The weather patterns have definitely fallen into line and are a lot more predictable. The weekend weather was undoubtedly the best we have had yet so far and many Anglers took good advantage of these top conditions. There were a fair number of fish caught along the coastline. The winter species being most prominent with a few bonus fish in the mix. Special mention must be made of Leviathans Angling club who were the top club in the inaugural SA Club Champs competition. Well done to the Leviathans team which hails from KwaZulu-Natal. 

Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay €“ Last week saw a few Speckled Snappers and a fair amount of Flatfish although the majority of these were on the smaller side. The Speckled Snappers giving a good account for themselves even on the heavier tackle in order to prevent fish reefing Anglers off.

Tugela €“ With the water starting to clean up, conditions did improve, some bigger Grey Sharks and a Black tip of about 50 kilos for the non-edible Anglers. Edible Anglers found it tough with only a small Pompano of just under a kg being caught.

St Lucia €“ The Eel-tail barbel are still around as it gets dark and into the night. Some small Pompano were also caught, these fish falling to Mustad Kendall round 1.0€™s with a Prawn Chokka mix fished on 3 €“ 4 ounce Poseidon Gold Class Light Rods, this enables Anglers to cast a fair distance and fish around the banks when targeting these fish.

Mission Rocks €“ A bit quieter this week with not too many fish being caught – a few small Kingfish and a Cave Bass of just over a kilo.  

Richards Bay €“ There has been a fair number of undersize Shad and Milk Sharks so those lucky to be fishing with wire have not been bitten off by the leader. Early morning and late evening is still the best time period for this area.  

Ballito €“ It seems that the North has not produced as much as the South or Central areas. Although a fair number of Anglers which took part in the Common Venue round this weekend, there were not too many fish that were caught here. Some small Grey Sharks and a juvenile Honeycombe kept this area on the books.

Tongaat/La Mercy €“ These areas are still working well for the guys using bait boats to get baits out into deeper water. With a few Bonnies around these were immediately motored out, some small Sandies and bigger Grey Sharks making a meal of them.

Umhlanga €“ The evergreen lighthouse area did not fail during the week with some smaller Greys and a few Skates also being landed. Majority of the fish were caught on throw bait traces. Cutlet baits with Chokka and Bonnito heads being the most popular baits.

Durban Piers €“ Have started to fish a bit better with some Pompano and a few Snapper Salmon in the late afternoon and early evening. There are still a few Grunter around with the occasional lucky Angler landing one of over 3 kilos.

Beachfront €“ Definitely my pick of the week as the Beachfront area has been fishing extremely well. A local Angler Sham Essop landed a beautiful 4kg Pompano while targeting edible fish. For those targeting the non-edibles, there were a fair number of Diamond Skates, smaller Honeycombes and a few definite big bruisers which could not be stopped. A handful of undersize Shad also came out although these fish coming just on nightfall.

Bluff €“ This popular ground though off the chart in recent times has also made a good comeback with some smaller Kingfish species being caught on artificials in the early morning, while the traditional bait fishing Anglers saw some small Shad and the odd Pompano.  The Pompano preferring Mole crab or Sea lice or small Prawn and Chokka baits.

Toti/Warner Beach €“ The early morning sessions have produced small Shad and Anglers targeting the banks have had fair success with some Pompano. The Kingfisher S-bend spoons on a slower retrieve working well in the early morning sessions. Late evenings into dark saw a few small Grey Sharks but a lot more Milkies.

Winkelspruit €“ With a few Shad being caught that were of legal size, these were hastily despatched back into the water in the hopes of catching an early season Garrick. No Garrick were reported yet the live baits were definitely eaten, possibly by Skates or Grey Sharks. This is definitely an area to watch in the upcoming weeks towards the end of May/early June.

Umkomaas €“ A nice bonus Grunter of just over 4 kilos was caught near the mouth on Saturday evening. This fish was caught on Chokka blob bait using a no. 1 Mustad Big Gun Hook. The ledges to the left which usually produce a fair number of Flatfish during this time of the year were somewhat quieter with only a handful of Skates coming out during the week.

Scottburgh €“ One of the more popular spots for Anglers during this weekends€™ competition, and there weren€™t that many fish that came out. Some Grey Sharks, a Duckbill Ray and a few Milk Sharks can sum up this area.

Mamba Alley – A well-known spot which is aptly named due to the walk through the bush providing plenty of excitement in the form of many Snakes – produced a beautiful 10 kilo Pompano over the weekend. This is truly beautiful fish and a good omen of things to come.

Margate €“ This stretch of beach is always known for Kob and with the typical long winter swells pushing plenty of white water, a number of Anglers tried their luck. Only a few small half Kob were caught and we can only hope that with better weather conditions and more Anglers targeting Kob with McArthy Paddle tails that the success rate will increase.

