fallen victim to larger baits such as slow moving DD22€™s as well as big soft plastics fished on the bottom.

Carp €“ With colder weather and sudden deluges not too many Carp Anglers were tempted to fish. For those that were brave, Midmar produced some smaller Carp in the 2 to 4 kilo range with only a few Barbel which is sort of typical for the colder months. Sounds weird but give it a try Melrose cheese mixed with ground feed could up your catch ratio.

Tiger Fish €“ With an influx of dirty fresh water from upcountry, the dam level has pushed up whilst the fishing was a hot and cold affair. Live baits seem to be the order of the day especially when fished near the inlets. The majority of the fish that were caught were in the half kilo to one and a half kilo range. With better weather coming the fishing should definitely improve.


Couta is not just a fish, when one hears the name Couta it is immediately associated with the fish species. From the 1870s to the 1930€™s Couta was synonymous with Fishing boats €œdubbed€ Couta boats after the much sought after (then commercial) Barracouta fish that was targeted off these vessels. This boat was specifically designed for this type of fishing as it was sleek and fast moving like the species it was named after.

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