Port Edward- Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that as quickly as the sea became dirty with all the rain, so is it clearing up nicely and reports of Shad just south are coming in. We could all do with a good Shad run this season and conditions are good so get out there and try for these delicious table fish. Still a number of Hound Sharks are on the bite and are eating at most spots and many other smaller fish including Black tail, Stone Bream, Bronze Bream, Rock cod and the occasional Wrasse, the Rivers are producing Perch, some of a good size.


Transkei €“ With the high inland rainfall, flooding rivers, a lot of the popular spots now have a chocolate smoothie which used to resemble the sea. This dirty water should hopefully clean up shortly and Anglers can definitely target the inedible species when the water colour changes to ginger beer. Bigger slide baits and a whole Chokka would be my €œgo to€ baits.

Ski-boat and Paddle-Ski

Catching a break like their Rock and Surf partners, both Skippers and Paddlers took advantage of better weather and smaller waves enabling them to get out onto the water. The Durban Ski-boat club hosted their annual Couta Comp. This event as always was well attended, yet not so much by the fish. A lovely fish of 28 kilos was biggest prize and won the Ski-boat and Trailer with fish right up to 12 kilos being amongst the prizes. Well done to all the winners and for those who haven€™t heard about it, make sure you get your entry in early for next year.

North €“ St Lucia, Cape Vidal and Mapelane have been producing some good numbers of Snoek and Couta, although these fish are typical shoal size, there have been a few putting an extra bend in the rod. Majority of these fish were caught on live baits such as Mackerel and Bonito with the under-dog Maasbunker also getting its day in the sun. Umhloti and surrounds also produced some nice Snoek and Couta unfortunately not as plentiful.

Central €“ Is still producing some good size Tuna in and around the bait marks on live Maasbunker. It would seem that there are a few more Mackerel and Bonnito available. For those wishing to travel deep there are few Geelbek on offer. The Bluff area saw some activity during the Couta comp with some nice fish also being boated.

South €“ Is still fishing very well with some nice bottom fish and a large number of smaller Yellow fin Tuna being boated. Hibberdene being one of the hot spots with a number of boats lying a bit lower in the water on their return. Some nice size Slinger and a few big Rock Cod saw some Skippers smiling.

Durban Bay

Which is always fun for youngsters and youngsters at heart, saw a fair amount of activity both from the banks and boating fraternity. Some nice Grunter were caught from the boats in and around central banks whilst the coaling terminal was the €œgo to€ spot for artificial Anglers targeting various Kingfish species on the lighter Daiwa Crossfire outfits and using 15 pound Gator Braid to throw top water plastics. The Sand Gurnards also kept youngsters busy on Drop shot, especially on a slow retrieve along the bottom.



Fly-Fishing €“ Good weather conditions leant itself to a good weekends fishing. Lots of fish between 1 and 2 pounds were taken from the Umzimkulu River in the Underberg area. The flies of choice were GRHE and ZAK nymphs. The dams in the midlands are all fishing well, with the famous Speed Cop and Olive Woolley Buggers being the flies of choice. If chasing Scallies is your thing, this is the perfect time of year with the water cleaning up but still quiet warm. Target flies for these species are the Olive and Black Flashbacks and PTN Hotspots.

Bass €“ With the water temperatures on a somewhat steady decline the bigger baits have definitely done the trick for those prepared to face the chill. A few nice size Bass in the 1 and a half to 2 kilo range were caught using bigger baits fished deep. Smaller Bass were also lurking in and around structure in shallower water.

Carp €“ As the colder winter periods approach a lot more effort will be required into landing some fish. More patience, well-presented baits and really knowing the dam structure etc. is a must. Try getting a map of the dam and its structures or chat amongst friends who have fished there before in order to maximise your chances.

Tiger Fish €“ With a fair amount of the upcountry water now being dispersed throughout the dam, the fishing has improved. Copper Tiga Waka spoons with a strip bait attached have been deadly in the early morning sessions; whilst smaller live baits have been taken by the 800g to 1 kilo size fish.


Two Guys go on a fishing trip. They rent all the equipment €“ the reels, the rods, the wading suits, the rowboat, the car, and even a cabin. I mean they spend a fortune! The first day they go fishing but they don€™t catch anything. The same thing happens on the second day, and on the third day. It goes on like this until finally, on the last day of their trip, one of the men catches a fish. As they€™re driving back home they€™re really depressed. One guy turns to the other and says €œDo you realise that this one lousy fish you caught cost us fifteen hundred bucks?€ The other guy says, €œWow! Then it€™s a good thing we didn€™t catch any more!€

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